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  1. cause4pause

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    NWOT apparently. But still, that price is pretty rich. I should sell mine at half the price since it's worn a bit. I could never jive with the fit, but a great piece for sure.
  2. cause4pause

    SOMET Denim

    Dayum, is it still possible to buy Somet jeans?
  3. cause4pause

    The Flat Head

    Wow, Kiya, thanks for the details. Mystery solved. So these aren't that old. Also the fabric is not even 14oz yet feels like a monster for stiffness. Maybe I've become weak in my older age.
  4. cause4pause

    The Flat Head

    Thanks for the opinions. Looks we might never know in its entirety, apart from a guess that they are 18oz. Due to the construction, I also don't see a selvedge line anywhere, except in the front right pocket where the denim joins the pocket bag (but not in the usual spot at the coin pocket opening). Originally bought these thinking I'd save it for the Indigo Invitational next year. But after seeing them in the flesh, I'm not so sure. Seems a pity to thrash these as quickly as possible in the space of a year, which is what the competition is all about.
  5. cause4pause

    The Flat Head

    As a follow-up to the previous query, I decided to buy those jeans, and putting up some photos here in case anyone knows much about them. They look like a rather old, deadstock pair. Interesting features like a cinch back, triple-needle (?) chainstitching for the yoke and entirety of the outseam and inseam (also felled). Chambray pocket bags. Only the top fly button is branded on both sides. The other 4 are donut buttons with a branded back. Exposed back pocket rivets and a pen pocket. Low-rise, true slim-straight fit with about 8.5" leg openings and a 36" inseam when raw. Some listings I've seen reference 18oz natural indigo fabric, but I wouldn't have a clue if that's true. They legit feel like armor at the moment, and for the first time in my denim career, I am NOT looking forward to breaking these things in. I might even need to lose a bit of weight as they could be a tough fit after shrink. They are pretty awesome however. I miss my old Flat Head 1002 after growing out of them. And this just reminds me of those. The fabric looks rather interesting, and the whole pair has a high-end feel.
  6. cause4pause

    The Flat Head

    Sorry about getting back here late. Thanks for both of your comments and advise. I asked since there was a 8005 available locally. I thought these were a looser fit than the 8009 and 8002, but that thigh measurement really turned out far narrower than expected. Thinking I might need to view those and measure it myself. If they shrink anything like the 14oz then it also means the waist will probably lose 3 inches, which is not a deal breaker provided they come back with 2 inches or so of stretch.
  7. cause4pause

    The Flat Head

    Hey folks, does anyone have experience with the 18oz denim, or the 8XXX series? How does shrink and stretch compare to the 14oz 3XXX and 16oz 1XXX series? Thanks.
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