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  1. cause4pause

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Yeah, it's gonna be "fun" trying to get a pair of Roy now. I got in late on the game. It's a shame to read that Roy is moving on. I'd be curious to see the results of his next project though. If he pays it the same obsessive level of detail and quality, the results are gonna be insane.
  2. cause4pause

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    ^ Yes, true size in these might be a 30. Judging by these, next size down could still be a little large but workable. Tried to contact the seller about shipping but no response yet. Sometimes it’s a challenge even finding people willing to ship to Australia. Next challenge being shipping costs, but that’s always an issue for folks down under.
  3. cause4pause

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    @chicote thanks for the reassurance. Good advice. Many years ago, I used to wear oversized clothing too, but that stemmed from a lack of style and knowledge rather than intention. I felt much better about myself after the weight loss and going slim fit, so you might imagine my brain having a mini fit when trying on oversized clothing for the first time in years! Perhaps I'll give them a go if I can do some outfits along the lines of Engineered Garments, Beams, or the Japanese outdoor fashion fits that seem to be proliferating these days. @BrownMetallic wow, that does look good on you. Heading into the big four-oh now, I'd probably only grow sideways at this point, makes sense to have bigger pants in reserve! @shredwin_206 aye, agree about the bunching around the crotch. These could potentially have that issue, but the fabric drapes so heavily that it doesn't seem that severe. One of my older pairs had the crotch bunch issue caused by a loose top block but very slim thighs. Interestingly the problem went away when I got fat... @JDelage cheers, I'll give that a shot. I avoided the spin cycle on the most recent wash.
  4. cause4pause

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    @mpukas thanks, this is a size 32 and the waist is currently sitting around 15.5 inches (flat, or 31 inches doubled). They were apparently 33 inches in their raw state. Might be a miracle if I get more shrink. Honestly, I'm tempted to just rock them oversized considering how nice they are, although it seems a bit of a waste if they aren't flattering.
  5. cause4pause

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    @goodrain thanks, I read that this denim could shrink a lot. I've given them a wash and put them through the dryer inside out on warm, removed when slightly damp. I could potentially try another cycle of soak/wash and dry, but not holding out a lot of hope for that. @chicote thanks for the headsup on those. A size or two down could work. I noticed them too, tempting, but will need to negotiate on the price!
  6. cause4pause

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Recently got a pair of Peanut pants. I've been hoping to try some straighter fits, but it looks like I bit off more than I could chew (sizing error on an impulse buy, totally my fault). They are over-sized and need to be worn with a belt so they sit near my navel. The rise, thighs and hip area are larger than any other pants I've ever worn. They swallow up my ass, which usually fills most other pants that are sized for my waistline. Likely already fully shrunk, so I'm SOL for hoping they would be a better fit. On the flip side, they're a great looking pair, fantastic details and stitching, plus a beautiful, heavy, dark and hairy fabric. Wonder if I'll ever look great in them, but here's some quick and dirty photos, fit pics at the end.
  7. cause4pause


    Just got these in the mail today after weeks of waiting. Covid-related delays. I was hoping to get into a pair from one of the Osaka 5 and decided to try these black Denime jeans as the price and measurements seemed right. Even the inseam was hemmed to almost the right length and I could use it uncuffed or with a really tiny turnup. The seller indicated they are from the Orizzonti era, but the tag is cut in half and I have no means of telling. They are still nice jeans, obviously washed, no obvious fades except that attractive puckering at the seams, and I'm in love with the leg twist. Stitching is holding up nicely but looks quite uneven compared to my other jeans. The fabric is a real highlight. It just feels so soft, fluffy and hairy, like a hand towel. I'm curious if anyone can identify these for me and potentially indicate how old they might be. They seem low rise (not complaining, it's great for short people like me) compared to most other jeans I've seen from this brand, the back pockets are high up and near the yoke, and they are also spaced quite wide apart which feels pretty strange. Sorry about the incoming photo dump. But I thought pictures are worth more than words. 1. Fit pics 2. Front and back full length shots. Thread of different colours and thickness, plus the red back pocket tag and paper patch. 3. Close up of paper patch and 4 button fly. In real life, the buttons are a dark, almost brown-black. 4. Close up of the rounded rivets. No photo but the hem of the coin pocket has no selvedge and is chain stitched. Belt loops are slightly raised. 5. Paper patch and back pocket tag (cut in half, attached to the back of the jean leg by a single thread). 6. Orange selvedge line. That fabric just looks and feels real fluffy, both inside and out.
  8. cause4pause

    Evisu is still loved!

    Has anyone seen, tried, or currently own both Gatagata and Petero fabrics? I'm trying to decide between the two as they both look really interesting, but there's a significant price difference between them and I'm not sure what makes the Gatagata worth so much more. I understand there is 15oz and 18oz Petero as well. Is there much of a difference between them except the weight? Thanks.
  9. cause4pause

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Thanks again, most appreciated.
  10. cause4pause

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Thanks. Being short and small-sized, I tend to look pretty dumpy in fuller cuts, so I was looking into the 712. Are these the ones with the lowest rise and smallest leg opening? They don’t have the features of the 711, but the cut is definitely most important. Those short inseams are great, I don’t need to hem and never need to cuff.
  11. cause4pause

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    How's the construction and hardware quality of Resolute? Do any of them come with a leather patch and back pocket hidden rivets? Are there any details that owners particularly enjoy? I'm debating between Resolute and Full Count. I might be wrong, but looking at some fade photos, it looks like Full Count may also have rolled back pocket edges. Does anyone have both and can draw some comparisons? Thanks.
  12. cause4pause

    Tanuki Japan

    I’m in the market for a new pair, but the competition pair is a hard pass for me as I don’t like the weft colour, and would like a fabric weight in excess of 16oz. There are a lot of interesting jeans around and research keeps bringing up new ones to consider. It’s pretty competitive in this niche market. Tanuki does make cuts that suit my type pretty well. I also have two pairs that are well over the 6 month mark of effective wear, and can say they definitely make great fabrics with a very solid construction. These older pairs are not as loud as the competition pair, yet still interesting. No complaints about them. They aren’t “cool” here, I know, but they make a solid product.
  13. cause4pause

    Samurai Jeans

    Sorry, I didn’t word that right. I meant that Rakuten as a platform itself, is closing by mid June. Although I’ve shopped on Rakuten before and quite familiar with how it works, I haven’t shopped from 2nd directly as the website is all in Japanese and hard to navigate. Looking to send to Australia, but it never occurred to me that they might remove the arcs and tabs too, thanks for the heads up.
  14. cause4pause

    Samurai Jeans

    Could anyone please comment on the characteristics of the 17oz denim used in the S610LX, as far as shrink and stretch, fading capabilities, and comfort? I'm between sizes 28 and 30. The waist is a little small in the 28, but 30 is too large if they may stretch close to, or past raw measurements in the waist. Common advise I've read is to buy the larger size and just use a belt, but in my experience, all my jeans and pants still stretch out to be too large in the waist even if I use a belt, unless I size smaller in the waist to start out. This cut seems pretty hard to find. Denimio only has a size 28 left and the only other place where I can find other sizes seems to be 2nd on Rakuten, which I just read is closing by mid June. I was going to save up for the end of the year but might have to bring forward my purchases.
  15. cause4pause

    Evisu is still loved!

    Hey folks, I’m saving up for a pair of Evisu. Looking for a slim-tapered, low-rise cut, Japanese made. Is the 2000T the correct model to consider? What’s the difference between their No. 1 denim, No. 1 Special, Tiger Selvedge and Tiger Preshrunk? Are they noticeably different in terms of how they look and fade, texture and weight? How much do I expect the waist to stretch? I read that they run a bit small in the waist. Are any of these denim types considered “budget” options that are best avoided? My only assumption is that Tiger Preshrunk is unsanforized like Tiger Selvedge, but once-washed to remove shrink before sewing, therefore no leg twist or shrink expected with washing. Apart from Rakuten, Grailed and Yahoo auctions, are there other good secondary markets to look at? From Australia, so Poshmark don’t work for me. TIA.
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