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    The mercury is dropping here... Freewheelers S516 XX, S601 XX and Trailblazer / Roy / Duke belt / Viberg
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    three layers of Real McCoy's OrSlow Fatigue RW socks Sanders
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    FW Neal chambray. Vermilyea Pelle belt FW 601b Nicks boots
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    Adam Goldberg in Esquire Magazine
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    … and so another ‘simple affair’, this time for @skurlandski Russet Wickett & Craig Harness (about 9-11oz) with a solid brass buckle sewn in and a matching leather keeper Sorry about the image - we’re getting the tail end of the storm front (which is nothing compared to what many poor folk suffered) so I’ll get an indoor pic later on edit: pic updated
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    Spotted on my road today, a pink (and cream) Cadillac to warm the cockles of Bruce’s heart. To be honest, I thought it was Natalie Cole’s song till I looked it up. The second photo is much further afield but still within dog-walking range (just off Portobello Rd) but has a tenuous pastel colour link
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    two fits in a day!? The 27 denim jacket arrived from Germany. Couldn’t be happier with the cut and fit. Thanks @Duke Mantee for helping me decide
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    Here you go Dr, happy Friday
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    The characters you meet on a morning dog walk in the local park
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    my 1001XX, been wearing this jeans since 2019, I really like the raw fabrics at the beginning. However it started to feel lighter & drapey after few months. I always suspect it is the due to the heavy use of starch, because my previous experience with Japanese fabrics is very different, they stay sturdy and stiff after many washes. Since I am working with China denim industries and know that some denim mill accelerate the use of starch to make denim heavier in a cheaper way :)) I was quite disappointed with warehouse as it was not what I expected, but I still wear it quite often as I was living in HongKong and the wider fit & lighter weight is perfect for the summer time.. After two years the beauty of the fabrics revealed.....that vintage "spot" is just amazing. It feels light Somehow HongKong is no longer a good place for my kids & I fled to Edinburgh and feel this jeans is too light to wear in winter lol The first photo is closer to real color
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    Got this 3/4 47s from my friend
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    TCB 20s contest pair. Never quite kept pace during the contest, but I made them my go-to yard work/home renovation pair this summer. To quote Hemingway, they evolved "gradually, then suddenly."
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    I can barely button size 32 in the 47, but in the 55 they’re spot on/comfy. They’re close to the 66 in that way, but without the taper. And attached is a random shot I snapped cleaning up the bedroom. The light looked nice! Not a lot of wear yet, though.
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    With cooler finally here in NYC, decided to break out the LVC Japan 1937 501's.
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    For them days when you can’t make up your mind Grab ‘em in the End sale - only £450 ish from £750 ish
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    The good news... after a day of wear, they fit nicely... 1.5 cm stretch from raw on the waist and 3.5 cm shrink in length Waist 42.5 (now 44) / Thigh at crotch 36 (same) / FR 35 (34) / BR 45 (same) / Inside leg 77 (73.5) / Hem 26 The bad news... FedEx came in with a late tax bill of £49.14... not so nice Meanwhile, the rich in the UK are gifted tax cuts while us mere denim-for-own-use importers continue to suffer. Does a guy/gal earning £1m per year really need an extra £65k per year? They're very lighweight c10oz jeans so it likely to be a while til they get some proper wear.
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    lol think it's more snow leopard than holstein frisian
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    Wts: j61-ws size small 9.5/10 condition $750
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    Layering season is upon us
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    hopefully not to long now untill 2223 drop
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    Tell me you’ve never seen a cow without telling me you’ve never seen a cow
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    Been a minute. Lovely outside now. Same stuff - Companion/Warehouse/Red Wing
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    Denime 66OW, intermittent wear over about 8 months, documenting before a first wash. The last two are with some older 66s, machine washed and dried many times.

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