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    Dedicate to @bartlebyyphonics filson schott tcbww2contest
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    ^ well, now that you mention it... ... today a 70s/40s split... sears 'leather shop' x filson x tcb x attractions
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    oh yes @Uncle Karl! a perfect perfecto what lovely boots as well! my attempt... sears-filson-tender-attractions
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    Leather jacket season I guess Bootleggers Wavy, Freewheelers Brakeman and Locomotive Engineer, Bootleggers Steamroller c/w Tender and Rolling Dub Trio Vincent (custom)
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    filson Runabout goods fw 1943 nicks boots
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    need to repair where the yoke overlaps the vertical seam. been rotating these with some tender 129 and roy r01s
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    Resolute and Yuketen Not quite sure if the Yuketen really go well with the 710 here.
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    Lee NN07 tee LVC Alden x Leather Soul
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    i imagine wearing this the rest of my life
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    Nothing new here. 3sixteen hat and jacket warehouse tshirt and 1001xx buzz rickson sneakers
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    It's been a while... Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. FW, FW, Roy, White's
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    here are my 1001xx that i got from self edge in late august. have been wearing them a lot lately and still haven’t washed them yet. i’m not really a fan of how the banner denim looks when it’s washed frequently so i’m holding out for a while with these.
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    Buzz vintgae zegna st james dior irish wallys
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    i wanted to photograph my jeans line up. ive been rotating these with roy r01, and wh dsb 1000 129 from raw
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    Have not been wearing these for the last couple of months as the stitching on the top button hole came undone and it took me ages to take care of it.
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    @shredwin_206 I wasn’t planning on doing any updates until the end of the contest, but here is a closeup of what was originally your pair. This is the first pair of jeans that I wore a hole through the knee in many years.
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    Lee RL tee 70s 501s Adidas Superstar
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    Boncoura ‘66 9th anniversary sumi ink over indigo ninja edit: indigo invitational iii entry
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    started wearing these more frequently so i wouldn’t sell them
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