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    I’m on holiday and ready to send it to you like one week later. If anyone else send you first then no worries. Im happy you donate the money (5 bucks what’s over to unicef or so, but no rushy till I’m ready with the files.) Happy Chinese New Year in advance
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    Type 1 jacket, Warpweft.co, Boots
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    Vans cheapos The Rite Stuff Sugar Cane Lofgren
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    Harman Optical The Rite Stuff Anatomica Lofgren
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    Y'all need to fuck with this vegan free range water we have in Berkeley. Its basically angel tears (humanely harvested of course). With every wash my denim becomes more and more accepting and free thinking.
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    AV: blazer lt / mionn IS / nomin v2 / frame comp / anode bamba 2
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    Quick evo update after a machine wash and dryer. A fit pic can be seen on the WAYWT for thoses interested. The roping is awesome !
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    TCB 50's jacket. Real McCoy's tee. CSF 1946. Visvim Kiefer.
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    Visvim / Boncoura / Boncoura / RW More here :
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    Poor man's "great escape" cosplay attempt Civilian A2, Levi's sweatshirt, Bob Dong chinos, MF Trooper boots in lieu of proper boondockers
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    Vintage white label vanson/ vintage big mac/ west ride/ vintage na na works boots
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    I think we should all just stop responding to his pedantic, predictable, trolling attempts. Maybe then he’ll fully dry up and blow the fuck away.
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    Visiting Paris under the snow. RMC / VISVIM / TCB 50s slim / Paraboots
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    And a 1969 true vintage typeIII, will be sharing others soon (I have a few true vintage hoards lately)
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    Sharing to you a true vintage 1978
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    Hi, big fan of the Iron Heart outlet store, which have made their denim more accessible to me so a big thank you. Here are my first Iron Heart pair - 1955 UHR that I have been working on for a while, I did a couple of bath soaks but I always felt they were a bit too roomy in the thigh area. Recently I did a proper hot machine soak and they came out perfect and I thanks to the cold weather they have been my go to denim since. They are super soft and comfortable but have stretched out quite a lot so I may give them another month or so before giving them another hot soak: Waiting in the wings are 2 other purchases I have also obtained from the outlet store, the first is the IH-634-DD a duck canvas, I don't know too much about them apart from when I googled the fades they look very intense. I'm thinking whether to cuff or stuck these because of the fading potential. The material itself is very rigid, I'm trying to tell them who the boss is but it might take a few months! The last purchase - IHxB01xRAW (18oz) have a great feel to them, much more texture to them then the 1955 and a much more of a slim cut too. I've soaked them and I am hoping they will give more stretch in the thigh as they on the border of being a little too tight. I read in the Iron Heart forum that they were going to become extinct, I guess they weren't very popular? But if they give a little bit in the leg (and I manage to loose a little myself), I will be really happy with these, as from what I've seen they have great fade potential:
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    just got my pair today and plan on getting some photos tomorrow. sizing is pretty much a mandatory size up. they run very slim and considering the almost lounge-esque nature of them (material wise) you could even go up 2 sizes for a very relaxed fit. they also have snap adjustments on the waist which is good because they’re foregoing belt loops on this model. overall this is probably my second favorite pair of veilance pants i have owned which for reference is voronoi ar <<< apparat <<< voronoi <<< dyadic comp <<< field pant edit: wait i found a pic but it doesn’t do much justice. i’m 6’3” and usually a 33 but got a 34 another edit hah: just got an outfit pic and you can check that here also got this nice detail shot of the organized cargo pocket which fits my veilance card holder and iphone 7 very nicely.
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    *frantically checks old threads to make sure not involved in same world tour as swissjeansfreak*
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    Another 50's update! 2 months daily wear, 1 initial hot wash, dry. Just gave them a hot soak and machine dry. Fast evo. For Valentines Day, we made a special cocktail at my restaurant: Vodka, sparkling, St-Germain and Pomegranate juice.
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    Thomas Farthing Gladhand tshirt Knickerbocker Knickerbocker Vintage
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    Role Clubs & PBJ. Grainy picture quality due to low light
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    Excuse the photo quality but I'm playing this newgrounds game and randomly came across this answer to a question asked in game?
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    How to keep two kids and one big kid amused in nothern England in winter when it's close to freezing outside?? Inspired by a book on old British steam railways, last week's answer was a trip to the Bolton Abbey to Embasy steam railway. Open commercially from 1888 to 1965, it was part of the steam train revolution that changed Britain in many ways, not least in opening up the country to the masses and prompting the rise of seaside resorts in the last century (many now sadly in decline). Nowadays, the line is run by steam train enthusiasts and a decent heritage day out. Even a bit of (erm) 1st class blue velvet clad carriages with the private sliding doors, obligatory condensation and that warning sign that always makes me think of Vivienne in The Young Ones (UK comedy gold from the 80s)... found here... https://youtu.be/tQslnmcHOeM... Shame about the poor quality photos but hopefully you get the picture... + Outstanding Co / RMC / Roy / 1sr Pat RN / Roy / RW...
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    ‘Planning on breaking in my spanking new RAWs for the trip to Los Angeles: •Somet 033 blkXblk •Eastman Sportswear Twisted Chambray But, on 2nd thought, the Momo contest pair would be more comfy in those constricting airline Y-seats ... plus, I get to bank more wear on them, since I’ve been lagging behind cuz of winter •Momo G014-MB •SDA •Viberg •EFFECTOR •DarnTough
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    American apparel/ west ride/ neighborhoodXconverse
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    bronson N1 tcb 30s/60s tux deluxeware sweat white's
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    it was only a matter of time, but it seems lf1-100 fakes have arrived. source: https://twitter.com/Sfp_km/status/963380890448490496 https://twitter.com/Sfp_km/status/963393937451900928 (left fake vs right legit)
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    About 3 months easy wear - evenings and weekends - and a little nice evo on my Okinawa ranch blouse. Includes snap out in the wild at recent funky cool Nightmares on Wax gig...
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    30-day DIY Techwear Design Challenge - Day10 - Holster Pouches Day 10 in the bag and I am 1/3 of the way through this challenge! In very large part to your support and messages, spirits are high. Todays project was to create some accessory pouches for the casual shoulder rig from day-09. The intention was to create a matching set of underarm holster type pouches with functionality at the forefront. I used the same softshell merino from yesterday and paired it up some fancy black soft-faced 3L Goretex from one of their Japanese mills.. Check out the gallery and project log here: http://bit.ly/techwear30day-10-gallery I have to say that I am super pleased with these pouches. They hang very comfortably even when overloaded and they are very easy to use when worn. They look pretty slick on their own but IMO they really shine when peaking out beneath a jacket. Tune in again tomorrow for day 11. Thank you for reading. [edit] I got a lot of comments asking about the flip-over-the-head action on the no-waste and ballistic packs so I sent some friends out into the wild today to take some pics, below you can see the flip action in an animated gif below: [edit]
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    To be honest, the real mccoys booth was kinda disappointing, but I did at least get to meet the man behind the brand. Wearing my favorite leather jacket of course!
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    My oldblue.co 5th anniversary (25oz unsanforized) with many wash & soak. Wear for 1,5 yr.
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    The host is super awkward, but they cover some interesting topics. Worth checking though. http://www.bilibili.com/video/av17452757/?share_source=copy_link&ts=1518268749&share_medium=iphone&bbid=5f33fdd0eb8f29fc2b986dce89b92df4
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    Just got a pair of the Samurai S511NBKs. So far these are awesome I like the fit more than my 710s and it's nice to have some black denim again since my black Iron Hearts no longer fit.
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    They look great! 30s/60s tux today
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    ok, so sorry if making this more of an 'ol pix dump thread but some top blocks have found recently an elliot erwitt image dated from 1954 (lovely type I and II evident as well as soaring high rise on the left) then some retro geez from an i-d magazine straight-up page in 1989, wearing 50s vintage is my presumption... (full page shot to give some context, then close up): not showing because of any 'classic great fit' claim: more thinking uk retro denim culture and jeans in circulation pre-osaka 5
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    Hmm ok, so swissjeansfreak might be a little freakier than we thought... beautiful_FrEaK, anything we need to know about?????
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    Just had a pretty bad transaction experience outside of sufu, so I wanna come back and give a shout out to @Xu Jianfeng @jward451 @rnstyip for all the smooth worry-free transactions in the past!
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    Czech this out UK Pounik fans. Nice.
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    Wearing my trusted Stevenson Overall 767-Rxx. It's been around 3 years now !
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    Just got my Bakers Oxfords resoled for the third time. Went with the white gloxi cut for a change of pace. They are much lighter than the christy sole I had on there and about as spongy as the original 2021. Edit: LOL, there is some weird compression happening in the pics, maybe because i shot in portrait orientation but these shoes look smaller than they actually are
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    Just got this Beams + 6oz denim work shirt. What follows are some initial thoughts. Quite standard Japanese repro style fit. Tripple stitched side seams, sleeves and armpits. White canvas backing at sleeve openings and yoke. Very soft denim that shrunk about 0-1,5cm at a 30C wash. The fabric got very hairy after the wash. https://photos.app.goo.gl/VmcI7c75KSwMH73D3I Some nice puckering at all seams. https://photos.app.goo.gl/DrY1tyx7mTIgR5T83
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    to keep thread bumped and cheery and elegant and emphatic a ‘wear did I go’ post v&a, london last days of the showing of cristobal balenciaga’s frocks and influences notable for innovations in pattern cutting and play with volumetrics (influenced by both kimonos, but also by the clothing of male priests – an interesting fact that such innovations of dress in were not just futurist visions, nor orientalist appropriations, but emerge from anachronist gender fluidity – to re-instate the authoritarive man’s dress of the 1600s for the socialite of the 1960s…) such designs feeding kawakubo and the like pix related then, for more macho fare to the ever popular samurai stall to look at war-like underwear (a samurai’s loincloths and man-bra, who’d a thought it… perhaps momotaro will develop for their ‘going-to-war’ strand) then early 20th century kimonos with indigo dye and then a pattern by moriguchi kunihiko, from 1987, developed with free-hand paste resist techniques – the sprinkling of rice-paste, or makinori, creates the effect and then to continue the cosmopolitan heritage melange: went to a local japanese-cuisine canteen style restaurant accompanied by chinese tv (which reminds me, happy almost new year to our eastern compadres in case i dont post nearer the time) then todays trousers, tender 130, whilst waiting for the 20s return, drifting between erlebnis and erfahrung: the transitory and inchoate experience vs the socially meaningful one…
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    Wish they made it out of Stotz..still looks dope tho
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    3sixteen SL-120x tapered 1 year 5 washes
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    Hello, it me: acrnm//_coded//tilak//aoku//stance//nike
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    some more pics from today... plus some shitty close-up bonus pics...