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    TCB 60s just going into semi retirement
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    "Nobody knows what it means, but it's provocative. It gets the people goin'!"
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    Here's the result of taking acetone to the pattern
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    McCoys hoody Buzz chambray Conners jeans Vintage 60's Converse
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    casul returning raining, buckets and pockets autumn's confusion
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    Quite enjoyed digging the heavier jacket out today after summer... Samurai Roy Viberg
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    just to highlight the patch, bandana, front pocket lining and back pocket lining...
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    No workwear today Engineered Garments Beams UES Wildbunch Remember when we were all excited about uploading direct from phones. .......
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    courtesy of Black & Decker corporation
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    spend the weekend on the countryside... took the overnight train to get us 800km away from Moscow - breakfast on the train after a good night's sleep. arriving... had to drive for another hour by car to get to the gorgeous hinterlands of Russia!
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    no major updates from my last pics (2 days ago!) but I've just inherited a "new" old lot of swanky manual focus lenses (Prakticar Pentacon) and I've been playing around...
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    Here are some stills, for a better idea of the new clothes: This was a really fun shoot to do! The first few styles have gone out and up on the Stores, with more to come over the next few weeks. I'll put some details up here asap.
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    playing snooker in between... watching the not to wild wildlife... more mushroom hunting... the village...
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    Bob Dong t-shirt Tcb 20s Excelsior
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    WTS: P24A-DS Size Large Retail + shipping. ~$1650 SOLD
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    hunting mushrooms...as Russians do!
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    winter's almost over... thankfully i'm heading to another on in November!
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    Got this sweet FH flannel off eBay! This was actually one of the first ones I bought back in 2011, but I quickly sold it since it was pretty big and floppy on me (42.) This one is a size 40 and fits just right. Also, I am still seriously loving the 3005s.
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    Some more random coolness... From "The Misfits"...
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    No problem, I haven't ordered from them myself so I can't help you there however, I did notice some better pictures of the jeans on their store blog just to get a bit more drool flowing... They're made with the Banner Denim as well which I would love to sample myself. They're actually not a bad price considering they're a special model. Hmmmmmm... Lot.1001ZXXJS 1953model
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    Basicly a place where you can talk about that grail vintage piece you could never afford/find and would like to see a repro of , or whatever you can think of really . I'd prefer if this thread didn't turn in " wanna see bpj do a collab with flathead " but if that's what you want to see then who am I to judge Id love to see a repro of the blue toe Converse , these were introduced in the mid 60's iirc and didn't stuck around for long . Would be perfect for Warehouse or maybe McCoys to do Pic taken from http://www.chucksconnection.com/markrecobcollection/
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    what calabrian steez via arizona with some excellent mexican work-wear partnership there... he obviously really loved this shirt [i mean, who wouldn't...]
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    Back on January 28 I posted a bonus shot of 2 crazy sandhill cranes in the PBJ thread that used to visit me a couple times a week with one of them coming to the sliding glass door and banging on the glass with its beak until I’d come into the room and sit down. I haven’t seen them in a couple of months but today I heard the familiar banging and this is what I found! Turns out the original 2 were male and female and today they paid me a visit with 2 additions to the family! You can tell the young ones as they have white feathers rather than red on their heads. Wow, did they grow quickly!
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    the surround forest... a holy spring or a saint is never far away...
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    hope everyone ate this morning WTS Acronym Presto: Volt White US 9 - $230 + shipping accidentally bought US 9 because the site was set up in UK sizing and i'm an 8 so happy to sell for what I paid + shipping SOLD
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    Yes Mr Cuffs, the U.S. is at war, but in 2018, it's mainly at war with itself... #deep #pretentious
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    Red tab is getting quite tattered and the cat ear stitching is falling of. I’ve never been this exclusive to one pair before. I wonder how much will be left come November next year.
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    pink is the new black.. ACRNMPPY
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    Just a shot of mine at their current condition. Gotta say these are holding up well considering the abuse they are getting.
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    Streaky sugarcane denim Hawaii’s in the back and begin collars in the front
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    Flat Head Glory Park flannel Flat Head 3005 Tecovas Shane
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    ^ nice nice nice thanks @mlwdp and @Iron Horse just for board reference: the hammersmith from fw (image from speedway) and its stitching...
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    Can't recall if FW did, but the Hammersmith isn't so far away. Dropping the triple-stitched scalloped yoke across the chest like this was popular into the '60s and '70s though:
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    This weekend as part of the annual Birmingham Heritage week Birminghams museums opened their shared storage facilities to the public. It's a huge building where they hold all the exhibits currently not on display or on loan to another city's museum or exhibition. As you'd expect from the Birmingham / Black Country area it was loaded with old industrial relics, engines etc as well as ancient Egypt and European artifacts.It was a veritable treasure chest of oddities and machinery! Loads of pics, but my highlight was the 'sauce' sign that was part of the HP Sauce sign from the now closed home of brown sauce in Aston. Apologies for the geek overload
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    My Studio D'Artisan... bought 6 years ago in TAKE5. I wore this jacket very rarely. was with me 4 years in south east asia and I used just only when temperature dropped under 25 degrees. No was, just only 3 times topical rain soak when riding motorbike .... now in europe use it more ....
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    SHIT JUST GOT REAL!!! Scientific Community Baffled By Man Whose Waist 32 With Some Pants, 33 With Others
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    The Autumn/Winter 2018 production is starting to come through! Lots of details to follow, but first, here's a video we made, in Super8, with a soundtrack by Emily Hall: more soon
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    I ended up selling my second pair of the natural indigo version a couple years ago for this reason. Couldn’t justify keeping them as just a novelty There was a pair on eBay a could years back heavily faded. Wish I kept the pictures but this pair currently listed looks to be pre distressed but might give a representation of what’s to come.
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    Back to share my Latest unexpected pickup. Haven’t been this excited to get a pair of jeans in years. About 12 years since I sold my pair because they were too big and I just didn’t know any better. Second pic is with a pair of worn Hawaii’s in the background
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    Is this the famous Triple Pleat Blouse that Levi's L.V.C. re-did a while back???
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    Rolex Submariner - 10 years worn Tattoo - too long worn JB CD 0463 - 2 days worn
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    shirt talk, real talk buy repro / dont liek repro deetz / wt*? wot do? but for reelziez i do find the side loading pocket the best for earphone containing and imma reckoning small pocket gotta lotta uses the small collar is well judged, chin strap ftw always... [feeling the denim version]
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    our trusted Volvo... and back to Berlin through the woods...
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    and @volvo240thebest's band was playing that night - added bonus! had to make sure the wive had an adequate place to stay for the night...
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    last weekend we packed the cat and flew back to Berlin for a quick weekend trip... we hit the road direction north from Berlin... ...it was a beautiful day for the old Volvo to be on the country roads. this part of Germany has plenty of lakes... TCB set...
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    Warehouse 1001 20th anniversary natural indigo, 1.5 ~ 2 years... a few washes... Not much fades... Always knew natural indigo stuff are hard to fade, but didn't know it would be this tough...