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    Jeans are back from repairs. Recently took a trip to San Miguel de Allende. A beautiful little historic mountain town in the middle of Mexico. It was originally developed as a silver mining town, then the economy was primarily driven by a vertically integrated textile mill where they processed cotton from raw bales to woven muslin. The mill was shuttered in 1991. The city moves heavily on tourism and service industries these days. Lovely people, beautiful architecture and tasty food. A delightful trip. Jeans are better than ever. Finally draping and falling like a well-worn pair should.
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    Now for something a bit different. These are some of the only vintage WAYWT posts I saved from the 2006 -2008 SUFU era. And a bonus momento from @tg76 that I still wear. These are technically all reposts even though the old content is long gone. I hope you enjoy! Carrying my son's 3RD grade building project home on my vintage SIMS ( it's Chicago's Tribune Tower) wearing mostly thrift and some SK8 Hi canvas. 2007ish Standing in front of my old art gallery (RIP Culturepop) Vintage leather Levi's T Julian Red Nikki Sixx denim 2006 Messing with exposure and lighting. Knit skull sweater Julian Red Hoboken Vintage cap toes. 2008 And an old gift from New Zealand (Thanks TG!)
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    Took some new pics of my 1003XX. I tried to search the thread for the patch history but failed miserably, anyone got a link to it?
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    visiting Cannon Beach & Seaside Oregon. Such a beautiful place
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    FW Serviceman + Mojito (a family BBQ … first proper out of house get-together in 2 years)
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    Current boot lineup: Rolling Dub Trio / Chippewa / White's 5 years old / 3 years / 7 years [The White's got a lot of wear for about 4 or 5 years, but they really are too big for me and I've sort of stopped wearing them very often. RDT got good wear before the Covid, but less since. The Chippewas get lots of wear, including as motorcycle boots.]
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    My collab gbg001 jeans that I made with Göteborg Manufaktur and Denimbridge. This was the final sample pair so I think I’ve had them for a little over two years now.
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    Tender / SC / Kontex room shoes.
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    runabout starborn runabout denim chinos nb 990v4
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    Little update on the progress. Have not really been wearing these lately as it has been too warm for jeans for a couple of months.
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    I’ve had this wabash shirt for 7 years now, I think. Worn it loads, washed it plenty of times and still there is so damn much life left in it. Love it!
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    Avirex Henley // MF Trouser (SC47163) // VIberg x Iron Heart
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    Took some new pictures of my Denimbridge 2nd. Havn’t worn them for quite a while now. Think these were from his first run of the 2nd model. Can definitely see myself getting another pair in the same cut.
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    Think this is the first photo dump of my Seamens trousers. On and off wear for the last three summers.
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    hotel bathroom photos 3s hat star of Hollywood Rayon shirt sugar cane 1947 visvim Skagway
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    Hi all at least five washes worn regular every week day slowly fading closer to that vintage light blue white
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    Well, I haven’t made shoes yet, but I did make myself a backpack.
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    I haven't posted in a few months. Life got very busy. But I thought I should contribute to this thread for once. My first WAYWT... TFH Bronson TCB HD
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    Sort of a funny topic re: the selfies. I'm of the mind that if you're posting a photo of yourself here, you're feeling some measure of pride about yourself (and not just your jeans) whether or not you want to admit it. It's maybe primarily about denim, but it's an ego affirming act regardless. As a somewhat introverted fellow from a pretty (typical) western culture that equates men caring about their appearance - at least to the degree where you'd put a picture on the internet - in such a way as something less than entirely masculine I understand the hesitance to embrace it or to try and play like it's not really that it is but yea - I think at the very least looking at the camera means you own what you're doing. Maybe an epic bald eagle flew by as you hit the remote trigger though and you had to look, though. Then again, I am a photographer and have been steeped in too many years of photo theory so I could be overcomplicating it all, as I am wont to do.
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    The women’s line kicks the shit out of the men’s stuff I’ve seen so far
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    Uniqlo Tender 129s Voyej sneaks
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    I thought the community might enjoy a little blast from the past: •Burton's version of the MA-2 flight jacket.•Pre-Errolson's stint at Burton as confirmed by DM.•Traditional pen pocket on left sleeve and additional pockets on the right sleeve.•Velcro and zippered lower waist pockets.•Lateral arm vents•Multiple inner pockets•Light weight nylon. Semi-water and wind resistant.•COOLEST FEATURE: Adjustable sleeve cuffs with built-in hand gloves. I have it for sale if anyone is interested. Shoot me a DM!
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    Molino - I bought them long before the current JMM tidal wave, that’s the 3rd prescription lens (with reacto-lite or whatever the sun blocking gizmo is called) See above, but all nice frames - I think the designs generally are top notch, but I think they’re a little overpriced. They sell on ‘specifications’ the way Mister Freedom does - nicely written but actually quite meaningless. Longshoreman is an ancient design, but read that as a classic for FW. It’s been done in many different fabrics I’ve a couple of pairs but not the canvas you mention. Quite slim in the top block and straight through the leg - they look good on most if you get the fit right. The canvas I’d expect to be quite heavy. There’s a few pics of my dome dotted about mate - it is what it is, I think generally if you’re bald then your head suits it - mostly by familiarity (the way even Steve Buscemi looks handsome)- but thank god I don’t look much older than 49 … I’m only 34
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    Still living it up in orSlow but with 2 new editions: MF chambray shirt and Tender belt, only word to describe the leather on that is “juicy.” I think it will take a while to break it in. I think the fabric on both really complement each other
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    Freewheelers Skipper. Ooe Yofukuten Mechanics Overalls. Paraboot x Arpenteur Cambriole.