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    Flat Head X Tender Evisu Birken with Kapital socks
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    Sometimes you just got to copy the cool kids
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    have about a years worth of wear on this Sugar Cane Okinawa so I thought I'd take some photos. I had the arcs for most of the time and then decided to take them out to see if it'd leave a permanent outline. I
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    Drink hipster Coffee for energy. Kapital X Tender Evisu Birken X Tender socks
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    The denim after 5 washes (don't ask)!: And while I don't have a triple pleat, I CAN offer you the awkward Uniqlo mirror fit pics (Fullcount Type 1 under there somewhere): Was wondering how everyone's look so slim, but realized it's just the front angling. Here's my true JNCO fit:
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    https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZoMtyvJkvZS1IgHI2 Finally getting around to posting some photos and measurements. pre-soak waist 40.5cm front rise 31.5 back rise 42 thigh 30.5 knee 24 hem 23 inseam 93 post-soak waist 38cm front rise 30 back rise 41 thigh 30 knee 22.5 hem 21.5 inseam 86 the light denim in a loose cut is super refreshing from my FULLCOUNT 1108 or Samurai 710xx. My current rotation of jeans are all my favourite pairs of jeans. love the cut of the samurai, love the length of the fullcounts and how care free they are, love the denim and the comfort on the TCB. currently biggest gripe with the TCB is all the hardware sometimes it makes me anxious when i'm wearing my nicer clothes and on furniture but that's about it. really excited to see this denim age. I especially love the mobility provided by the TCB's i can do all sorts of Taekwon-Do moves in them Super excited for this contest!
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    Yesterday at The Wave, on the UT/AZ border. IH 555 18 oz and Double Indigo Duck type III are the new staples. Paired here with kanreki shirt, 7.5 oz white loopwheel tee, and ebbets field hat. Bonus dog because she's cute.
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    All this talk about Type 1s so my lady took my picture wearing my LVC one. It was real oversized at first but after a wash and dry it shrank up quite a lot. This maybe the fit you are after @aho but its only LVC not TCB lol. Im also wearing the 1940s hat to complete the full denim look.
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    new 50 1.2 lens so i decided to play around with it. this site looks completely different since the last time i was here
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    Good luck with that, Volvo! Followed your earlier tipps on cheap suspenders and got some Czech army ones, 14€ incl. shipping, can't complain, even if the fake leather feels... fake I don't think I've ever worn suspenders (at least as an adult) and certainly not with a pair of pants/jeans that's meant for them (i.e. has dedicated buttons). Feeling them over the shoulders takes a bit getting used to but I definitely like that it makes the jeans sit where they're supposed to without a belt digging into my gut (seems like a good excuse to drink more beer, heh). Also, I think the 20s make for a nice butt when they don't sag All in all a good option under a shirt or vest (not feeling hipster enough to wear them "openly", normally I don't give much of a damn about what other people think but somehow suspenders is pushing it. Even if it's in style and not with rubbish clip-on ones.) Enjoy shitty pics and a look at my love handles
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    not time for jeans evo, but here's some daughter evo. Jeans are 20s of course! [damn she was born just before the 50s contest...now that I think about it...]
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    left field, RMC, Sassafras, ande whall, new balance
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    ^awesome! I'm so happy to see this vest looking so good- it's from the second production, in 2011, and I always really liked it :-) In other news, I received some great images from Vicken & Samuel, co-owners of Good Fishing and Blue-09. These are from a shoot they've done for their Pangaea shirts: Vicken's wearing his logwood 130s, which he's had since 2014, and they look amazing. He kindly sent took some more photos. The textures are so great I'm posting the whole lot: they've obviously faded loads, but you still get the grey tone to the weft, which comes from the logwood. These are among the nicest I've seen!
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    My daily outfit- pretty much wear the same thing every day TCB 30s j crew oxford TCB 20s alden plain toe boots
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    love my 20´s, big and fun. so hairy, feeling like m.j. fox in teen wolf.
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    I thought I'd add a couple of post-soak pics (hope I'm not innundating the page!). As you'd expect it's snugger in the chest, shoulders and opening and a good bit shorter in length. The arms are a much better length now. Must say I'm happy with it.... now onto breaking in the reassuring crunchy-ness...
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    Inhale, exhale just got an Okinawa Ranch Blouse in the mail. I've had my eye on one for some time and the jacket in hand is really something. Loads of details topped off with great Sugar Cane denim. Great service and denim chat with the team at Rivet & Hide @Danny @ Rivet & Hide. Pre-soak pics... soak underway now so I have my fingers crossed...
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    Getting cold enough to break out the N1. Bob Dong jacket + vest / LVC sunset shirt / TCB 20s / MF Trooper
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    That's a pretty definitive selection I think. I reckon the 1915 fabric is distinctly superior to the 1933. The 44, 55 and 66 are all really nice. I got a msj from a SuFu luminary asking about the three pleat (check it out on the TCB 20s thread, it seems to have become a uniform). Given that this might be the last chance for folks to buy one I though I'd share pix and dimensions. Mine is a medium, summer 2016 production so probably what they're still selling. Armpit to armpit is exactly 20 1/2 inches after (I think) a warm soak that gave very little shrinkage. I do love the shade; distinctly greener, and less black, than any other LVC, with a very open weave. I think if you buy this jacket, you should kinda do so on the basis that you expect it never to show wear, really! This is a very, very different jacket from 50s and 60s stuff. I especially love the tight, crisp edges on the cuffs, the incredibly short stitch length and the dull, muted colour of the stitching. It's very much a blouson; like a heavy shirt more than a jacket. [edit: sorry Bartleby for replicating your post, I hadn't seen it! You're right, the buttons are a complete pain, I had to restitch almost every single one... in fact i tried one on in the Paris store, a button pinged off the cuff and rolled off along the floor, after which I had to leave in especially furtive fashion. ]
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    Just washed and dried my new TCB 60s!
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    funny, i didn't realize till i was developing these yesterday that my friend is in an entirely sufu-worthy getup (both gifts/"borrowed" from me over the years) so perhaps this is more to share their outfit than my own mountain-slob attire out of fear of losing status among you all i haven't posted a photo since shaving my head. luckily the hat gives little away; pretend i still have a mullet if it helps. left: stevenson (great jacket dont remember # tho) sda 001 some sort of birkenstock thing right: visvim tenderloin tcb (type ii, barely visible) sugar cane doek
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    Rainy day apparel Acronym J47R-GT, J48-SS SISP zip cargos Nike Flyknit Free Mercurial
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    Ahh after a couple of months wear!
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    and then last bonus shot buttons l-r tcb20s, lvc 1915, lvc 201 3, 4, 5!
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    agent #19 checking in... as per @volvo240thebest proof of said "happening" *all images extracted from the secure server on instagram for your review*
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    I washed the Roy Peanuts (they’re now blue) & got them hemmed. Top is the MFSC garrison shirt in the superb olive denim.
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    I won't talk too much calcio, got to keep the mood in a good place after dismissing the italians. Anyways, Here's two pics from the last couple of days. Lots of work and the god damn darkness hit us a while back. Feels like I barely see any sunlight. The coffee cup motif is a character called Uncle Blue from the old Swedish children's book Uncle blue's new boat by Elsa Beskow in 1942. I got it as a gift when I moved to Gothenburg from a friend, a clear nod to me rocking the denim tux quite often, haha. The coffee jar is from an old café in Fukuoka that I picked up earlier this summer. The coffee was crap, haha. Edit: Holy fuck, talk about bad pics and out of focus. Oh well. Last Sunday I went to see a friend play with his heavymetal band called Ambush. Nice with some metal for a change.
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    Cheapo n1 deck jacket repro Lee corduroy shirt Tcb 30s jackets Tcb 20s jeans White's Nomads
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    It’s really, really, really cold here at the moment, finally an opportunity to break out the North Sea Clothing expedition sweater that I bought on sale a while back. It’s both thick and dense, but still very comfy and non-itchy. Happy with it! (This was the only photo I managed to take before I heard someone coming down the stairs. I packed up my stuff and ran, embarrassed by the implied narcissism in taking pictures of myself in the early morning. The collar is great, I’ll make sure to show it in a future update.)
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    Iron Heart. Iron Heart. Red Wing.
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    Bartleby you're quite the influencer! Must say that triple pleat looks really good on all of you guys and gal(s). And the color variation between top and bottom it's really good. My tcb 20s photo bombing plans for this Sunday are gone with the wind unfortunately. I had a massive family meal and I'm a bit too drunk at the moment to play with a camera... but Curious facts World's tallest dwarf wears tcb
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    Treated the patch with some leather care and almost wiped of the number Rust and creases.
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    Yet another crap photo, can't seem to fin time to set up a camera for decent fit pics anymore. Pic was taken in a lovely village nearby my place called stella. The house behind me was the birthplace of Sandro Pertini, a legendary partisan during ww2 and President of Italy during the 80s.most Italians remember him as the president who was in charge when Italy won the world soccer championship in 1982. Just a wee mention about calcio hehe... Better think about the past these days... Denim jacket is tcb too, 30s.
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    Quick fit pic on the way to the gym. They felt nice and crispy after a hot soak and hang dry but the fit was too sloppy so I have em a super hot wash and machine dry. They're really soft now.
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    Finally feels like fall in Austin, but it probably won't last long so I've got to enjoy it while it lasts! Stevenson/Roy/Viberg
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    Got myself SDA's homage to the Lee storm rider jacket. The usual amazing quality you would expect of SDA. Look at that cosy blanket lining!
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    Some stuff from the weekend. A hazy pic from the gig with Pale Honey that was so damn good, very intense. Probably my favorite discovery so far this year. On saturday I went to have lunch at Ramen-Ya and had their Hakata ramen. It's not on the same level as many places I visited in Japan this summer but still pretty good. Then I took a stroll in the nice weather to grab a coffee at Da Matteo, a Swedish chain that's only located in Gothenburg. They're sweeping the Swedish barista championship pretty regularly. Lastly, the first snow arrived this morning. But it will probably be gone by tomorrow.
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    ^ fking awesome so getting nostalgic leaving usual work-home routine off to bristol to visit No.1 daughter so proud of her many achievements (which include laser eyes, navigating by stars and moon, and other god-tier science understandings) but for this conext in particular the wearing of some og 3pleat heritage denim continua! a walk about town... [& micky finn lives; who'd a thought it...]
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    Mister Freedom's Malibu Cowboy Jacket. Twas out for a little trunk show.
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    All the good LVC chat lately reminded me of my old 1933s that are from about 15 to 20 years ago but unworn in years. I wish they still fit....
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    Thank god it's friday. Here's an updated fit pic, with amazingly poor lighting, after little over one week of wear. Love 'em! Now I'm off to see a Swedish garage rock duo called Pale Honey. Apprently Iggy Pop gave them a stamp of approval in his BBC radio show some weeks ago. They are playing at at Pustervik, a classic joint that all the sailors and harbor workers in Gothenburg used to frequent back in the days.
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    feeling in a comparative mood 2day ol' 555 36w lvc 201 vs. 38w tcb20s mostly to examine back pocket size and placement nothing to prove repro wise (201 is not 501 assuredly) but interested in sharing the deetz (i love how the 201 back pockets are practically on the belt hoops)
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    For interest: here's the Kurabo version. Completely different. Plus the original, photo by Mike Harris, from my loomstate blog. You can see from the unworn sections of the original how pale and green it is. Note how the fabric lies, too, at 90 degrees to how your jeans are cut!
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    Little warmer in SF today, so wearing with green polka dot s/s shirt. Also went out for some breakfast tacos in the mission district.
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    Small updates from yesterday. *full fit shot willfollow soon Watch a concert We are having chinese food after