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    Relaxing my knee at Starfucks I mean Starbucks lol. They have electrolytes. Chopper shop in Austin (Jackson's is the best/shameless promo) Brixton a tight knee brace SC1947 BH
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    trying out a barlteby bob dong t shirt tcb x tcb rw
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    Out for cocktails on the wife's birthday Engineered Garments Fullcount popover Fullcount again Grenson
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    No denim RMC A-3 cap ELMC HH G-1 StanRay OG107
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    Fit of my new 47 after a handful of days.
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    Hello all! Been very absent from the internet the last few weeks as its prime fishing season here in Nova Scotia, so the only clothes Ive had on were either work clothes or wet fishing clothes, but I did however get out with my girlfriend for lunch today and snapped a photo Thomas Farthing Knickerbocker Labor Union Vintage boot
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    From the manufacturer... re the fabric Acronym uses for it's foil silver and black products:
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    So I’ve shed a bit of gut fat because I went against the family tradition by cutting out red wine from my diet. So I’m cinching the cinch a bit more than I used to and noticed some interesting butt puckering going on. Will be cool to see where this goes. (Still can’t post bigger than 2mb from mobile, still have to do this absurd email and resize game...)
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    Tcb seaman jumper Bob Dong p44 pants Excelsior pumps
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    Himel Freewheelers Hollows RJB Clinch
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    For everyone in the US getting p10-DS the correct HTS code is 6203.43.11.90 and should bring duties down to 7%, according to the nice lady from UPS i just spoke with. edit: duties went from $200 to $90. good luck yall
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    Poncho: Adidas x AW Shirt: Adidas x AW Arm Sleeves: Nike ACG Pants: Nike ACG Cargos Shoes: Nike x Off-White
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    I only understand the half of it but SDA is on fire lately with all their unique cotton and denim they use. This new pair seems to feature their new 108 cut. http://www.dartisan-onlineshop.com/smp/item/FOX-001.html
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    I was able to get my hands on a small volume of ECCO's Leather's latest Dyneema Leather! aaannd this may be my new favorite material to work with... I don't really have anything to compare it to, it's quite unlike anything I've ever used or even seen before. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Proudly presenting what will be the final production variation of the Universal Duffle concept from the 30-day challenge... it's come a very long way since and is going to be released in collaboration with Massdrop later this summer. In X-PAX VX42, and ECCO Dyneema Leather versions. The softest most luxurious feeling nubuck leather faced with a bomb-proof technical Dyneema exterior shell. Ultralight, incredible hand feel, waterproof, and super abrasion resistant. Made with Lenzip waterproof zippers. TEN! Fidlock buckles allows you to attach the two straps however you want. From sidebag to backpack in seconds. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In addition to the two giant watertight exterior pockets, the interior has pockets upon pockets upon pockets... TEN in total... some big some small... one for 15" laptops, one for 13", and if there's no fit for what you need... two strip of MOLLE connections are compatible with my upcoming no-waste pouch ecosystem also coming to Massdrop in about a month. Follow me on instagram for more frequent updates. https://www.instagram.com/techwear.intern/ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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    Interesting Butt Puckering would be a great band name.
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    Checking in with YASSSS, HUHHHH and Rrrrreps to all above... Sunday casual... MF FHUTT Merz B TCB 20s Viberg Boondockers
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    Same old, same old... Plus bonus weird leg shot as the weft caught my eye... Merz B FHUTT Ooe x Bandana Almanac Viberg Boondockers
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    JWJ jacket / Gustin tee / Sugar Cane jeans / Red Wing boots I call this one: backpack half full of eucalyptus leaves
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    Quick snap of my 60s
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    Iron Heart type 3 horsehide leather jacket that I picked up last year. It is an absolute beast of a jacket! the leather is really thick and unbelievably nice.
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    d - i'll tell you my take.. if its pissing wet outside, using the inner jacketsling prevents the wet panels from facing my body/prevents me from having to violently shake my jacket when i get inside wherever i'm going which is a bit much when i fling water everywhere within a 5ft radius.
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    Rep works again! I've just neg repped for scientific purposes!!!
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    Jacket: Women's ACG Shirt: Adidas x Alexander Wang Pants: ACG cargos Bag: Acronym 3A-1 Shoes: Nike x Acronym Air Presto
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    For the Canadian folks out there, looks like Acronym are marking it correctly as made in Europe; 3rd drop in a row with only taxes (no duties) - If you're scared, shoot them an e-mail and they'll edit the invoice to say the country of origin for the product.
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    TCB 50's roping, sadly not a Inoue job but SELA did an amazing job.
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    Here’s what I’ve been up to. I flew to Martha’s Vineyard for a little vacation away from the Bay Area to enjoy some time at the beach. Once I returned I visited my favorite Bay Area brewery, Fieldwork Brewing, which is know for their hazy ipa’s. I also went out for some ramen which was a clam ramen- not sure how authentic clam ramen is but it is delicious and full of umami nonetheless. Finally a photo from hiking around the Bernal Heights area of SF.
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    rainy day outfit, feat. indoor lighting
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    hello and + reps/yaaassss/whatevers to Bobbo to keep the ball rolling/keep the pan frying.... I've been abroad for a short tour in Germany. I have not many pics of venues. First gig was actually two gigs paid for one, two sound checks in two different venues, no one driving us around, 20 mins time for a dinner, shit hotel, the full deal haha! First time we've been threated this way in Germany in many years. Let's say it spoiled the fun of taking pics. Second gig was great but it was a matinée after gig one, wake up extremely cranky and tired at 5am etc etc. no camera action. I do have this two pics to share. ITA/CH border, we always take a pic. We expected a triumph, we found jester slavery! number two, thanks Germany for cheap tasteless cold lager as for the jeans, the fucking bastards do not fade as quick as contest pair #1. they're almost ready for a second wash though. will post denim pics soon. my 30s jacket is fading great though... jacket pics soon too...
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    So what's everyone up to? Here's a couple of shots from the last 2 weeks or so. My good friends at http://goteborgmanufaktur.se/ recently moved to a new location. They also got this new t-shirt made on the Swedish west coast which I like very much. Also ended up with an indigo tee from Warehouse during the opening party. Been to a couple of live shows. Songs of Boda was one of them. I've been swimming, drinking tasty cortados at Viktors kaffe and tried roasting coffee (with at least decent success) in the oven. A friend made us some vegan ramen for dinner yesterday. And lots of walking in the sunshine.
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    Filson Roy Memorial Whites SmokeJumpers
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    Pictures from an ended auction on eBay. LVC 501 1966, 2 years old (tapered).
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    Summer is here, need some new tees. Lady White Co. Roy. Visvim.
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    Brand new TFH flannel! Fit is great, besides some extra room in the shoulders—but that was expected. Hoping for just a little shrink in the wash, but I'll be happy with or without. Exciting!
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    1940's US Army HBT Utility Shirt Engineered Garments Chambray At Last Trousers Attractions Engineers
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    bob dong t shirt and bandanna edwin vest fat tcb 20s rw8111
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    spent my sat morning cleaning and taking out garbage from the basement of my house. I loaded and drove my volvo super full 4 times to the rubbish dump. then I had to wash the jeans because they were dirty and stained my some oil gunk... I'm about to start major works in the basement, it should become my new office. still drying now. before washing, greetings from volvo-hood and greetings from the frigde of casa volvo, pleasantly loaded with my favourite beer. a solid peasant lager from Sardinia, Ichnusa. The wife is responsible for the vegan crap on the right. My brand loyalty to Ichnusa is perhaps second only to my brand loyalty to Tcb, haha!
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    some update..wear tcbs 1 of 2/3 days, I think will wear now more as weather is now more suitable for them spent dozen of days in Tel Aviv on vacation, beautiful place while there it's not that hot (wore mostly shorts) for the last several days it's pretty much warm here so decided take a walk to work and make some photos of what I see around everyday (mostly rivers and old buildings) forthcoming couple of months will be the time when city look pretty good (dirty and dusty as fuck, but nonetheless good) obligatory dirty window selfie and you can't pass by McD without buying some mcflurry
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    new and old blues
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    I will have to pay V&A a visit this May... in the meantime, I took a few more pics:
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    Hello @Uncle Karl just technical problems that will hopefully be sorted out soon!
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    rep's still not working for me, but that looks fantastic! Here's a preview of how it'll look in a few months with plenty of washes (this is my pullover):
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    over the weekend: Levi's / Romania / Big John / Wolverine more photos in the Big John thread
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    Tender Type 742 paired with TCB