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    Covert Cloth MF Mechanic Vintage Warp Records Junky 46's Vans with Cats on
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    No. 27 checking in... 36 OW. First day in action doing some yard work at a millionaires property... replanted some gooseberry. I’m happy that the patch and pocket bags are in contest edition as well.
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    Went on a hike with the kids today - round an artificial lake and nature reserve on the outskirts of town. Pretty cold but my Andersen-Andersen sweater kept me nice and warm. My son borrowed my Papa Nui watchcap to keep warm. Got some fading on the fly and some on my thighs, will see how long before I wash them again.
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    buzz rickson real mccoys tcb john lofgren
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    Old Cone Mills denim, LA made 1933 501's. They were patched old school by my sister who used denim from blown out Pay Day overalls.
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    Picked up one of these old cord sherpa jackets on Yahoo Auctions - there are quite a few of them kicking about. Very happy with it. One of my favourite films is My Own Private Idaho, not least because of the costumes, and this jacket has those vibes.
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    I hope most keep posting progress shots and the where you live/muffin/mower/tractor/cat/dog/horse etc. shots. My jeans will be however faded and creased at the end whether you see them along the way or not. I'm enjoying seeing everyone's posts.
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    Flat Head - UES - Denime - Converse
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    Indigo People, Indigofera, TCB WW2...
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    I think nice warm weather flew away... italian tee MFSC 674 ice blu Buttero
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    More of the same Mccoys jacket Warehouse chambray Conners ww2 Converse
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    i put my 666UHRs back on and off a couple of days each week between the in last indigo invitational and the start of the current. still my favourite pair by a mile. here hoping the 666-21L can pair beside it down the road.. washed it with some other pairs that i seldom wear and took some photos.
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    Vintage 5 brother/undercover/Dior/undercover
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    Usual but with gbgs this time. Sat in somethibg disgusting after 2hours of wearing clean jeans, so off to the wash they go. Now back in the tcbs
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    M65 x bronson sweatshirt X Tcb ww2 x paraboots
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    I'm not much of a photographer but I've tried to get a feeling for the material. It's all absolutely of the highest grade. Whilst I am at it here are a couple of pics of my satchel and cardigan. Love them both.
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