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    First holidays featuring the Alps in the back Resolute 711 and Puma Edit: really my best summer jeans. And another view of the jeans
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    Canes, Hollows, Warehouse, Viberg
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  4. 16 points
    sun is out! Cheapo fisher hat, sun and surf, at last, vans
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    50s are getting a break from wear until all the pockets have been repaired.
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    Here are some 40 year old STFs that my father used to wear when he worked as a carpenter briefly in the 80s. These are denim perfection imo and all the tar and paint splatter really adds to the character. Bonus picture for oxidized rivets. Regarding washing routine, these would be boiled along with his other work clothes in a large pot outdoors. 7582FB41-7F17-4112-8306-E2AE88680F98.heic
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    Something different today… Aquascutum suit, Charvet shirt, E. Green shoes…
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    FW Ironalls / Butcher Products / At Last / Viberg / TFIF!
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    The spec sheet that comes with the LA10-DS references tension zip closures and sleeve pockets(?). Simple mistake or beta version that was simplified? Would have been nice to have a zip somewhere so items are more secure when slung, but the pockets are fantastically spacious. Also – technically there's no internal pockets, but the pocket bags are sewn to the hem, so you can use them as massive pouch pockets. Also Also – Duties on these into the US were more difficult to change than any other item in recent memory, but I was able to successfully change it from 25.9% to 7.1% by convincing them it was actually a shirt jacket with code 6201.40.4500.
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    … and the other belt for Adam Goldberg - the spring/summer to the autumn/winter of the first. Wickett & Craig harness in russet with CF Stead pull up leather overlays in olive green set off with vintage brass spots and vintage glass (smoky topaz) jewels and a vintage Japanese coin.
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    At Last FW FW MF At Last Clinch
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    John Muir’s attic CSF, Warehouse
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    Stetson Levi's506xx Baker pants
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    My girlfriend Heather is petite. She manages a consignment clothing store in our resort town valley, and also does private fashion/style consulting, and has done some modelling. She has a hard time finding clothing that fits her small frame, especially jeans, as she's a size 23. She has a tiny frame and is muscular and has curves, just small muscles and small curves. I know some of Levi's cuts work well for some women. When I showed them to her on-line, she politely scoffed. I bought her a couple pairs to try on: skinny fit in medium and high rise. They fit her amazingly well! She looks stunning in them. We've bought other pairs in different colors: black, grey and white ('cuz... fashion...) Here're pics of her size 23 jeans on top of my RJBxTFHx sized 34 jeans:
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    1920s Leepro
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    Lvc 505 (kaihara denim)
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    Spending some time in Zion National Park and surrounding southern Utah mountains and desert with the roadrunners, rattlesnakes, and mountain goats. And lots of red rock dirt. Borrowed floppy hat. LVC "Stars" T ( or a cream Smiths tee) Vintage belt 80s Made in USA 501 Imogene & Willie embroidered bandana Fake Indy boots ( real red rock dirt)
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    1001xx 25th 50s just got a wash, the denim looks great in person
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    Duke belt
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    At airport, on my way to Chicago. SDA Fox cotton type 1, FW shirt & denim, Tender belt, RDT boots.
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    Ngl J95-WS is the ugliest jacket I’ve seen in a while
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    Thrifted Ghibli tee Devis Thrifted Chucks Jiji
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    There goes the patch…
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    Well, I haven’t made shoes yet, but I did make myself a backpack.

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