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    One down, one to go Sun Surf / Studio d’Artisan / Cane’s / Cabourn / Pfizer-BioNTech
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    Contest pair no. 1 checking in from Rome Italy. As mad as it may sound I have just travelled all the way from the peasant lands of Liguria to play the posh-est gig for the national broadcasting company, from the Quirinale (house of Italy's presidente della Repubblica). It feels great to be back on the saddle for a little while...
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    The usual garb Engineered garments jacket Warehouse sweat Conners s409xxx ww2 Vans
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    Freewheelers Dylan, Jackson, Jackson, Dylan and Jackson c/w Warehouse + White’s
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    Tender x 2 / At Last x 2 / Viberg
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    Hatters anonymous x moscot x ffp2 x m65 x warehouse x TCB X white socks x paraboot
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    Pantheon x m65 x ffp2 x foggy glasses X 2 arrows fleece sweat (lovely Rome shop)X Tcb X paraboots
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    Lucia La Ferme / Tender Co. / Merz / Hollows / Cane's / Fracap
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    M&S Sunray Sportswear tee Lee x H&M chore Spellbound Red Wing engineers
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    These are my pair that I bought off @srudy a few months into the competition. They were practically new when I received them with no wear. Thank you @srudy! I really enjoyed these. I wore them hard for months straight and then stashed them away and brought them out every once in a while. Taking these pictures made me reflect on all the moments I wore these jeans through. I really went through a lot with them, and it’s good to remember. Love the denim. Love the marbling.
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    ready for the weekend! sugar cane 1953 sugar cane 1947 vans
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    P33 go well with most shoes. They were great, versatile pants, and I only sold them because I got P36. The hidden cargos on the rear concealed contents thanks to the wide cut, and could easily be shifted to the side when you sit. I usually never use rear pockets because I don’t like sitting on stuff, but I regularly put my keys and MP3/MP2TS in these. The P36 has the rear cargo pockets also but uses the pleating for concealment. My only complaint on the 33 was the combination of the wider phone pocket, DS construction and wide straight fit in through the thighs allowed my phone (iPhone X no case) to slip out, especially when I was sitting on the floor or in a car where the opening is pointed down. Couple of old pictures below, I think I posted a couple with the C1 a while back too. One static and one super awkward action shot.
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    Now that the worst of winter is over, I’m finally retiring these SD-101s (relegated to my muddy dog-walking jeans) after 10 or so years of on/off wear. Fare thee well old friends!
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    johnny cap Dry Bones // Sir Jac // Hanes // Two Tone Skinny Belt // RRL // Viberg x IH
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    I swear these keep shrinking with every wash. It can't possibly be my waist getting bigger.
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    Bootleggers Wavy, Barnstormers Big Sur, Freewheelers Longsleeve Crewneck and M-44, White’s
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    I really dig this elegant curve on the sewing of the back pocket on these SC42021
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    Here is my final submission. Haven’t worn them quite as much lately but I do like them a lot and they are still in rotation.
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    My good friends girlfriend is really good with a sewing machine and has done this for me, for ten pounds I can't complain.
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    Thank you all for sharing your experience on this. Time to show some pics of the US mades 1955s evolution bought preowned a few years ago. Hope to find a raw pair once, but being really not into buying via proxys I have to wait for a lucky day on eBay.
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    Nice day in Seattle, took some more photos to show the texture of this 13oz denim
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    These came in today! They are pretty much all I hoped for except one of the leather laces snapped when I pulled it tight first time.