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    hello peeps I am now authorized to deliver some GREAT news! Tcb is now working on a WW2 jeans AND jacket, which will be released for end of august/early september 2020. Hajime recently got the sample original SXX pair needed to reproduce the jeans, and is in the process of acquiring very soon the jacket too A custom made, specific denim has been already developed for this project I am be very excited to give these jeans a go and organize a contest with them so I've started to talk about it with Ryo and Hajime. The contest will be organized directly by Tcb, Ryo will take care of logistics (and he's amazing and speaks a perfect English), and I will help if needed. the contest pair will have a few exclusive details from the ordinary 40s pair: available in raw and one was versions, and sizing charts will be provided for both versions mismatched front pockets (more details to be still agreed upon, but I think flannel) it will feature a custom specific patch, which will be designed by the same graphic designer who did the 20s contest patch. I just told her and she's up for it, we will see what she comes up with. She will draw inspiration from a choice of fonts and cat illustrations from the 1940s, same as she did for the 20s patch design here that's it for now! more info to follow
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    Hello folks on this thread. Unfortunately?, Ryo from TCB is writing from tcbinoue account since Hajime asked me to and I don't have my Sufu account. I just wanted to make you all feel assured about the release of our WW II model since we have been asked so many times when TCB will release them. TCB WW2 is not going to fizzle out. We are going to release the jacket & the jeans at around the end of August~ the beginning of Sep. Attached are the pics from when Hajime was studying all the details of the vintage piece for the reproduction. We have already developed the fabric for this release and soon are moving on to the sample making stage. As Volvo told, we'll post the size chart of both raw/one-washed once we've done the sample. Thank you all for supporting TCB, everyone! We really appreciate all the feedbacks. We'll try our best to make this model satisfactory for all TCB supporters as well as all denim heads. We don't often check the thread even though we'd love to so if you have any feedbacks you strongly want to convey to us, please let us know through Ryo's IG(@rn182) or [email protected] I'll drop some updates reg the fabric in the mid June to show you the details on the fabric, reporting from the partnered weaving factory of TCB. Stay tuned, folks! We sincerely appreciate your support. TCB
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    Out for our morning walk McCoy's sweat Warehouse dw001 Vintage 60's converse Jack found a slug ...... watched it for way too long Fleece Mid 50's 503zxx ( he actually asked to wear them .... was well chuffed ) but there small in the waist now so definitely last wear Jordan's
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    French Field Jacket - Resolute - New Balance
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    personal anecdote as someone whose "ditching" their whole collection. my reason is simply because the majority of the fanbase has become mindless clout chasers vs true enthusiasts that care about art and design. back in the late 2000s supreme / visvim / acr were all in my wheel house, leaning more weightily on supreme. Aside from of course the common idea that you age and your tastes change etc, I ditched supreme completely in 2013, the "fanbase" was becoming something i definitely didn't want to associate my self with. Similar to acr i feel predominantly the audience is just clout-chasing hypebeasts at this point. It's sad because the music is great. but to make a music analogy to this. I have been a hardcore fan of John Mayer since the early 2000s, now imagine if all of a sudden the majority of mayer fans at a concert only know him based on his recent Instagram persona. You attend a John Mayer concert and 4/5 people around you aren't even listening to the music. they are drunk af. talking loudly taking selfies with the flash on obnoxiously. posting to their stories every 45 secs. that's what acr has felt like for the last couple years to me. I have just gone deeper and deeper into visvim over the years as I feel like it has never been subject to anything remotely similar. some of the shoes (fbts) were subject to some of this vain attention for sure, but the facts are that fuccbois aren't going to drop 2.5k on a jacket that they can buy some copy cat version of at a zara. the fanbase feels majority enthusiasts of art. I think i saw some dude post on the fb group the other month like "So please tell me alll the ACR grails" , then the next day made a WTB post of everyone's responses "WTB 47a 43a j28-k all colors" that type of shit. like tf kinda mentality is that. consumption isn't even for yourself if that's how your brain works. you are dictated by whatever status you can potentially gain, not your soul. trash. And when you think about people who listen to music in that very way. well they are the one's hopped up on whatever substance they can find, busy telling everyone on the internet what concert they're at, being obnoxious af ruining everyone else's time.
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    Originally posted these in the McCoy's thread but may as well post them here
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    rust tee and rust bin tcb 50s excelsior so I'll be experimenting with this second pair of 50s that I just got yesterday. they'll be used to work on my garden from day one, and washed every ten days. Dad fades are the future, and anyway I am about to turn 40 this year, I am a dad and I have a lawn that needs some tlc.
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    Slight update to the 1101 which are from the last time Warehouse produced a 1101 that wasn’t the DD or 12oz used wash model. I’m getting very prominent horizontal fading that I haven’t seen out of any other banner denim that I own (1105, 1001HXX, 2002). I love my other Warehouse jeans, but this roll of banner denim just seems to have a lil’ something extra that the other’s don’t.
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    Post / Vintage x 2 / At Last / Equus / Lofgren
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    I'm Wearing The Same Clothes Every Day Because I Did Not Prepare For It To Ever Be This Hot Out Sun Surf + Rite Stuff + TCB + Birks
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    got duck diggers again from IG
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    Gave these babies a soak in the river this long weekend. First pair of OOE and they did not disappoint. Fit is amazing!!!!
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    News just in.... Wanted these for years. Finally driven to mad purchases by social isolation. alden #986 color 8 shell Leasure hand sewn
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    One of the first things to go, on all of my jeans, is left front pocket opening I don't mind fraying at the top, but once the pocket bag material starts to wear thin between the two rows of topstitching the pocket's in danger of pulling away—better to enforce it now than to replace the whole pocket bag in a few months Anyway, in the last few weeks my R01 Test Lots have been getting to that point… You can see that the pocket bag's totally worn away at the top of the pocket, showing the stitching from the French seam, and that—more importantly—there's not much fabric left at all between the two rows of topstitching My go-to for this is patching over the region, tracing over the existing topstitching by hand, on top, to connect with the denim, and then zig-zagging across the bottom with a machine to hold the pocket bag material and the patch material tightly together The first step's to cut the patch material (here, I'm using a pretty dense cotton chambray) to size and trace over the contour of the pocket opening… Next comes folding along the contour and pressing appropriately… I use a running chainstitch (there's probably a proper name for this, but I never really learned sewing terminology) to connect the patch material to the denim and to protect the opening from further abrasion; if done well, and with a small-gauge thread, this should be invisible from the outside: The patch is now connected to the denim, and the worn region of the pocket bag material is protected from further wear, but the pocket bag itself is still at risk of pulling away since not much remains holding it on—seems like a job for a machine Pockets are shaped kinda weird, and getting the patch material to lie flat against the pocket bag material after attaching them at the top can be difficult. Pins do the job, but you end up needing a lot of them, and some end up being awkward to remove. This is where my secret weapon comes in: Water-soluble fabric tape is a real game changer for patching any areas with weird contours of fabric that don't lend themselves well to stretching flat or pinning in place—just apply one section at a time, making sure each is placed correctly, and the final result is a patch that sits just where you want it: Stitch it up and your jeans are good for at least another year
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    Well I only wear the leather jackets up to 69/70F and if it's that warm, I just wear a t shirt underneath. It is actually comfortable to me. For example, on Saturday it was cool enough in the evening to wear a leather jacket so I wore one on my walk in 69/70F weather. Today, I wore only a t shirt on my walk in 80F and I felt like I could have used a light jacket when I was in the shade. I just like wearing jackets. I always have. When I was in middle school, I wore a zip sweatshirt all year long at school. Saturday: Art Fawcett hat Kapital bandana Freewheelers jacket Stevenson T WFG belt Blue Blanket trousers Viberg x Division Road boots
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    My 47s just about dry after some time in the sun:
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    and on to the 40s orslow in hickory stripe... more shirt weight, but jacket cut... fit, details, [reduced button and pocket numbers etc.] [and whilst I do not baulk from double denim, double hickory stripe is a much harder challenge...] edit: a double denim double chore post from earlier in the year; with boncoura and orslow as team members...
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    Bump... Lot 677J I wanted to get through the colder months with layers underneath so made a plan to soak/wash this in Spring in case of shrinkage. Did a cold soak then cold wash, both followed by a line dry, resulting in 1 cm reduction on the arms and length, rest all the same. As @fre-co said, the paper patch dissolved and so I also picked out the stitching that remained (with a helping hand) which looks cleaner. Not worn much so will try to get some wear in this year.
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    Alright here are some vintage pairs using different pocket bag materials. Turns out searching for this stuff is a bit difficult, since Google doesn't really care about pocket bag materials used on '40s era Levi's. I think there might be a pair or two in the 501XX book if anyone has a copy, I think there's a pair in there with denim pocket bags? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall seeing a pair of vintage '40s with two entirely mismatched pocket bag materials used. But maybe I'm just drawing a blank. Anyway, all photos below are courtesy of Marvin's. 1942 S501XX: Another 1942 S501XX: 1942 must have been the year of random pocket bag martials, another S501XX.
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    Soooo... I took the plunge Opinions?
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    Buddy Lee update! Must be a couple of years occasional wear and plenty of washes, love these:
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    Chiming in on the coffee chat... Bought myself a Khalita Wave to add to my collection of home coffee Kit (see what I did there) What a fine looking piece of Japanese engineering... and makes a good cup too once you get the grind right The brew is a natural Ugandan from Horsham Coffee who roast some pretty decent coffee