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    Gave my saddle pants another wash, think this brings it up to 6 or 7 washes now. The denim is fading really beautifully and they’re definitely my most comfortable pair of jeans. Patch faded pretty quickly and now there’s only a faint trace of what was on there. Some really good vertical falling appearing on the thighs and some good puckering on the pocket. The pockets took a little bit of getting used to but I really like them now, also these pocket bags are deeeeeep.
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    1st cpo shirt. 10 years old!
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    1001XX(Banner denim) almost 2 years
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    Selling my last ACRNM piece: J28-GT (1718), Size SMALL, 8/10 (no flaws, regular wear), bag, specsheet etc – SOLD + Fees, free shipping. EU ONLY or you pay for EMS. It was a good ride.
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    Inis meain alpaca/merino cap vintage wool Buffalo club jacket vintage Pendelton 1st pat-rn Quoddy Hot cocoa break and closup.
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    Thanks very much for that @mpukas. I suppose I will have to eat a small bit of virtual humble pie, but only a small bit. I was basically a bit annoyed by the arrogance of one of his posts on his Instagram, mainly this one here. The text is as follows; "whranchdungarees Worth a read: I’ve been collecting vintage Lees for many years and have made the ultimate sacrifice and taken many apart to reverse engineer the construction. It was an obsession. I have also done the same with many repros from Japan. After helping to date some pieces with Lee’s historian and learning many inside baseball details, I can tell you this: the Japanese reproductions are wrong and their years are best guesses. They only ever saw photos and I can tell you for certain they missed two crucial design features that were Lee innovations and they drastically effect (affect, who the crap actually knows?!) the way these jeans fit and wear on the body. I have cracked the code. Know this: all W.H. Ranch Dungarees are made using genuine vintage patterns; not a modern pattern modified to mimic vintage specs. End of speech. Ron Swanson." This is complete fucking horseshit. To say nobody in Japan that makes Lee repros has seen the real thing in person is just moronic and completely untrue. He is passing himself off as some kind of expert and "keeper of the flame", which does a great disservice to a lot of great Japanese Brands that have done some fantastic work keeping the actual Raw Denim/Retro Denim, Industry/Market alive, and for a lot longer than he has been on the scene as well. The main reason I take offense in a race I don't have a horse in, is because I am a proud owner of 2 pairs of these, 1940's Lee×Warehouse 101z Cowboy-Riders. One pair is well used the other is still raw and they are probable the most accurate repo's EVER!!! They are a stitch by stitch recreation of a pair of extremely rare pair of Lee's that seemed to belong to someone called "Tom Kenkel" back in the 40's, the repos are absolutely perfect in every way, even using a once off special organic left hand twill denim, use google translate on this page from the Warehouse blog to give you some indication of how great they are. Warehouse clearly had access to a pair of vintage Lee jeans. I was asking about the out seam as for some strange reason all vintage Lee's, I'm guessing up to the 70's, had a Double Chain stitched out seam. I have had a pair of Sugar Cane 1945 B Lee repos and they had the Double Chain stitched out seam, I have had a pair of the 1952 "James Dean" repos, and they had the Double Chain stitched out seam. If @setterman still posted here he would probably be able to confirm this. For all his reverse engineering he seems to have gone half way, as that looks like a single Chain stitch on that out seam. I know it's nit picking in the extreme but when you set yourself up as some sort of Denim Deity, you should at least get your facts 100% right first. As I say, I don't have a horse in this race and if I was going to be a fan boy of any brand, I would be a Warehouse fanboy so I'm probably a bit biased but that post really fucked me off for some reason. This topic was stared for this brand around 2015 and if you go through it almost within a year or 2, people were already experiencing big problems with bizarre wait times. Let's hope 2019 brings with it a cure for full blown Dwight-Yoakam-itus. P.S. Dwight Yoakam wore Levi's, not Lee.
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    found this post which looks like a boiler suit, top half J1TS and bottom half has elements of p24a.
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    Snowy day fits goteborg woolrich northsea roy white’s
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    ^ No, still haven't soaked. Need to get some length chopped off first, which is a first for me…these things are looooong. Maybe today'll be the day that I run them over to some or other shop. Consensus when I asked in the Questions thread seemed to be that AB Fits was my best bet, but I live a whole lot closer to Standard & Strange, so I'm still not totally sure where I'll take them. Anyway, was taking some photos for a writeup I'm doing over on reddit and found, in the rear pocket, a neat little set of instructions for branding the patch…
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    • Boots conditioned + laces diy-waxed w/ otterwax ... ready for winter wear • Took delivery of 6pairs of DarnTough ... best socks ever, IMO Viberg 146 “Ironworker” Trickers Malton in C-Shade Goarse Viberg Nat. Bison on 1035 last X Stance socks
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    MFSC, Banana Rep sweater, SC 80/20 pants.
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    You don't watch movie trailers?
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    You all are killing it. I'm happy to say I'm back in the 20's. I had to deal with a known health situation in November and had an adrenal glad removed. Healed up, lost a bit of bloat and the jeans finally fit again. Still have a ways to go in terms of losing more weight, as I put on 25 pounds in mid 2017, but fuck it. Progress. Hopefully will be more active here moving forward
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    First post of the year for me Thomas Farthing Champion sweat TCB Labor Union Vintage
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    SDA jacket & belt, IH shirt & pants.... Nice morning in Seattle today....
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    Subnet is some elitist 1%’er bullshit
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    the texture of these OA02-1017 is one of the nicest denims I've known. (Shameless plug: I have to move them on as I've managed to loose a bit of weight).
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    @SLAB looks like they are on the WH blog, so I'd assume soon: https://warehouse-staff-blog.tumblr.com/post/181890635633/2nd-hand-1105-used-wash Also the spring/summer catalog is online and there's some really nice stuff coming. I really like their take on the closed and open front jumpers. Link to the catalog: https://info.ware-house.co.jp/product/season/wh2019ss/
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    666S yenim. 5 months of wear
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    You're kidding, right? A movie trailer very often features clips, sounds, and cuts that don't appear in the final film. The trailer is an advert for the movie—it's incredibly simplistic to say it's simply the movie but smaller. But, maybe more importantly—why are you in the Acronym thread complaining that people want to know what the new Acronym products are? We don't know why Errolson decided to clamp down on subnet membership, but if I had to bet I'd say it had more to do with guys like 1K drawing "inspiration" from unreleased stuff for his own products.
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    I do but leaks are not physical samples of the final product. (while movie trailers are exactly the same thing as final movie just smaller) Those fuckers who leaked have killed subnet for us, pardon me that I do not want to support this behavior.
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    Got the new one star academy ( jackstars ) a few days ago , really nice trainers and quite comfy The colour is really hard to capture correctly , it's more of a faded red The suede is nice but I prefer the suede on the star bars release from a few years back For comparison
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