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    From now on posting items for sale without a price will result you in a warning and a temporary ban, same goes to Interest Check’s. If you want to get 4000 for your used J47A, that’s your choice, nobody’s judging you.
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    Healthy amount of symbolism in that video: NG3-PS Errolson represents old school, "tech" ACR Cowboy Errolson represents new wave, high fashion (high priced) ACR John Mayer is really Hiroki Nakamura in disguise JM/HN wants to sway E to follow visvim's path, the high-priced road, with his sweet melodies. Cowboy E is forced to face his former tech self and decide if he wants to kill him and move forward. We're at the cusp of ACR's new business model and audience. Will Cowboy E pull the trigger and go full Nakamura?
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    Makes me happy to come through on the day of a drop and see things haven't changed as much as I thought. Yeah, prices are worse. Yeah, the resell game is atrocious. Yeah, the styling can sometimes suck shit through a hose but we can all be here and talk patterning, materials, fit, and styling potential. Ended up out of the game on ACR. 3A-6TS and attachments are going with a friend to LA, 3A-3TS is with the first offline sufu homie, E-J28 has a home with the best technical designer I know, DS-KA3 went to a young art dude with a lot of potential opportunities on the horizon, I grew out of my DS-LA3 in the shoulders, P16A-S are with a dancer who like to move in them, and the cargo shorts are the only piece I have grown out of that doesn't have someone eyeing them yet. I am def over being clothes rich cash poor. It was time for that awhile ago but its happening now. If there's anyone for whom those cargo shorts are a grail lemme know. Not a sale so much as a thank you to this community. Daniel sold them to me a long time ago, and always sold stuff in this marketplace for less than it was worth just because he was that dude. I would not have had the kind of access to Acronym that I had without the choice he made to strike a balance between profit and community. Hope that survives these darker days.
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    All right here we go. A couple comparison shots between the 50s and 800s. Both size 31. A couple photos With the jeans aligned to show the cut differences 800s on top. As far as fit goes: rises are near identical but the 50s are definitely roomier throughout the leg. For fabric- 50s has a more substantial feel and a bit more slub and a bluer tone. 800s feel lighter and softer with a more even feel to it. And finally a shot from walking around San Francisco.
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    Gentle reminder: you've ripped off some folk on the IH forum... Screw bacteria, how about refunding them ey?.. https://www.ironheart.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=634.msg528645#msg528645 https://www.ironheart.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=634.msg528645#msg528645 https://www.ironheart.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=634.msg528645#msg528645
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    I thought this was for the Acronym community, seems like many sellers are here just to use it as a shopfront without actually being any way part of a community. Social decline, forget gentrification more like ghetto hustling.
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    I heard that the neon tape is actually a Forcelock tape for when your AirPods fall off your jacket, your shoes can pick em right back up.
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    Feedback and thoughts of ss18 so far(avm not included, check pages back): 1 all 3rd arm: if you new to the brand, that would rational to buy these new other than high priced used, but yeah the too green xpac this time is something drawback for people 2 J47A-WS:there are many j47, obviously and this would be some top well finished in my opinion. The windstoppers would hold the goods just like the gt version do, improved tailoring as well compared with gt j47a. 3 J1A-GTPL: a good first acr item if you a new acr user. GTPL in acr is always my preference, and this time around it get the job done well. It feels slightly thinner than J29 in GTPL for example, the duotone is alright with not so much dramatic effect, fitting will just go normal j1 do, slightly roomier than j1a-gt. 4 J1A-GTV: to be reviewed, but thats bit heavier than i expected as first impression 5 P30-DS: this thing works as the cargo parts balance the adult diaper in a subtle way, also the tailoring is crazy improved with knee lining, also this version ds is thick i pretty much feel it same as p23a-ds and p25h used. The belt system improved as well as ppl mentioned above, belt just using heavier material so the weight would hold the dynamic move safe and sound, or another word, acronymjutsu. 6 P30-CH: not tried it yet. 7 J73-WS: BEST WS stuffs for me in ACR, model that acr shows off their controlling of factory and tailoring method etc. 3D cutting in a unbelievable way which reminds me of the experiment that S19-DS done before. It fits profile, would work well as a versatile jacket in least three seasons. 8 J59TS-CH: Thats a kimono-bomber softshell, thats a lot of self reference from acr, i would actually name it as another direction just like ch-j31, just as rough first impression. For sizing, go down one size unless you mean to all modulars loaded, even with that, you would actually be safe at airport as its low-key other than j64ts for sure. The ch version is basically the one used in P10A-CH, which makes its cool to stay warm in early winter too.
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    @owlofminerva The saddle pants are looking great! Such cool and beautiful details on that pair, glad you’re liking them so far. Just wanted to chime in on the fades - I’m pretty sure the jeans you’ve got are a different denim than ALB and Broark’s pairs higher up on the page. Those both look like their contest pairs, which used a denim that got very “streaky” vertical fades and stayed a little darker in spots with a greyish cast as it faded. The original OA denim (as used in the saddle pants) seems to fade a bit more evenly, without the heavy vertical falling, and to more of a classic medium blue tone. Really gorgeous in its own right, but quite different in character. Also the OA denim is perhaps the most comfortable I’ve ever worn, especially with that crazy stretch you mention. Just to illustrate the contrast, here’s my two pairs of Ooe jeans at somewhat similar levels of fading, with the contest denim on the left and the OA denim used in the saddle pants on the right.
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    navigare beanie tcb 30s lee archives overalls in a size 40 (made in japan but can't make suree whether by Warehouse or Rmc) RW8111
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    50's since November? Many, many washes:
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    Preface I’m 5’7” 135 / wear a small So, I've wanted a pair of dry skin cropped pants for summer and this checked the boxes. Was never quite able to track down 17ds' so this was the next best thing. These are a more straight cut, wider version of the 17s instead of tapered as someone else had pointed out. I feel like they’re a bit shorter, fall mid shin instead of at the ankle. Belt system feels sturdier than my older p23ts ch’s. No buckle system implemented like the 25s etc. These have been global updates on all new pants, but the belt loop (namely the first one where the closure is) is now properly wide to accommodate thicker buckles. Both the outer and inner phone pockets now can easily fit a + sized iphone width wise, but will stick out the top a bit. They’re flow-y, super comfy and breezy exactly what I was looking for. The range of motion you get is akin to wearing a pair of shorts so you can bend and sit without restriction. I prefer DS on flow-y type pants over a stiffer/ less stretch stotz especially for hotter months. Other than that they're a no frill pant, deep front pockets, 2 back pockets and that’s really it. Standard long drop crotch without the diaper bunching. Can’t comment on ds weight vs other pants but feels decently thick prob same as 23ads etc. I’ll try and get a side by side with some p17s another time.
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    Update on my wattle 129s:
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    Here you go ed, with one action shot ...
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    Hi ! senpai here !! with maximum love from japan !
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    I have the 1105z, Hinoya 1001s, and the c/l 800s all in 34. I'm pretty sure the c/l 800s are cut a little more generously than the regular 800s. As for the quality of the denim I think it's some of the most interesting fabric on any jean that I've bought. I bought them one-wash and there was a serious break in period. The linen fibers are rough and scratchy , but it gives it a texture more like a lighter PBJ. I wear them though the very hot and very humid Louisiana summer and they are fairly comfortable. Here's my pair with about 150-200 wear days. I wash them pretty often as they've become my kayaking in the swamp jeans. If I could find a these in the 1001 cut I would definitely buy another pair. The 800 cut is just a little too slim in the thighs now
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    I discovered LVC a couple of years ago, and have learnt so much from these pages - thank you all - that I thought I'd try to give something back. On a summer holiday with my family in Devon, England in 1966, when I was 12, my older sister said why don’t I spend my holiday money (£5), on a pair of Levi’s. I’d never heard of them, and she proceeded to tell me all about them, saying that they were made in America, were very desirable and I'd be really cool if I had a pair. I wasn't interested, especially as it would mean blowing my holiday money in one go, but she persisted and persuaded me to at least go with her and try a pair on. Looking back, I think I was her guinea-pig! Off we went to Exmouth, and found a Millets (an 'outdoor' chain which stocked Levi's). At this time 501's were simply known as Levi's - that's all we had available, the other styles starting to come over, at least to the south-west, later. So the shopkeeper measured me up and recommended W28 L36, explaining that they shrunk 2" in the waist and 4" in the leg. I duly tried them on and from then on life was never quite the same. We left the shop, with very little change, if any, from my fiver, with me wearing my new Levi's (with a belt on to hold them up), feeling fabulous, with the labels and my old (Mum-bought) jeans in a bag. I was awestruck by the stiffness and weight, by the two horse patch and the red tab, the smell, the ruggedness and toughness, and the image. They were like no other jeans, or clothes, I'd ever seen; something from another planet, and woke something up in me - a lifelong love of 501's and good denim. Also the beginnings of fashion-consciousness, I suppose. I took the ticket and flasher into school after the summer holidays, and showed the other kids - it turned out I was the first in our year to own Levi's. The labels got passed round and everyone was impressed. For a brief time I was the cool kid! That year, everyone seemed to be getting Levi's and Wranglers (the Wranglers - I had a pair - were amazing, too, but that's another story...), and a few Lee's. The girls all wore men's 501's and loved them. It was a while 'til women-specific's arrived. The patch had 502-0117 on them which I think was how the zip-fly version of the 501 was denoted. The only leg lengths available, at least in our area, were 34 and 36. I lived near Gloucester, where we had a Millets and also a gents' outfitter called Leslie Hull, next to the Odeon cinema. He had one wall of 501's, sorted into sizes; zip-fly in one section, button-fly in another. On the opposite wall were Wranglers, either in straight leg or tapered, and otherwise identical. He seemed to stock very little else - such was the demand, I suppose. What an Aladdin's cave. Oh, the smell! I was fascinated by the way they had a shape of their own, and wore them for ages before washing them, not wanting to spoil things. Again, it was my sister who persuaded me to wash them, reminding me that they were shrink-to-fit and that washing was an essential part of the process. We tucked any excess length inside - no-one wore turn-ups/cuffs on jeans then, apart from the skinheads (de rigeur) and some Mods, always very small cuffs. It was considered very uncool and a bit rustic. As the jeans shrank or you grew, you just let out a bit more length. This was the style. I needn't have worried - after they were washed they were even stiffer. The shrinkage was unbelievable - they almost bore no resemblance to the raw jeans. I'm sure the guy was right when he said 4" off the length, though I never bothered to measure anything. A lot of leg-twist, too. The two sides of the zip didn't line up any more - they were so buckled with the shrinkage. The solution was to do the zip up before buttoning the top button. We didn't have a washing machine so washing took place in the kitchen sink. The water was quite literally like ink - I could hardly see my hands, and had blue fingernails for a couple of days. Into the top-loading spin drier for rinsing, with the rinse water coming out blue, rinse after rinse. This was the case for the first several washes. No-one in those days was concerned with fussing over raw denim - the concept didn't seem to exist. We were aware of the 'sit in the bath and wear until dry' method, but being so bloody cold and wet here for so much of the time you could have waited months for an opportunity! The dye bled into the white weave and turned it a lovely deep blue. The kitchen looked like an explosion in a dye factory and my Mum freaked out. She must have been intrigued though - shortly after she wore nothing but one-wash 501's, from her mid-forties to when she died aged 85, often with a faded type 3 jacket. The denim was tough, thick and hairy, and very stiff. There was very much a hand-made feel to the jeans and they needed hard breaking in - they made you waddle when first put on after washing. Later on when my sister bought her own 501's, the kid next door, who worked on a building-site, offered to wear her jeans there to break them in. Levi's were jeans which you beat the hell out of and would still last forever, and which looked better for being faded and beaten up. And which by some alchemy had become a fashion item! They were very much considered to be work wear, and that's what we were told they were - that's how they were sold to us. We never thought of them as anything else - they just happened to look, and be, amazing. The 'flaws' in the weave, the varying stitching, the fact that everyone else's pair looked slightly different to yours reinforced this workwear vibe. It seemed like there was no effort at uniformity in production, which made them really special in our eyes - the aim was simply to make jeans that were extremely well-built and would last and last. When they were washed they fitted snugly round the bum. After wearing for a while, they'd stretch out and bag a bit. Eventually they'd settle down and were neither tight nor loose - perfect. This wash/wear/stretch/shrink and repeat process was the key to getting a lovely moulded fit - it didn't happen after just one wash. Every time I put them on, it was a Clark Kent/Superman moment. (It still feels like that today! I wear 47 and 76 LVC repro's, the 76's being the closer denim to my original 66's but with less shrinkage, less stiffness and less pronounced puckering. Still lovely denim, though. My 47's are fading nicely and showing a superb red cast. I've got my first LVC 66's on order, hopefully delivered before Cone runs out). My jeans had a very pronounced 'flaw' running all the way across the right lower leg, as if the loom had malfunctioned for a few passes. There was a similar defect running the whole width behind the left rear pocket. I loved these imperfections. The stitching was several shades of orange and yellow, and used to vary from pair to pair. I'm sure at least some of it was cotton - the arctuates were often partly worn off jeans, leaving a trail of dark blue behind. I vaguely remember a 501 ad. campaign saying 'Every Pair Is Different'. I could never quite understand why heavy denim work jeans, riveted and bar tacked, should have such a weak-seeming outer leg seam - where was the strength in that join, especially when compared with contemporary Wranglers - double-stitched inner and outer leg seams? But I guess they knew what they were doing, never a problem. The rivets were domed, not punch-through, and must have had a high copper content - they used to get covered in verdigris, but the domes stayed polished through wear. The back pockets were quite big - a tad bigger than the LVC 47's, and a very similar shape - maybe a bit more square. I can't remember how shallow or curved the arcs were. The zip had a number on it, which I can't remember. I never even looked for a number on the waist button. There was quite a lot of width to the selvage outer seam, so the 'train-tracks' were quite wide. The jeans shrank a bit more for the first several washes, but the dye loss became much less pronounced. We used to wash our jeans about once a week. Though beginning to be fashion conscious, we were still very active kids and needed to wash them! The dye seemed to pool in the crevices and creases and stay there. In the high wear areas, the denim would become bone-white - contrasty fades happened without even thinking about it. All the seams would pucker beautifully (all that shrinkage and twisting...), and create some lovely fade patterns - the 'peaks' would become bone-white, with the 'valleys' a lovely deep blue. Generally, they faded really fast, and the colour was really beautiful. Pretty soon, as I grew I got my second pair, W30 L36 and sold my 28's to a smaller friend. In my early twenties my sister gave me her (men's) 501's, as she didn't wear them any more. They were faded and still totally intact - even the paper patch and the arcs. They were W32 L36, and they fitted me perfectly, no turn-ups, like a W30 L32. The red cast of the denim dye was really apparent and was quite lovely. I hope this is of interest! All the best.
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    3sixteen Hanes MF Warehouse RW
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    this thread need more activity so i braved the beast to take some pics
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    Everyone has a wonderful update. I will update it for the first time in a long while. Now, Japan is rainy season. It is a difficult period to spend, but even I want to have fun. Sound of rain, smell of rain, singing voice of frog ... A cute visitor Serenity of the River Rice field playing rain sound Our house in the mountain Levi's 506xx and tcb 20s
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    Mission Workshop Orslow TSPTR x Standard é Strange