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    1001xx DSB (some or other anniversary edition) fresh from the wash, def. starting to show a lot more real wear in the last month or two The DSB denim fades crazy fast; I'm interested to see how long it'll keep looking nice before it starts blowing out to white
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    Spending some time in Zion National Park and surrounding southern Utah mountains and desert with the roadrunners, rattlesnakes, and mountain goats. And lots of red rock dirt. Borrowed floppy hat. LVC "Stars" T ( or a cream Smiths tee) Vintage belt 80s Made in USA 501 Imogene & Willie embroidered bandana Fake Indy boots ( real red rock dirt)
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    Haven't posted all that much lately so here is more of the same Warehouse sweat Warehouse 1001xx 25th 50's Jordan 1
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    I like myself better in simple outfits...less chance to do it wrong
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    Rare family fit pic lol me: Buzz beanie marusankakupeke type ii Flat head flannel sugar cane 1947 visvim skagway Kid: vintage Levi’s type iii carhartt overalls Wife: Soulive indigo dyed long ma-1
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    warehouse jacket real mccoys sweatshirt sugar cane jeans
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    First holidays featuring the Alps in the back Resolute 711 and Puma Edit: really my best summer jeans. And another view of the jeans
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    My Ooe 02 Santa Fe's coming along, effective 6 months of wear
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    Freewheelers Trackwalker, Duke’s Belt (the best you can buy), Freewheelers Lot 601RB, Rolling Dub Trio Coupen Brogue
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    TCB, cathartic, buzz. Vans
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    Denime - Merz - Resolute - Chucks
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    MF open and closed / 8.15 / FHUTT (not visible) / FW / Viberg... same old stuff
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    I’ve gone full denim. TCB Sugar Cane TCB
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    FW Ironalls / Butcher Products / At Last / Viberg / TFIF!
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    As always my wife brings out smiles & silliness. Old hat Runabout Belt from Dunrite with vintage Navajo buckle MF Buckaroos Lofgren
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    Sun Surf / Canes / Pras / McCoys
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    troy O’Shea hat stevenson anorak sugar cane 1947 rick Owens boat shoes
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    Thrifted Ghibli tee Devis Thrifted Chucks Jiji
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    Fine Creek RichmondJacques Marie Mage FelliniPoison Idea teeOni 575 DGCJohn Lofgren shinki combats
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    MF / Bronson / Hollows / FW / Viberg / WDH (not vis)... same old
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    MF Stevenson Belafonte (belt) Hollows key fob TCB 40s (still living the dream...) Lofgren
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    Many nice pairs and final postings! I decided not to bother TCB with a final submission as my pair isn’t really up to scratch. However, I did (& do) enjoy my pair and will keep wearing them, intending to post further updates here… I managed to build a weaving shed and a new kitchen in this pair up north in Scotland. speaking of - here’s the finished kitchen: and now in use…
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    tender wallaby shirt on an unnamed beach in ambon, indonesia
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    brand new tcb 15 years old lvc 44
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    [cricket chirps] Pre wash Post machine wash and and hot dry (and a couple wears)

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