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    Barnstormers Wharf Watcher and Malamute Master, Freewheelers ‘Black Power’ Thermal and Lot 601xx 1951, Lone Wolf Carpenter
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    heres a bit of an update.. 4 soaks and one hand wash so far. the cotton thread has given up in few places and i have had to do a couple of dodgy repairs! + my painted arcs are barely visible now
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    Wearing my best railroad conductor work from home fit today. OA. Freewheelers. 3Sixteen. Roy. House slippers.
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    I know it's not unusual here, but I've never actually tried a double denim look before and this new Warehouse jacket has emboldened me to go for it Rototo hat Warehouse x3 Chuck 70s
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    printed my arcs on upside down cause it looks kinda like cat lips :3 anyone else's tab curl up nicely? pocket bags still holding up good so far inside of my buttons are turning bright orange from rust only repair i had to make so far they shrank up perfect after a couple of hot washes. I have a 44 lvc pair in a size smaller that fit but look too slim to be period correct screengrabbed these nice loose 40s fits from ebay I did not realize the imperfect lvc 44 only had 1 arc flipped...
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    TCB 60s x 40s tux White socks matching with white turtleneck and white vacuum cleaner
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    Kapital Ooe RDT (with Tender laces)
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    FW tracksuit (so says my daughter) / MF / Viberg
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    Papa Nui, Freewheelers S-8 Aviator, Turtleneck Long Sleeve Shirt and Locomotive Engineer Overalls c/w White’s
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    Roy, vintage shirt, tender belt, TCB 40s, novesta sneakers
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    double denim ftw @beeethousand some more offerings... pocket-power: orslow-cabourn-r.mocs & 1910s cosplay for getting milk up the shop: boncoura-lvc-rw
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    WW2 I am delighted with my current WH rotation, being these, 46, and 47. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but finally finding a S501XX repro that fits me well is nice
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    Warehouse, Lady White Co, Warehouse, Paraboot
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    The weather has been freezing for the last couple of weeks and the lakes are frozen here in Finland. We took a little hike yesterday to a little island to spend a day eating buns baked on a fire we made. Jeans are doing fine but I find my self wanting to wash them pretty often as the fits get pretty loose after a little wear.
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    bronson wh wh orslow tcb cons
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    Always tough to follow @Duke Mantee... Weather is getting better here again, hope the same to our US guys! Definitely need a haircut...
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    pendleton jacket sugar cane 1953 jacket sugar cane 1947 jeans ll bean boots
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    Hi everyone! 37th day worn at work. Thick wrinkles peculiar to 517xx type came out from the sleeves to the elbows.
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    Eastman Leather B-2 cap, original M-41 over Eastman A-2 and 1934 Lee Archive Japan.
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    tcb SBTRACT OX HIDE US ARMY The hem was messed up ...
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    Flat Head - Merz - orSlow - Paraboot
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    Been enjoying the spring-like weather in Georgia and trying to get more use of this Flat Head 6002 that I've somewhat neglected for the past few years. Battenwear, TFH, Left Field, Viberg
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    Figure this is an ok place for this. I picked up the blanket that TCB used for the lining of the recent 50s jacket. It’s by XXDevelopment who I believe made the recent tshirts and bags for TCB. It’s a lot softer than the jacket lining and has a real neat cord trim. Very happy with it. And to keep it a bit on topic