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    TCB / Buaisou / Canes / Viberg / Rototo beanie & Tender belt (non viz)
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    Top half vintage stuff. FW jeans White's Our newest dog, the aptly named Snowy, who was gifted to us by an anonymous benefactor the day after Christmas (i.e. abandoned on our property...).
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    Went on a bit of a hike today. RMC FW/FW/FW Oak Street
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    I’m aware that my taste in Indian restaurants is a bit out of touch and unPC, so… Fjallraven, Warehouse, bog-standard Levi’s , Belstaff
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    Another wash before repairing the crotch
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    My 800xx's are here! Probably the best fitting cut I've ever owned and the denim has a really great hand and feel. Comfortable to boot, too. Glad I went with the 34, they are perfect in the waist and thighs. Some fit pics. I'm less gruff in real life, I promise:
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    Johnny Caps Dry Bones // Brown Beach (lost hills) // MF Sportman Shirt // Timex // RRL // Viberg x Iron Heart
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    Denime - Duke - Denime - Converse
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    Got washed a couple weeks ago
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    I finished this purse I made for my partner yesterday. I'm pretty proud so time to brag a little.
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    caught in snow downpour on the walk home Filson denim vest Runabout Brander Runabout Belt Runabout prototype jeans JK Boots
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    Haven’t had electricity for 4 days, bouncing around all week in the 46 tux FW/WH/Tender
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    Brrr! cold today.. Lazy S hat PHD down vest JMC sweat Merino base.. can't rememebr brand Butter Goods pants Lofgren
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    Orslow 40s coverall Champion Full Count Visvim
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    It’s been too long since I got a good few miles outside. My wife and I got out to Arizona for a few days in between the cacophony that is daily life. Just day hikes these days but it’s plenty to make me happy. Warehouse DD 1003xx ‘46 along for the ride. Probably not much longer until they need some real repair work to keep them going.
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    kapital -- black sign -- trophy -- strike gold -- saucony
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    I pulled my old 47s out of the wardrobe earlier.. When i bought them the rivets looked unremarkable ..then they turned pink ..and now, thanks to some Victorian house humidity/oxidation before after..
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    I've got these.. they're from Butter Goods an Aussie, 90s inspired skate brand.. i bought them from Slugger in Sheff. The're wide leg pants/chinos in a reasonably heavy herringbone cotton, more like bouldering pants Super wide with a short 28" inseam but because the top block is so deep it works out closer to 30" and just skims my pumps which is exactly what i was looking for. ..i wanted some comfy lounging pants (they have a button and zipper with a semi-elasticated waist). without having to give up on life entirely and reaching for sweat pants Shhh! don't tell Maynard and certainly don't tell Edmond!! ..i really like them! i find myself wearing them all the time
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    I was really excited when I heard the news Resolute will bring out a new model and when I was told it will be a WW2 model I was even more curious. Now, after I saw the first pictures and the info it will use the 711 denim I felt underwhelmed. The details looked quite familiar to me and I thought, why not try go get the "original" one? And so I did... Denime WW2 from the Orizzonti era. They were available for some time on Mercari but the price was too steep. The seller slowly reduced the price day by day and with a 3,000 Yen coupon they reached an acceptable level (and @Flashmade me order them because of FOMO). The pair was washed quite hot it seems which the leather patch obviously didn't survive. Other than that they look unworn. To me, all these sewing quirks done by the brands are rather new stuff and are done more and more over the last 5-6 years. So it's fun to see these 20+ jeans have also some of these quirks. So here are they: And some fit pics:
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    Another Yahoo auctions find, deadstock Hammersmith from ~2014. Really nice texture on this flannel! Excuse the fold creases, just opened up the package.
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    I do still have them, i like them a lot.. i stopped wearing them around 10yrs ago.. a few months after this photo was taken because i washed them and there was a small hole in the crotch ...I dragged them out of retirement around 6yrs ago because both my pairs of CSF were in the wash.. wore them for a few days, still couldn't motivate myself to repair them and chucked them back on the pile.. ..and there they remain
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    Rocky Mountain vest, Iron Heart shirt, SDA pants

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