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    Grab yourself a camera and go for a stroll around your neighbourhood, within a 30min radius of home will be just fine, lets see the streets you walk everyday, the places you shop, the bus stops, no need for landmarks, the more mundane the better...as the thread suggests...? Here in Sheffield we have one of the largest poverty gaps in the UK, the city boomed during to the industrial revolution, imploded during the Thatcher government >further decline brought on by the outsourcing of the 90's. You can draw a line through my city, the rich/poor divide. I work in one of the most deprived areas but live in the West which borders our beloved Peak District, The Victorian houses built by steel barons trying to escape the cities pollution, Outside of London S10 is still considered to be one of the most affluent districts in the UK but we live in a typically working-class Victorian terrace house c1870 it's pretty much all we could afford in the area. These are the previously mentioned terraces albeit, ours is tucked away up a lane. ..Along the next street we go, Steve Beckett of Warp Records fame used to live up here, and Richard Hawley just a couple more streets away. ..the allotments at the end of the street Sheffield is the greenest city in Europe/has more trees per person or it did until Amey started cutting the f**kers down. Follow the river Porter up to Lady Cannings Plantation, for all your MTB needs Down to the park, typical Sheffield weather Just a stones throw from the working-class terraces, overlooking the park are the middle-class Victorian villas . . Heading up towards Ranmoor where red brick turns to olde'world stone This is the route i cycle to work . . Through the Botanical Gardens (like a mini Kew) . ... i pop out at our local row of shops JoJo's, find their vintage goodies on Insta Past local muralist and print maker extraordinaire Phlegm, lots of his work dotted around the city. . . . ...and back home. Go to it super-peeps and don't be afraid to photo-bomb.
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    Happy New Year everyone! Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse. Warehouse hoody. Ooe Yofukuten cinch OA01's. John Lofgren Combat Boots. Two Ears Brand bandana.
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    New bureau, still bad pictures. The Flat Head Merz b Schwanen Resolute 710 Paraboot Chambord Edit: wife-made socks
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    Few days late but Christmas eve was eventful and woke up with this special present on Christmas morning...
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    New shirt. First western style shirt. still coming to grips with how to style it. Lovely shirt anyways.
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    Outstanding co watch cap and peacoat Re lookus jeans Paraboots
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    All the best to all for 2020 and beyond! CSF / Smedley / Tender belt / Canes / Viberg / Diefenthal
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    Second wash + dryer on my OOE OA02. Sorry for bad luminosity. Started to wear them in January 2019 so it's been almost 1 year with them ! Real wear time is closer to 6 months . In total they received 2 soaks, 2 handwashes, 2 machine washes. This picture doesn't give the beautiful blue the credits it deserves. Will do better next time. For those wondering what is going on with the back yoke: I always ripped the back yoke on every jeans and 100% cotton thread even faster. This time I've hand sewn on top of the original stitch with yellow waxed linen thread to prevent any unfortunate events. Roping is aftermarket at the excellent Dc4 and made by the kindest of all: Daniel. Looking forward to wear those more and more. Definitely my favorite pair so far..
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    Buzz Gangsterville Buzz Trophy Unmarked Weiner dog
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    happy hols all seasonal meets and family resemblances me: sears & roebuck, tcb, rw the eldest: lvc tux (early model triple pleat 'n' 701)
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    Tatton Baird, OP MiJ, Freewheelers, Masterson, Hollows, Railcar, Motor, dopey smile on my face
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    Timeworn Clothing 118J Mister Freedom Organic Cone Denim Red Wing x Eat Dust Pecos
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    ues, iron heart, trophy, nike
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    Ooe chore coat. Warehouse hoodie. Roy R01. John Lofgren.
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    A non-denim outfit today but I'm sharing anyway because I believe some of you might like it. Happy new year to y'all ! Nanamica/SNS/BonneGueule/Paraboot Chambord
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    Picked up the 105's yesterday, to my surprise they have a tab. Not in the right place, but in the western position. I wasn't expecting any tab! Will try to get some fit pics soon, haven't tried them on yet. Denim is nice and hairy, not sure what it reminds me of. I like that there's already rust on the rivets.
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    Norse projects cap, Gant scarf, Alpha industries parka, Wearhouse shirt, Han Kjobenhavn tshirt, EG pants and Red wings.
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    Was in the portland/woodland area for four days for a wedding for New Years. I really enjoyed my time there. The woodsy, rainy, overcast environment is really my jam. A little visit to my uncle somewhere in Vancouver, WA. Nice and cozy neighborhood. Woodlands area where there was a insanely curvy road leading to our destination for the ceremony. Fit pic Freeman jacket Boncoura shirt Contest Jeans Downtown Portland area. I wasn't able to really taste the local foodsy stuff except for Kim Jong Smokehouse (pork bun; twas good if a little overpriced) and some other place down in N Williams Ave which was terrible. Wish I was able to get something from the many food carts I saw. SEPDX. Wasn't open as we were too early. Hot pot somewhere outside Portland. Chicken Feet Wedding Day. Suit from Proper Cloth. Like it for the most part. Design needs some work (e.g. less of a high gorge and lower button stance) so hoping they give us those those options later on. I probably could have also make the suit a little longer and let the waist out just a bit but again I like it enough. Jeans now
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    Good morning and a happy 2020 to all denim lovers here! Made myself a present and bought me a pherrows 421 at son of a stag London.Really want the wider 521 but these werent out of stock so i try the 421 model. Denim is 13,75 ow starched.Feels a little thicker and nice stiff.Absolutely fantastic,Deep dark blue.Jean is true to size and the denim doesnt stretch much ,apart from small hip flares.For the fancy yellow sb button on back pocket,i sanded the paint.Looks cooler imho.Measurements on clutch cafe side are really correct for this jean. Pics after 3 days of wearing.
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    Happy New Year to all! RMC / Equus / At Last / Lofgren + Poor light
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    S2004 came in last week—really excited for these Planning to do a proper photo dump in the next few days
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    Heard that TFH is no more so thought I’d post up my SE05BSPs that are on display at SELA. 3 years, 1 soak, 30+ washes and 5 repairs at Darn-It! For more pictures, click here! Originally posted on reddit here!
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    Timeworn Clothing / At Last Co. / Butcher Products / Attractions Co.