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    Hi everyone! I'm wearing CSF because I haven't returned for a while after putting out tcb contest jeans for repair.
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    Real McCoys Panama shirt Warehouse deadstock blue Alden loafers
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    Papa Nui Canoe Club, Freewheelers ‘Round the House’ Tee, Barnstormers Wristwear, Freewheelers Lot 601xx 1951, Chuck 70s
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    Dubbleworks Trophy 1605bk wesco boss
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    For those of you that missed it 10 years ago.
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    Pretty much the same as any other pic ... Warehouse chambray Warehouse 25th 1946 jeans vans Jack Jordan t shirt Nippers N01 jeans Jordan 1's Micky Mouse backpack
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    Hi Folks, Just checking in with an update. These have just had their 4th wash with 5 months of effective wear. I’ve had to repair the back yoke stitching which can undone otherwise going strong! Love what I’m seeing on here!
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    runabout vacation shirt runabout denim vanguard chinos
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    Can't remember Sufu ever being so quiet as it is lately. Probably not much new stuff. Same for my outfit
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    happy sunday everyone TCB hat, Sugar Cane 303, Duck Digger 1947 model, Whites nomads
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    17th wash and dry. I have worn these jeans every day since the start of the contest. That streak will end until I can get the crotch reinforced. I don’t think it will hold up much longer.
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    Some quick snaps of a fit courtesy of my son, whilst on our morning stroll. Would've put this in the WAYWT but as soon as l got home, l took all this off and donned my usual vest top and shorts combo. Too hot mostly between May and September here now so rarely wear jeans all day
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    Some quick and dirty pics of my Warehouse 1915 'belt loop model" after the arcs were unpicked and they were washed. Denim shrunk loads as expected (after a 40 degree with very low spin) and now they fit perfectly. Will try and get a fit pic sorted down the road at some point. Patch got a little surface damage but as an old school Levis affectionado, it just adds to the charm imo.
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    New(ish) sweatshirt from Yahoo / channeling the cultpop ethos Heller’s / Cane’s / Tricker’s
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    Here’s my pair #46 in size 31 raw, washed countless times. They hold their color!
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    Continuing... Manchester was buzzing... full of life Trip to Mackie Mayor food hall in the former Smithfield market, now grade II listed. Originally a fresh produce market but had lain empty since the early 1990’s... put to good use again imo... Excellent food from all the stalls - pizza, steak & eggs, fish tacos, bao buns, good coffee... RMC daisy mae The area they call the Norther Quarter - up near Tibb Street, near where Rivet & Hide hang out - was especially lively We chanced upon a shop called Kershkicks... full of plastic-wrapped Supreme and Nike... and we thought our hobby was expensive!!! My kids loved the stuff - I said they can buy the lot... when they get a job What a sign! 'No hoods' despite a shop a mile away selling hoods for £1000+; 'no loitering' in a rest area with a 'beach'... Then home across the Pennines... but not in this fortunately...
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    Here you go b_F — the S601XX in 34. Looking a little dorky with the tucked in tee and high rise. Probably needed to pull the pants down a bit, but my son will only take so many photos.
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    The shit talking guys in here are all nerds who never had any sense of authority outside of a forum about expensive ninja wear. This makes them feel like they actually matter. Don’t pay it any mind.
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    Thank you for the kind words everyone. Had a little Father's Day photoshoot last Sunday before the day took a turn. Really ironic choice of T shirt in retrospect. Guest appearance by my 7 year old and personal assistant.
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    Got Jack a little belt Its from our own @Mr Black
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    And here they are about a week ago, before washing them tonight.
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    New member of the Full count club. Have briefly owned and promptly sold 0105's (way too loose for my scrawny legs) 0108 (too slim- highlighted my scrawny legs) but have just picked up a pair of 1101xx's which i'm pretty damn happy with with. Arc-less and tab-less, which is a shame, but I sewed a tab on for good measure. Some before and after pics for comparison...