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    Bidding a very fond farewell to my 1001X, a 2008 model that I purchased (new) in ~2010. These have always looked great regardless of weight fluctuations over the years and I’ve yet to find a pair that fits better. Unfortunately, these are worn so thin that they’re due for retirement. I’ll bring them in for one more repair, after which they’ll mainly live in my closet.
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    Buzz rickson beanie warehouse tshirt and 1001xx vintage jacket birkenstocks
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    Kapital / Freewheelers / At Last x 2 / Lofgren
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    FW collars up / Tender / Canes / Lofgren on a morning walk around the park
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    3sixteen hat samurai tshirt Seuvas 79A canvas shirt Warehouse 1001 Rick Owens Ramones low
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    I just picked up my first raw jacket in a few years. It’s the DSB Copper Button 2001XX. Warehouse continues to outdo themselves and ,IMO, there is very little competition for best repro jackets at the moment. I’m loving the oversized pocket and the mismatched orange and yellow thread. I’ll put some more photos up once I break it in with more wear.
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    Resolute 710 ( @Maynard Friedman the socks aren't white, they are ecru )
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    Gave in and gave them a cold wash yesterday. Went up by 1" to a 33" per Jeremy's advice and am very pleased with the fit. Definitely on the slimmer side of "slim-straight", like a true 505. Curious if anyone confirm if that is actually the reference in the style number OA01XX-505B ? The pattern on these actually reminds me a lot of Roy's R01 in having a really defined shoulder and back yoke that hugs the hips nicely. Was thinking of getting them hemmed, but might just leave them and embrace the double cuff... WWII details all around including mis-matched single & chain stitches on either out-seam, laurel wreath donut buttons, & no rivets on the coin pocket. The shape of the coin pocket of these might just be my favorite detail, I haven't seen this larger single-needle stitched square shape before! Also absolutely loving the "drunken" stitches on the back pockets. The fly buttons also have a really interesting feel with a longer ~contoured "wobble" neck from the S-type they used (they teased on IG a little while ago)
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    Ooe / Tender / At Last / Viberg... recently
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    Out conker hunting Engineered Garments jacket Vintage ww2 deck vest ( again ) Warehouse chambray Warehouse 1001xx 25th 50's Vans
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    ox hide tcbww2contest redwing
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    A quick fit pic for @beautiful_FrEaK LVC type 1, No Comply sarong, Vans
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    Columbia knit / vintage M-43 / oversized Stronghold shirt over v stitched sweat / Workers 801 / Rancourt
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    400+ wears on these. Basically have worn them everyday since the contest started, but missed 20 days or so while I futzed around fixing the cuffs. I need to fix the pockets; I considered waiting until the contest was over before fixing them, but they will probably become non functional if I don't. Seams are popping in the crotch and the back and other places due to thread wear which is unsurprising. I have already restitched the crotch a few times already. No holes there yet though which is good. I am behind on my clothing repair, so hopefully a catastrophic failure won't happen until I can reinforce them. I am not getting a whole lot of roping and puckering and the train tracks are a bit faint, but then I have only washed these once after hiking in them after a multiday hike at day 300 or thereabouts. I am not one that has the need to wash jeans much anyway, and these pandemic times have made it even less likely they will get stinky. Given that winter is rolling in, I probably will only wash then once more before the contest ends. I think they will look really nice after that.
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    Not a whole lot of change from the last pics but there definitely starting to take shape . This is the first time in a while that I've been excited about how a denim is wearing . The 46's are gonna have to wait quite a while
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    First wash after a few months of wear
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    Tender tux - pretty usual fare these days.
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    A bunch of examples of the 1947 exists but figured I’d drop in my photos. Still relatively dark but starting to show some lighter indigo colors. These have taken a backseat while i wear these warehouse 1001 but I’ll get back to them again. These seem like they’d be a better colder weather jean since the weave feels much tighter.
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    I dug out this vintage Woolrich from a box after moving, but I’m not entirely sure what decade it’s from. Just had it cleaned! Kiriko hat APC sweater Fullcount pants Veja shoes
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    I’ve had to wash these black 1947s (and everything else I wear) pretty often since my kid has gotten a habit of wiping his hands on me whenever he touches something gross (which is all the time) and have gotten some pretty nice grays coming out in a short amount of time. Really love how this black fabric ages.
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    Got absolutely drenched in the rain last week, looking a tad more chiseled
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    Definitely a robust and chunky bit of knitwear with a lovely feel to it... echoing the gents' comments above I went with a 44 / XL, mainly driven by the shoulder size as the L just looked that bit smaller and I didn't want to risk it It's a winter warmer of a pullover so I'm grateful for the spaciousness Olive would have been good but couldn't find one at the time so navy it was again
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    agreeing. very much. with talk of military liners elsewhere a fit a previously issued well used [thus wear / disappearance of sections of quilting thread] m65 'cold weather coat' liner - vintage shirt - tcb s40s - attractions what confuses me with both the buzz and mc'coys repros is that they make no attempt to replicate the grid on the original's fabric... [or the fact it has no armpit, for ventilation's sake...]
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    Got the remaining shrink out of my 303 I went a size up for a more modern fit