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    Sun Surf / Canes / Pras / McCoys
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    Fine Creek RichmondJacques Marie Mage FelliniPoison Idea teeOni 575 DGCJohn Lofgren shinki combats
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    some variations over the last few week of cuffed, uncuffed, layered and not so much... combinations of tender (132), tcb (s40s and overalls), aero, military / hunting vintage, orslow (pullover and 50s chore), redwing, attractions, etc. etc., ...
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    Maharishi (thrift find) ooe yofukuten
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    Tried a red sweater with the reddish tones of the mahogany grain leather
  6. 29 points
    Bad news - got the Covid Good news - Still smiling FW Bronson TCB Whites
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    Made in Japan 1955 501xx Tagged W 33 L 34 After 30°c wash in machine and two days of wearing W 32 L 32 Made in turkey in 34 is shorter. Selvedge is a little bit wider (more correct?)than the MiT. I loooove this jeans!!
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    In the late 90’s, I was a roadie for the Japanese rock band Guitar Wolf. They had become friends of mine from past tours of the U.S. and when they needed someone to lug their gear from the van to the stage and back, I jumped at the chance to hit the road with them. We all loved vintage clothing and would stop at every thrift store we happened across while driving from city to city. I wore nothing but vintage tops, but I was not hip to selvedge denim. Over the years that I had known them I had noticed that their jeans looked so much cooler than mine. But I didn’t know why. Anyways, at a dinky little store on the Washington coastline, Billy (Basswolf) came up to me with a pair of ‘Big E XX Redlines’ he found and told me to try them on. They fit and luckily I had barely enough cash to buy them for $5.25. At the time I didn’t realize how generous he had been by giving me the opportunity to purchase them. As it turns out, I was a quick study under their tutelage and before I knew it I was headfirst down the slippery slope. They were true enablers as we called one of their friends who was about to leave Japan to come see Guitar Wolf play in San Francisco. All this to tell the story of the meaningful memory of how I had my first pair of mij Levi’s proxied and hand delivered to me in the middle of a national tour. If I remember correctly, the pair of 503b were paid for with an advance of my tour salary. Over the next few years, Billy would have me send him a pair of Red Wing engineer boots and he would send a new pair of jeans. A few years later Dry Bones made Guitar Wolf a signature pair of jeans and I was lucky to get a couple of pairs proxied from them. All this time later, their friendship and denim stewardship are some of my favorite memories.
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    Sunday Tender / Bubo / Vanishing West / Tender / Birks
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    One of these rare occasions I wear my stuff really for some work... Planting some Ilex next to our driveway
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    Aiming for the granddad steez no name hat, baracuta , gifted sweater, lee, vans
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    boncoura (ftw) & orslow - nigel cabourn - attractions
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    Fresh pair for me. Standard 1001xx. I stick to the classics, you know. The first overall impression is really good. These came raw with some very sharp creases and a faint mouldly smell, which adds further charm.
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    Runabout simple tee black Runabout guide shirt Runabout brander Runabout vanguard Keen
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    lvc 44 and fw 45 https://imgur.com/vWVxOZl
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    warehouse sweatshirt sda wwii rick Owens boat slip ons
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    A couple of fits from last weekend. (Thursday) LVC Tee Brooks Brothers Fair Isle Vintage Belt Pink weft 501 r&b boots Sunshine shot to show the denim color (Friday) Vintage Wrangler jacket Thrift floral print Vintage 517 R&b boots (Sunday) Vintage Sweater Cheapo Batman Tee Tom Ford denim Polo socks Vans pro slip
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    Runabout Brander Runabout Chinos Keen
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    So; I ended up taking the plunge and getting some 15th anniversary 1001x’s from a seller on Grailed. They had them listed for $375 with tax despite the seller not knowing the model number or the fact they were the 15th anniversarry version. But I talked them down to $200 shipped. They were a Malaysian seller that had tons of other designer goods, so they seemed happy to push them out. I got some mixed advice on the forum about if this was a good idea, and I’m still a bit mixed on if I made the right move to be honest. Fit wise, I am SUPER happy. Maybe not super flattering in most people’s opinion, but it feels like a classic straight fit to me. Don’t judge my work from home outfit too hard lol. My biggest issue is that color wise, I do wish I could have got these when they were a bit darker. But I will say I’ve never had a pair of jeans that looked quite like this. The weft looks slightly dusty. Not sure if that’s by design or if that’s just what happens when jeans are kept in a closet in Malaysia for like 10 years. But it any case, it’s interesting to me. I’ll give these a few wears and see what happens. At the worst, I now know I love the cut of the 1001’s. At best I fall in love with these. I’n any case, I spent too much to back out of these now! UPDATE: After wearing them for a day, I love the fit SO much that I have opted to sell these (and a couple other pants) and invest a brand new pair so that I can see the journey of these from start to finish.
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    Band tee- Pigs x7 Iron Heart Jean shop Cons
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    Congrats everyone, so many great pairs in this contest. @Yot @chicote @Hopethisoneisnttaken well done guys! Apologies for not being an active part of the contest in the last six months. I've even managed to not post final submissions. As a positive note, I've lost a bit of weight and I fit again my pair now ; ) And after some yard work in the weekend I gave them their first right-side-out wash and they're starting to look decently worn in.
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    15yr old SC-47 patch..

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