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    Surly Bootleggers BA-2, 506XX 213, 661ZXX, Freewheelers Bowser Tee and Mill Reef My Bootleggers tux
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    Same old ... same old Conners s409xxx ww2 White t shirt Conners s409xxx Vans
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    Mets New Era Iron Heart BSPTIII22oz Samurai SWD-LO1 The FlatHead 8002 18oz Air Max 95 Banana Republic Tote
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    had a stroll around Sudirman Street, Jakarta the other day. Lots of office buildings, hotels and shopping centre.
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  6. 32 points
    Worn 5-6 days per week. 1 repair and lots of trips through the washer and dryer. I like these jeans a lot.
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    mf, sugar cane, labrador I'm hoping the jacket turns the same colour as the dog
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    Kapital / At Last / Viberg / Mid evening sunshine
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    Wash number God knows Bonus: pocket cat fadez
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    Small update. No 77 jeans still pretty pristeen I haven’t ever really worn my jeans down that quickly... still really liking the shape - and everyone else’s updates - including when people are wondering about how much they’re into the jeans at different stages too.
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    I have not been on a plane in a couple of years at least, but it is a good thing I have been recently vaccinated as holy [email protected]$! there were a lot of people in the airport and the plane was completely full. But here is a picture of the jeans. Funny how the light makes both legs look different. Flying Alaska as I almost always do. Here are some bonus desert pictures at my destination
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    Warehouse. Freewheelers x 2. Lofgren.
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    Mark & Tims Fedora // Dry Bones // Hanes // Pecador Belt // TCB 40s // Viberg x Iron Heart
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    Papa Nui RMC Dalees MF Raiders Novesta
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    Almost spring here, so broke out the Real McCoy's M421a along with LVC '37 501xx.
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    Got these a little while back and never got around to posting, top notch stuff. Scratched the Lee itch I'd been having.
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    My old LVC 1955 501's must be over fifteen years old now. They've been patched and repaired and keep going strong.
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    Just finished making a set of trestles with wood I found on site
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    Damn mirror selfie’s . carhartt, RMC, Edwin, at last, vans
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    Quick trip to the local Japanese market, Mitsuwa for the some Clutch, a Real McCoy catalog and some candy Vintage wool and mohair moth eaten Kurt sweater Faux pearls Vintage short sleeved sweatshirt Vintage Seiko 5 Thrashed made in USA 501s Vintage Nettleton longwings with steel safety toe. Moths love Mohair Blown out crotch and worn down Red Tab.
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    lazy mirror selfie for yinz precious old buzz rickson chambray tcb wwii jeans john lofgren m43s (cuffs brought to you by sheer audacity)
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    Nice one broark , I thought I had the same shirt. It’s not , but it’s at last and grey too. Jeans are 147. Both 5 yrs old
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    Not so much change in outfit
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    Freewheelers Kerouac ‘Paradise’, Lot 506XX, Crew Neck, Lot 601XX 1939 and RDT Coupen Brogue (since brogues are now de riguer) Basically my 30s tux