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    #59 29 ow with another cold machine wash
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    I forgot about the newspaper on my way home from work, but anyway. Impromptu photo sesh because the cat was sitting right there, puppy coming up later! Sorry about cutting off the cuffs but you all know what they look like...
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    81 years ago today, Germany invaded Poland and thus started what we know today as the Second World War. It lasted 6 years and caused unimaginable suffering. Never forget, never again! Coincidentally, this is also the day where we start this “WW2 jeans contest”, a contest to fade jeans but also to bring people together from all over the world in friendship. To say it with the words of dear @Nayuta ‘s pocket bags “NO WAR, JUST PEACE”! And here is my entry:
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    #182 checking in! I am happy to eat some crow here because these will actually work for me. They were so far under the chart measurements that I thought they were a lost cause, but after a hot wash, they were still way too large for my lady so I gave them another shot myself and I was surprised that after a bit of stretch, they were already basically back to the pre-wash size in the waist. They're still a little tighter there than I would like, but I think with a little more time and with cold washing from now on, they should be fine. Aside from the waist, these actually fit really nicely. Overall, I'm really pleased with the fit. The patch is still my favorite part, though I'm excited to start wearing these in a couple days.
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    These are size 36. My 50s were 34 and a bit tight, so I sized up and am happy.
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    The temperature is high, the humidity of the typhoon is approaching... I still can't wear it at work.
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    #45 with a check in... Too damn smoky to go outside for pics-trust me it’s Sept 1 here in Northern California. Both jacket and jeans were raw, denim size 31 and jacket size 38. I’ve soaked them both 2x, wearing the jeans. Now the denim is crunchy and creasing (my favorite moment with new denim). Put them both on while wet to get everything to start forming to me and to stretch the waist. Although now I don’t want the waist to stretch anymore. Happy start to this TCB race everyone!
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    #65 checking in sz34 OW hemmed to a 32 Got the jeans on Thursday but didn’t have time to open the package until yesterday. Took them to my sister so she could work her magic and drew some arcs on them. Fit a little snug on the waist, but seeing as how many people are saying these stretch, I’m sure these will give after a few wears.
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    Nice to see everyone's day one posts! Here's mine, managed to even find a newspaper.
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    By the time the contest started, my graffiti was in time.
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    Day 2 for me as well Oh, and apple season is also in full motion at work
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    Lucky 13 checking in !!! 1st ”Official” Fit Photos: Potential [fly] lightning from the getgo ....
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    First Day wearing them out of the house. Loving the fit and the extra space in the top block.
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    continuing with buler talk... so for those denimbros of the future who wear their pockets out, to act out the intricate pain of pattern matching...
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    a few rushed fit pics and newspaper shots (been a manic day) good luck to everyone
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    Gave my jeans another trip through the wash and didn’t get much more shrinkage, think I’ll do small double cuffs until boot weather. Jacket is a little small, but like I said, probably need to drop a few pounds anyway. What do y’all think?
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    senpai here maximum TCB love from japan enjoy life ‼️
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    I forgot this. Damn covit19! You can put a wish to end it. May the Sabbath day come back.
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    my wife drew a Felix on the pocket bag; came out nice imo!
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    I’m working both jobs today and don’t know when I’ll have time to get the paper OR take proper fit photos so y’all will have to trust that I took this just now
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    'well, what is it?' #12 checking in (with whispers of giantdad git gud memeology...) 38 ow arrived today (with all the usuals, tight waist, slim thighs, monster rise, plus requested hemming wasn't done: these are things to own, live with and attend to: the waist will stretch, scissors and thread can be applied to inseam length...) & pockets... y'all know I like me a bit of hickory n camo, so happy to have them on the inside too... play on, play on...
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    Day 01! plus seeing all of the cool pocket art on some of the other jeans i made a bit of a patch! Pants on people! good luck everyone!