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  1. @csl, you know, I'm not sure. I went and looked and couldn't find any kind of dated sticker or plaque on it. It was my wife's ex-husbands tractor. All I know is I don't know what I'd do without it.
  2. This weekend my Studio D'artisan SD-101s had to get on the John Deere and clean up after high winds (tornadoes in the area). Luckily, all humans and animals are fine and the house received no damage.
  3. We've been in the high 80s and into the 90s (that's 30 C and above) here in Wisconsin already. With high humidity as a bonus.
  4. Some of mine are sunbathing today. Atticus says Hi.
  5. I'll let you add the punchline.
  6. "And now for something completely different" Feeling nostalgic. Couldn't afford these back in high school. Now I can. 80's Guess jeans. Always thought they nailed the gray/black color. RRL shirt Buck Mason Field-spec heavy tee (highly recommend!) Nike 79 Tailwind
  7. @shredwin_206, I will do that!
  8. On my now annual May visit to Seattle. My daughters and son in law got me Tender 130s Wattle dye, at Blue Owl. Good birthday!! Love them. My family and the jeans. With vintage STP shirt.
  9. You need to be more careful when vacuuming...
  10. buler


    Probably a topic more for a general thread, but I've always felt the measurements should include the hip area. Many times you even have to dig around to get a rear rise number. But I feel like some cuts just have much less fabric in the hip/arse area. Also, some have too much in the hips and they kind of bag out.
  11. @beautiful_FrEaK Great work! Do you have date ranges for the eras?
  12. Some choices at Blue Owl... All Products – Denim Black – Blue Owl Workshop
  13. Another morning in the barn. Fullcount 1101s this time. Carhartt jacket being used as intended. Mucking, haying, watering, feeding, petting, etc.
  14. Stormy Kromer has a variety. Link -> Men's Caps And Hats | Stormy Kromer®
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