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  1. Same trip. Different people/jeans. 1954
  2. Trip to see the Arch in the Sky, Navajo mountain. September, 1954.
  3. My mistake on the inseam comment. I was expecting to buy the 36 waist versions and after trying them on I went with the 34. They are clearly listed on the jeans as 34 X 32, so the measurements are fine. Sorry about any confusion with that.
  4. Stopped in to Milworks recently and found they were now carrying some Made In Japan Edwin jeans, Akita model. Both a straight cut and a taper. I ended up with a pair of the straight. Really like the overall fit, especially the top block. They are very close in fit to my favorite jeans (Iron Heart 888). My measurements are close to the posted chart (on Milworks and Brooklyn clothing sites). They are also very similar cut to my Fullcount 1108xx. Almost forgot, the pocketbags are actually deep and usable!! One of my pet peeves with other jeans. Description of the denim: We have received a selection of EDWIN's brand new "Dark Pure Indigo Rainbow Selvedge" in both Regular Taper and Straight fits, featuring dry indigo and washes weighing in at 13.5oz. Custom woven by Kaihara Mills in Japan, this denim is spun on vintage machinery, at a low speed and tension to create truly vintage selvedge denim. A mixture of American and Australian long-staple cotton are used for a softer hand, with the additional benefit of the stark white colour of these cottons allowing a deeper indigo dye to occur. The warp and weft threads are spun differently for traditional texture, with the warp featuring natural middle-pitched uneven yarns to allow 1940's/50's esque fading on the warp, while the weft incorporates shorter-pitched uneven yarns, twisted tightly for a crunchier weave. This "Dry Indigo" is our raw offering in the afore-mentioned 13.5oz Indigo Rainbow Selvedge, sanforized to remove shrinkage. The use of long-staple cotton means these are quite comfortable during the break-in process, with a nice soft hand that will really become apparent with a bit of wear, while the shorter-staple cotton in the weft and the low-tension weaving method give the denim an inherently vintage look and feel. These are a truly bulletproof pair of quality jeans, featuring a year-round traditional denim weight, deep rope-dyed indigo with excellent aging and fading potential, authentically vintage texture and feel, finished up with masterful craftsmanship and vintage details, all packed into an absolutely killer Regular Straight fit in EDWIN's 03, a timeless and comfortable cut for all styles and individuals. ATK03 Regular Straight 13.5oz Dark Pure Indigo Rainbow Selvedge Dry Indigo Sanforized Raw Denim 100% premium long-staple cotton 3x1 twill weave w/ natural weft Low-tension weave w/ uneven yarns for vintage 50's texture Pure indigo 10 dip rope-dye process Rainbow Selvedge ID Custom cowhide leather patch EDWIN custom branded rivets and buttons EDWIN "W" pocket arctuates Hidden fifth-pocket Selvedge ID Tobacco chainstitch construction
  5. Workers in wood shop at Heart Mountain incarceration camp 1942.
  6. Female factory worker, 1953.
  7. buler


    @blooming, fit pics? Please.
  8. buler


    Thanks. I'll never see that waist size again.
  9. buler


    @blooming, what does the waist measure?
  10. Perfect fit BF. Is the denim loomstate or sanforized or preshrunk in any way?
  11. I vote for listing brands/models of what you are wearing. Spelling out versus abbreviations can help also. Many times I don't get the shortened names/acronyms. Just my thoughts.
  12. Got this Tiger Mexico 66 in indigo denim colorway. It's actually made out of Okayama denim. Came with a nice sample. Shoes are very nice.
  13. Another Charles Belden photograph. No specific date. Found the side buttons interesting on these jeans. I have zero knowledge of womens jean history, but haven't seen this before.
  14. @Geeman I want a pair of these. I know, not vintage at all.
  15. First pair of Tigers I've had since high school. Don't know why I waited so long. I need to try a Made in Japan pair.
  16. Scraping paint in 91 degrees (33 Celsius). Yes, it was so much fun. Ok, I only did the tack room and the outbuilding. The barn was done with pressure washer on a boom truck. Luckily, I had several enthusiastic helpers. Iron Heart 888s.
  17. I'll put in a vote for the Orslow slim fit army trouser. Great fabric and nice fit. Not skinny fit, but not baggy.
  18. Here is one definition. Sleeve Garters: The 19th Century Menswear Trend Resurrected by David Beckham - Fashionista
  19. One of many photos done by Charles Belden portraying cowboys, ranchers, workers. Unfortunately, not dated. This guy has all things cool going on. Scorpion (or scarab?) bandanna slide, sleeve garters, those sleeve stacks and what appears to be two pairs of jeans.
  20. Measured the 1101xx, tagged 35/34. From Okayama Denim. W 17 1/2 Fr 12 Br 17 1/4 T 12 3/4 K 9 3/4 Lo 9 Inseam 34 Also got this Fullcount sweatshirt at Blue owl.
  21. Getting along in my years I decided to pamper myself for certain things. Good mattress, sheets, pillows, socks, shoes/boots. I figure I do a lot of sleeping and a lot of walking/standing. Why not have that be as nice as possible. I also like a good shower head and towels. These things all go into making each day as nice as possible. Now that I've moved to a property with several animals and outbuildings, I also buy myself good gloves.
  22. Unfortunately, no date.
  23. Have you owned any Darn Tough socks? Saying they "don't hold a candle" seems a bit strong. I have over 20 pair of Darn Tough and have owned some for 8-10 years. No holes, no problems. They make everything from over the calf snowboarding socks to thin no shows. I wear them year round from 90+ to below zero weather. If someone asks for a sock recommendation, I have no hesitation to recommend them. GoBros.com routinely has them on 25% off sales if anyone is interested in trying them.
  24. I tried a ton of different socks. Once I found Darn Tough socks, that's it. They are so awesome. Worth every penny.
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