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    A few more close-ups to show the characteristic crinkles of Warehouse denim...
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    Even the 2018 high priced reissued mp2ts costs 115 euro. i don’t want recall those 3 items pack cost how much. Get fuck out of here, you’re not welcome.
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    Old vs new. Navy utility pant
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    hi yall! i tore the knee of my cane's roller skating yesterday and was reminded of this forum, so here's an update! i think i've had these for a little over four years, though they've been worn much less (probably 1.5) as they're best in spring and fall. they are the 40601 model with 50/50 sugar cane denim. thanks!
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    molleton 129 since nov. 2016. striped hook buckle belt. the front pocket bag fabric is the same molleton denim used on the rest of the jeans, and has the selvedge as well, but i forgot to pull it out completely to show it. was quite surprised to see it has retained its indigo superwell, in my memory that's pretty much how inky purpley blue it was when new:
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    Here’s an update from me. Not sure how much more wear they’ll get as they’re starting to fall apart in some places. Also, a 29 is noticably harder to fit into- need to cut back on some beer. BEsides that, a couple photos of a sour beer symposium with the head brewer from fieldwork and a hike through some redwoods with half moon bay off in the distance.
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    Dug my old Warrens out of hibernation for the warmer weather, excuse the storage folds.
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    tender 129 in molleton denim, since nov. 2016. also tender belt with hook buckle.
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    Here’s two quick phone photos of my 2002XX that I had for three years. Jacket weather is coming to an end soon, so I’m going to give this another wash and take some better photos with a real camera. My 2002XX is a side panel version from ‘13 or ‘14. Is the side panel similar to a T-back on a type I in that it’s included on larger sizes (I wear a 42)? Or is there a time when all type IIs had side panels?
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    finally arrived! They received a serious wash and dryer treatment as they are a one wash. Lighter weight denim (13.5oz banner denim) and soft to the touch will be picking away part of the arcs tonight
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    Fitpic post from lot. 1000. A lovely pair after my real mccoys lot s613!
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    TCB // Indigo People // Lady White // orSlow // Red Wing
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    I finally got around to taking some good photos of my Warehouse 1001HXX and 2002XX. I purchased the jacket in October of 2016 and the jeans a few months later in February of 2017. Both the jeans and jacket are the Banner Denim. I would say the cool and texture is about as accurate as I could capture. Here's the full album
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    From last week Mister Freedom / Lee 101 / LVC ('66) / Mister Freedom I've had that Mulholland jacket for a while and I'm still not sure what kind of weather this thing is meant for. It's heavy, but not that warm, so it's kinda chilly for early spring mornings (especially in the arms that aren't corduroy lined like the body) but too warm once the sun comes out... at least it looks good
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    [and then] emboldened by @delutoro's post (is it that he is wearing what I always wear, or am I morphing ever more into him... the latter of course) cuntry style meets amerikan casul barbour-(hidden filson)-boncoura-tcb-rw
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    good choice @MJF9! look forward to this:
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    Deluxware | Hinoya | TCB60 | Diemme
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    20s... just washed so thought I'd post again... love these fresh and cleaned up...
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    Could it be the 12oz denim Warehouse used for the used wash jeans and army/navy pants? Also adding a quick iphone picture of my Hinoya 1001XX to this page before I get some real photos of them some time this week.