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  1. Have not heard anything from Jared either. Indonesia having a week holiday next week so chill wait...
  2. Labels over the year, glad you are still doing these William. Always enjoyed reading small historical background about the product.
  3. Had Always go back to Dr Bronners. couple of drops does the job.
  4. ^ Try contacting @Megatron1505 , he is one of the co-founder behind it.
  5. Would not mind doing it. Will dm you my address.
  6. Wow!!!
  7. Worker edition: Tcb seamen jumper with Kapital bags Evisu Birken
  8. Full sailor vibe today. Kapital Evisu Birken
  9. No.1, pretty fine fabric indeed...
  10. It's an amazing book! Really like the fact that they took the time to do English translation for all sections. Great luck to have picked it up from a Levi's store in jp awhile back. No regret.
  11. Pretty sure there is 123 in TH cut.
  12. This monstrosity coming from Takahiromiyashita the soloIst. Most sinful part of it is the fact that he took apart vintage 501 to make it.
  13. Update time! Texture play is strong throughout... Will put this on ice for awhile since I am rotating back the century denim, planning on wearing that down till the end of the year.