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  1. Not denim but I had 3 pairs of socks repaired recently, pretty stoked with the results.
  2. Ooe Yofukuten will always hold the special place in my heart as being the first pair I have, the handmade quality to the stitching to the beautiful aging of their denim, just a great repro style jeans. (The fabric used for my pair is Made before AO so I cannot comment on current model) Tender Co.'s fabric for their incredible marbling as mentioned above, interesting dye choice, unorthodox choice of detailing puts the cherry on top. Evisu's No.1 denim also displayed pretty amazing fades. Love The slight irregular hand feel & hand-painted gulls.
  3. @oomslokop Cannot say that exact same thought cross my mind when I see the hem (don't remember much of that thread lol) But I do agree, it is a fine hem, does aged gracefully...
  4. redragon


    Picked these up from recent trip to Japan: Actually glad to see that they are back to their playful self while still keeping the refined edge they are known for...
  5. Firmly in the New Balance camp now, super comfy insole.
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