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  1. It's an amazing book! Really like the fact that they took the time to do English translation for all sections. Great luck to have picked it up from a Levi's store in jp awhile back. No regret.
  2. Pretty sure there is 123 in TH cut.
  3. This monstrosity coming from Takahiromiyashita the soloIst. Most sinful part of it is the fact that he took apart vintage 501 to make it.
  4. Update time! Texture play is strong throughout... Will put this on ice for awhile since I am rotating back the century denim, planning on wearing that down till the end of the year.
  5. Calling it right now, this is the next big thing:
  6. Personally, I would take it off for cleaner look but it's up to you. Pretty much perfect fit.
  7. Just off another wash, pretty awesome texture all around!
  8. Can never be bored of the No.1 fabric.
  9. From the left field... Kapital Savanna Boro western Shirt Outrageous piece of work, enjoyed every minute of wearing this shirt alot.
  10. Sifting through old mags, this is brings back memories...
  11. ^ I am very fortunate to be able to try a pair out in his shop when I visit JP recently. I think the best way to request measurement & order is to DM him via Instagram.
  12. At last got the chance to hot-soaking my CSF... Fitpic: (Signature bad mobile phone pics) Really higher rise then my usual cup of tea but fits nicely (abit tight) just above waist level. WWII fabric (predictably) feels much rougher after soak. Like it very much. Stitching is still the main attraction though.
  13. My Kapital collection. They do really crazy design. Eclectic mix. Left to right: Anonymousism for Journal Standard, Koromo, unknown brand (bought it when I visited Brown Tabby Works, threw away the wrapping), Tender logwood dye & RDT. Current personal favorite is the RDT, strategic placement of thick stitching around the heels & front make it really comfy when combined with boots.
  14. Unionmade? Not sure why the different name but I am pretty sure those are Zipang.
  15. Dat triple pleat is something else, definitely perk my interest.