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    The characters you meet on a morning dog walk in the local park
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    my 1001XX, been wearing this jeans since 2019, I really like the raw fabrics at the beginning. However it started to feel lighter & drapey after few months. I always suspect it is the due to the heavy use of starch, because my previous experience with Japanese fabrics is very different, they stay sturdy and stiff after many washes. Since I am working with China denim industries and know that some denim mill accelerate the use of starch to make denim heavier in a cheaper way :)) I was quite disappointed with warehouse as it was not what I expected, but I still wear it quite often as I was living in HongKong and the wider fit & lighter weight is perfect for the summer time.. After two years the beauty of the fabrics revealed.....that vintage "spot" is just amazing. It feels light Somehow HongKong is no longer a good place for my kids & I fled to Edinburgh and feel this jeans is too light to wear in winter lol The first photo is closer to real color
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    Got this 3/4 47s from my friend
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    I can barely button size 32 in the 47, but in the 55 they’re spot on/comfy. They’re close to the 66 in that way, but without the taper. And attached is a random shot I snapped cleaning up the bedroom. The light looked nice! Not a lot of wear yet, though.
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    Doesn't seem to matter how long I've been into this hobby, but every time I see a pair of "classic" 47's (in ANY condition), it brings a smile to my face and a "damn..." to my mouth
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    Wts: j61-ws size small 9.5/10 condition $750
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    Posting these here- the brand isn’t unknown, but he also doesn’t do much denim, so no point in starting a thread. Sidnaw Company denim pants, these were released about a year ago as a limited run. It’s a 16.5 oz Cone Mills denim that was then waxed by Fairfield Textiles, cut and sewn by Rusty himself. All single needle, so lacking some features you’d expect like chain stitching or bartacks. Cool copper hardware all backed with leather. Cut is fuller and roomy. I’ve only seen waxed denim in the context of fashion, so thought this would be an interesting pair. And behold, waxed denim does fade, albeit more slowly. It also seems to be darkening in places, as you normally see on waxed fabrics that are lighter in color. Wearing these for the indigo invitational. At ~170 days before a rewax using Martexin: And after a rewax:
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    Ha ha ha, sure dr. i will take some pics later
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    Saw these in VMCs instagram. The most faded I’ve seen of the jacket yet. I think it looks amazing. The hue really shows off an authentic vintage denim Colour to my eye. Reminds me a bit of my 557s.
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    Taking the time to reinforce a few seams so here are my DD 1003xx after a few washes. Probably 8-9 mos wear at this point. I like the jeans overall but just don’t love how fast seams are blowing and the flimsy/short pocket bags as well. I really need to learn darning bc the crotch fabric is gonna go next. These will be washed frequently now. Tied w Tender for my favorite cut.
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    Pah, Hockley Flyover is the poor man's spaghetti junction

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