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    Straight is the gate and narrow the way…but my jeans don’t have to be. as mentioned in the other thread, about guys wearing jeans in their hallways, gardens or on patios overlooking the alps, there’s some pretty strong wide legged shennanigans being perpetrated by the likes of @81FXR, @istewi and @Hopethisoneisnttaken, and many more. I like the look, and also the possibilities it presents for climate adaptation and smuggling wine bottles in and out of places. So please teach me the Wide Legged Jean. I jotted down orslow painters, Moto jeans (unheard of, hard to Google), and Oni something. Some more details and personal thoughts and experiences would be appreciated. I could have kicked this off with an appreciation for some 90s Levi’s 550, seen on covers of mostly bad early 90s rap cds, but turns out they’re in storage. The Levi’s, that is, the cds I sold for a pretty penny.
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    I love the J82 - WS, so many different ways to wear it! And it is such a long jacket, looks super cool having the one leg pop out of the jacket due to the off center zipper while walking.
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    SC cap SC vest Burgus plus old shirt RMC tee WH 1000XX Red Wing
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    It's been a while, but here are some findings on J86. The fabric is indeed a Gore-Tex, but from the Pyrad line. A bit water-resistant(ACR says it can withstand some rain), windproof, and yes, flame-resistant (A friend confirmed with E himself). Unfortunately, I still don't know what GTB stands for(we'll find out eventually). The silhouette is based on the Type II jacket, and the arms patterns come from Medieval European armor and pourpoint, especially the Grande Assiette (plate) pattern. The Grande Assiette comes with triangle patterns on the front and back. It is very clear on J86. On the back, ACRNM adds a line that goes all the way to the hem. Under the armpits, are extra triangle patterns, which is the modern take on extra room for movement. The patterns of the forearms are literally from gauntlets of armor. If you ever wonder why the chest pockets look like that, here's the answer. It's all about triangles. ACRNM even sacrificed the storage for this - they stitched the pocket entry to maintain the shape. The chest pocket cannot open fully. The most important thing I want to mention: the stitching on the front plate pattern is actually not continuous; the chest pocket breaks it (see above). No stitching underneath. Yet you may still see the pattern is complete because they manage to make the curve visually continuous. I can imagine how hard this is during production. Overall, J86 combines 3 different times in 3 dimensions: Now (fabric), 50s American workwear(silhouette), and Medieval(arm pattern). Triangle of Happiness PS. English is not my first language. I'm making a video for this but in Chinese. If you speak Chinese you might already watch my previous videos. If you don't, remember these are the most interesting parts so you won't miss a lot.
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    Saint James - Denime - Converse
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    Some updates to the LB 40s jeans, worn for about 3 months so far. Denim is starting to show some signs of life, really enjoying them so far. There's a nice grain starting to develop. My complaints are minimal, the selvedge ID is a little wide and I wish the front pocket openings were a little bigger.
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    Ooe / Buaisou / At Last / Viberg
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    0105, had them hemmed some months ago. Still quite long but I expect some more shrinkage. And with the warmer weather, it's more comfortable this way.
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    Bubo hat / Tender shirt / Duke’s belt / old Sauce Zhan tee / new Tender cords / Frank’s boots
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    Seuvas Summer Collection of Shirts Seuvas hits us this week with their first collection of short sleeve shirts. These are made of a rayon and cotton blend kasuri fabric and finished with a Amakusa pottery stone button detail. Available now at all stores along with a new restock of their 79A canvas shirts in natural undyed cotton. Shop Seuvas Online: https://www.selfedge.com/seuvas
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    Trf / Moscot / sweater / Overcomer 055black / Vans
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    FW Cap TFH tee WH 1000XX DSB with modified Levi's arcs Wallabees
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    Channeling the Boss' classic LP cover today. Denim Fisherman's Cap 90s Button Fly tee Cheap vintage belt Cotton and hemp selvedge 501s Threadbare bandana Chippewa Some of the slubbiest denim I've seem on a pair of 501s. Nice deep color, great texture, denim feels lighter weight than my STF but they run a bit hotter than standard denim. Not quite raw but plenty of starch and indigo. Can't wait to see how they fade. Been waiting for most of my adult life to buy hemp goods grown on US soil and these do not disappoint.
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    Almost two years of wear, Moto old baggy jeans, clean after a wash.
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    underwhelming in what sense? natural dyes react differently with different fabrics - I'm not sure I'd think of anything I sent them as anything other than experiment. It's different if it's a fabric they work with and have a specific process for I'd say, but sending them something they don't work with, a lot is out of their control. fwiw - i think they look nice and would be pretty happy with this experiment. Idk what you paid but given the other stuff they sell I doubt they'd send out something they thought was bad, at least not without some explanation. I could be wrong.
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    Here are my 3 shirts back, two from Arpenteur and one Warehouse. All were white initially. The Arpenteur shirts didn’t take the dye very well. The Warehouse is a #2 dye job, and the Arpenteur are #3 & #4. The shirt on the right should be near black. Maybe it’s something to do with the Rachel weave? I’m looking forward to seeing how they evolve. The color is very uniform, quite flat right now, which makes sense for a garment dyed item.
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    Here’s my thermal after it’s latest wash. Been washed and hang dried many times over the last two years or so. The pic with the date of dyeing is actually the most accurate color, but it’s still somewhere between how the pics show it.
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    Pics from Buaisou. The shirts are in transit. Apparently the 2 Arpenteur shirts didn’t take the indigo well; not sure why.
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    Today I returned home after 10 days and there was waiting for me package from Hinoya. Warehouse 1000XX DSB 25th anniversary. Pink tab, pink selvedge, vegetable deerskin label.Side belt loops are offset. Feeling of DSB is really very close to what I remember from my childhood and teens age.... Hinoya had 2 weeks ago couple of pieces on theirs on-line shop. Sold out in 24 hours... Has anybody clue to which historical pattern are those pairs related ? And what is difference between 1001 and 1000 ?
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    Picked up a thermal for my dad a few weeks ago and couldn’t resist getting the striped tee for myself.
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    Buaisou 16oz ‘heavyweight’ loopwheeled sweatshirt in dark indigo Lovely garment, beautiful colour in hand, robust construction It’s short and boxy with a reasonably wide neck. In fact, shorter than I expected… I wasn’t sure if it was too short, but after some wear I’m good with it (others wouldn't be, so it'd be worth getting the actual measurements of the item if you plan to buy one). It fits nicely length-wise under denim jackets. I enquired if there’d be further shrinkage…. Kyoko at Buaisou told me ‘the fabric has been repeatedly post-processed (rinse in the cold water, soak in hot water) and finished with Gojiru (soybean powder solution), so it is a little stiff and most likely shrunken’. Measurements were the same after washing at 30C with a line dry as before... so Kyoko's statement holds true For an L this came in as (in cm) P2P 60, Shoulders 58, Arms 56, Length 60.5 (as opposed to 63 advertised) i.e. almost a perfect square You’ll notice from the measurements it has a drop shoulder and consequently shorter arms I’ll post some fit pics later so you can throw tomatoes at it
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    I'll play... this is the T-Shirt 1 in dark indigo, size L (now out of stock), bought in May 2022 The indigo colour is really special - vibrant and deep
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    Found some 19oz Samurai 710's that have been folded up in my closet for the past few years. Unfortunately they are far too small for me now.

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