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    50s after a wash. Love the grainy texture. I don’t wear these that hard so the contrast is minimal. Its hard to get the camera to strike the right balance between texture accuracy and color accuracy. I would say the top photo captures the true color the best.
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    Tender coat, MFSC jacket & pants, Paraboots...
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    ^^all looking wonderful chaps, thank you so much! Here's something really special, just back from dyeing today. Type 935 Ryeland wool face cotton twill Shepherd's coat- 4 coats dyed with true khaki (turmeric plus fermented indigo). The dye's taken really nicely to the wool and cotton yarns. As well as highlighting the seams, the dye brings up the shading of the fabric beautifully (eg the pockets are cut at right angles to the body panels, and the tone of the colour is dramatically different):
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    that's a really nice one - my pair is too small by now - the fabric does not stretch a lot!
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    WTS P23A-S RAF size M. New. Full pack. 1450 USD (offers) WW shipping via EMS (will cover half of shipping) Will trade for size S
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    Progress update on the wool-denim. They are really slow faders, but the puckering on these is insane. Also the pocket fabric and denim on the right frontpocket shrunk in a way that it creates a line through the coin pocket.
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    I know I'm going to regret this, as I want one real bad... but my boy @Xu Jianfeng is looking for a J56-S!
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    much obviously fuzzier than real DS **edit** and yes i mean P24A-DS when you turn up the hem it resembles fleece (but a VERY mild version is that makes sense) stitching etc is actually DECENT, also no one will pay that close attention, i'd kick you in the eye if you came that close to my pants lol pockets on the inside have a much brighter sheen than real ACR, and the size tag comes off the pockets after a few washes how do i know all this? i bought a pair to bash around in on trips where i don't want to worry about my thousand dollar pants getting ruined, but still look steezy having both the real ones and the taobao ones i would say: 1. water resistance is similar 2. taobao "DS" is actually slightly more windproof 3. taobao "DS" is warmer (i personally prefer the real thing because i live in the tropics) 4. taobao "DS" is stretchier and a little more durable 5. the ammo pockets with the pop buttons are super high quality construction on the authentic pair, the fake ones feel like they may fall off after a few uses that said, a very decent pair of pants for 80 bucks is it worth spending about 80 bucks on a pair just to see the style? YMMV i suppose nothing beats wearing a real ACR
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    New fake P24A-DS spotted please beware:
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    Buzz Rickson Ventile Water Resistant Sneakers This week we have a special edition of Buzz Rickson's sneakers. This new version is made in a high-top design using a water resistant Ventile fabric upper, black anodized steel eyelets, a custom natural rubber sole, and vintage style 100% cotton laces. These are available now in limited numbers in olive or all black. Shop Buzz Rickson Online https://images.selfedge.com/cache/catalog/20190205/br_ventile_sneaker_blk_07-1025x680.jpg[/img
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    I surreptitiously grind low sandstone walls, commonplace here in Sydney
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    i just rub my thighs obsessively whilst doing over 9000 squat reps... nice jacket btw!
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    @mpukas I decided to follow through with my gut and size down after reading that you did the same and liked the results. There is definitely room for shrinkage in these 32s and I do like a fitted top block. If it weren’t for so much information about how much the black seed denim shrinks I wouldn’t think twice about keeping these 32s. @FeloniousMonk they are in deed similar to the OA01 and good to know you sized -2 going from the ooe to the roys. Seems like either way would be okay, it’s just hard to say how much shrinkage is left in these after their initial 20 min soak. @goodrain, @Broark, @Maynard Friedman, @FeloniousMonk, and @mpukas I appreciate the help!
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    50s Jean Jacket - 2.5 years, 3 washes:
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    Been waiting a while and I was finally able to get some time to do this. It's cool seeing the differences between generations of these models and how they've improved (and sometimes even areas where they don't). But basically it's just plain fun to nerd out. Differences in the in the sleeve patterns. The e-J1a is a size L and the J1ts-s is an XL for reference. You'll notice how the e-j1a actually has a baggier sleeve despite being a smaller size. They have a really similar shape which is a nice carry over from one iteration to the next. Of course, the pocket addition is definitely one of the more noticeable changes. I really like seeing the differences between how the underarm was patterned. It's a little hard to see but the e-j1a was a lot simpler than the j1ts-s. This is one of my favorite parts of the jacket because it's so functional. It's a noticeable different when you're wearing the jacket and you can see how the jacket is pulling as you move your arms around. The short sleeve is also constructed differently - the e-j1a is literally a short sleeve wrapped around the longer sleeve while the j1ts-s is patterned and sewn into the longer sleeve. Here's a shot of the gravity pockets of the j1ts-s and the e-j1a. It's kind of hard to see but the e-j1a is completely hidden and you can only access it from the cuff. The j1ts-s' pocket placement is a little weird imo because when your arms are at your side they warp the fabric a little around the forearm (because of the stiffness of the zipper) and it ends up looking a little weird. I was waiting for the laundry machine to rinse out any leftover detergent and I realized that I could throw in the j47a-gt for a comparison as well. Sorry for the dark images! Here are some shots of the underarm and of the shoulder. The e-j1a and j1ts-s have really simple shoulder lines but the j47a does something it a little differently. I think of the zippered versions of the gravity pockets I prefer the placement of the j47a the most - it's closer to the back of the forearm so it doesn't mess with the shape of the sleeve too much. But sometimes when I'm walking the zipper tab flips up and down as it catches the side seam of the jacket. So functionally, I think I prefer the hidden gravity pockets of the e-j1a because it's the least obtrusive. These are just some shots of some fun details that I really like on the e-j1a. The flak pocket is so over the top and definitely makes it the most used pocket on the entire jacket. I think there are technically four pockets in that area - main flak pocket, phone pocket, open side entry pocket (don't know how else to describe this one), and another side entry pocket with a zipper. Also the webbing with slits cut into it for your headphones (which I never use because it's such a hassle to thread them through).
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    a month used 20s
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    rising sun blacksmith +- 5 years, sanforized white selvedge cone denim:
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    Whilst I am at it here's the cardigan after one wash.
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    1101's (hemmed & tapered) after another one of many regular machine wash/dry cycles
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    These are my 0105 25th Anniversary's that came out last year.
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