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    Nearly dry after another wash. Starting to get holes in the back pockets and pocket bags now. I’m having to wash more frequently now as I wear them to work and they look pretty grimey after 2 weeks.
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    I forgot all about Superfuture (shoot me please) Been too busy on IG Wore my pair until spring when I changed to lighter denim but about to start wearing them again. This is how they look/fit after the machine wash in april before storing them away
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    Here is my pair, happy with the way they’re going, especially as I have been working from a desk a lot of the time
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    not competing here, just trying some post-wash no-cuff flex and raw/cooked assemblage... [with train seat affinities...]
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    now finally retired ... so the right time to build a garden house with a workshop in ... TCB M41 Field Cap 15 years old SC TFH LVC 501 1955 RW workers gloves
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    Vintage Lee Storm Rider Merz B.Schwanen LVC 501XX 1955 MiUSA Red Wing
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    a couple... that time again; layers of m51 liner-burgs plus-tcb s40s-attractions and tcb tux; s40 above, boss cat below, redwing to finish...
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    Still quite warm here, but this Desolation Row special version of the Lumper jacket is making me reconsider.
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    Todays science project Ive been on the hunt for a mid 90's era X-Lite (the good folks who make Muc-Off) stem for the last 6 months with no joy, there's currently one on ebay but it's tatty af, anyhow this one popped up a few months ago.. ..its mint but blue ano and i wanted silver.. i bought it with a thought towards swapping it with someone who wanted the blue version or if that didn't bear fruit, removing the anodising. I bought some Oven Pride, i've used this before for stripping ano, it's great cos it's a gloop and doesn't splash like when you're mixing caustic soda crystals.. i bet it wouldn't tough our oven tho ..£3 from Tesco.. featuring threadbare arm of Warehouse Put some bolts into the threads to protect them Dropped it into a chemical resistant container (these were from dry-cleaning fluid) and poured in the Oven Pride/sodium hydroxide/caustic soda Waited for the chemical reaction to occur Removed it Dropped it into some hot soapy water to stop the chemical reaction Scrubbed the black residue away with the hot soapy water Ru Rubbed it down with some Scotch-Brite dish scourer and WD-40 ..a little polish with some T-Cut, i'm not aiming for a mirror finish here, just something akin to brushed alu. Ta-Daaa!
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    Vintage/undercover/west ride/ visvim
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    Vintage/ 90s supreme/ attachment
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    tcb wool_lined 50's jk tcbww2contestjeans vans
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    The Flat Head - Resolute - Veja
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    Just a few more Yahoo Auctions finds.
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    Sup 2006 vintage b&l/undercover/Dior/visvim
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    FWs is just tops... Sorry for the poor photo quality, but you get the idea here!
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    A bat shat on me the other day while walking my dog, and I had to wash them just two days after the monthly wash lol. Anyways, here’s a (clean) update -
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    Hello everyone! Some beautiful jeans in this contest. Honestly, these are the best, most widespread quality pairs I think I've ever seen in a contest. Well done, folks. Mine were sent off to Self Edge for a second round of repairs today. I took some update pics after the wash.
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    Hello everyone! here's a little update... the first 2 pictures are before washing and the next 2 are after the wash. I also had to repair a couple of holes on the knee, thigh and back pocket!
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    Hope you're all well. Sorry for my absence; especially sorry for being a chino guy due to new profession, plus I've been two-timing my 40s with some natural indigo 1880s. But now the nights are colder I'm back with this lovely, much heavier fabric.Just machine washed them; they marble bigtime when washed right side out I notice . Apols for weird camera angle favoured by nipper who now takes photos rather than being the subject.
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    #109 with an update. I finally decided to stop being lazy and get some decent pictures outside. This are due for a wash and dry this weekend. So far they have made 25 trips through the washer and dryer.
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    Got it from mail man today......Damn too small for me
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    Took a stroll around the old airfield 2 minutes away from my block. Its situated between the old canadian and US quarters in Karlsruhe and is now a nature conservation area for birds and insects. Lots of rabbits live here and get hunted with falcons to control the population. Goats are used to mow the grass. Else it's mostly bushes and weeds
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    1st wash, 24 days, @24 wears 2nd wash, +10 days, @34 wears 3rd wash, +12 days, @46 wears 4th wash, +7 days, @53 wears 5th wash, +54 days, @107 wears 6th wash, +75 days, @183 wears 6mos of daily wears, Stevenson 220 Carmel edit: from a comment that got buried on reddit almost a year ago Stevenson 220 Carmel...so far TL;DR: https://imgur.com/a/Gw4lWwI Bought these on August 12 of 2019. Six months have passed. My secondary New Year’s resolution was to hit the year mark in these to see if I should join the Indigo Invitational II(2)(Part Deux).So far, so good. No repairs so far. Daily wear, wash when needed. I do run pairs through a soak/washer/dryer initially, inside out, on hot to prevent shifting and settle the fit early, followed by hot washer/dryer, inside out washes when necessary or the fit feels off. Not sure if there’s another version of this pair but it seems to look a little different from another Stevenson 220 that I’ve been keeping up with. Fabric is beautiful, sanforized; wasn’t sure how well it’d compare with Stevenson signature “green river” selvedge id, but I’m impressed. Really vintage-feeling custom long staple U.S. cotton Nihon Menpu indigo/natural 14oz, fades to a gorgeous, uneven but not overly engineered texture. I’d say zoom in, but I’m probably going to try and find a better camera at some point instead of relying on my phone. Available in other fits, including 210 Big Sur. Worth checking out. Sizing can be tricky for most Stevenson products, so checking size charts is absolutely necessary. These are a size 32, I am usually not. Relaxed Taper and Straight Taper are the two descriptions I’ve seen for this pair, not sure which is correct, but the thighs have a measurement that made sense since I’m coming mainly from Straight fits. The back and front rises were high enough to prevent immodesty. I do stack the 34.5 inseam. It’d be difficult to point out every detail that stuck out but the construction is very solid, the flying arc a little nod on the pockets, the crossed center back belt loop, very nice branded leather backed iron donut button fly, copper rivets, slanted belt loops, beautiful roping from the factory chainstitch, which I’m hesitant to alter in most pairs, deerskin patch. Amazing (cotton/polycotton?) stitch work finished with a twin needle stitch. I’d definitely consider another pair of Stevensons if my current stock allows. Anyway, it’s been a journey.