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    I haven’t seen too many P34-DS pictures so here are a couple quick ones. I had the P34-S in small/rad for a good while, but outgrew them (they also shrink in the wash fwiw). These are a medium, I could have gotten away with a small but I like the baggier and looser fit. The added stretch from the DS is a welcome addition, which is the main and pretty much only difference from the stotz and epic versions. I still prefer stotz for its structure and feel, but the easy cleaning/maintenance of DS trumps that in my current life stage. Even with the softer DS, the 34 maintains its structure and shape surprisingly well thanks to the aggressive articulation and low profile pocket arrays. I was playing around with the cinching here but they are equally good uncinched, especially with boots. One thing I forgot from my 34-s ownership was how bulky anything thick looks in the cargo pockets, especially since it stacks on top of anything you carry in the security or phone pockets. The internal phone pockets in the cargo keeps it from shifting around or swinging if it fits (I have a fairly loaded mp2ts I carry), but it is noticeable. The 30/24, 32, and 10/31 style pockets do a better job hiding bulk, but obviously at the expense of the low profile while empty.
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    still valid above added: J1B-GT WHITE SZ M , 9/10 ABOVE, FULL PACKED HKD 14176 (GIFT AND DHL SHIPPING INCLUDED)
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    After a gentle machine wash