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    They could ask for a small payment...or at least ask for the consumer to cover shipping. I'm sorry but if you can't offer solid customer service I don't think you should be running a business. Brands get away with it all the time and it's wrong and irresponsible. My ACR customer service experience wasn't terrible but I had to send 3 emails to get a response, and that was just for a jacket sling so. I really hope they can improve their customer support.
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    We've just been to pick up the replacement Norco, it must be the last one in the country
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    Acronym Repair Service looks like this nowadays: "Dear Henri, We apologise for our lack of communication. We are very sorry but unfortunately our capacities are very limited at this moment and we can only accept garments for repair that show more serious damages, even though we actually have to refuse most requests, since we have to focus on production of our own collections at the first point. Our recommendation would be to take your garment to a local tailoring shop, if necessary we should be able to supply with some of the material but please not that there will probably be a slight difference in color since your garment has been washed and worn. Thank you for your understanding and support. Kind regards, ACRONYM® "
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    fit dump from the last few weeks. i wear the same pant most days
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    but at Denimio you can ask for actual measurements of the exact pair you would order .....
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    Freezing my butt off in Las Vegas moscot vintage woolrich jacket generic gray shirt pigeon tree crafting belt Mister Freedom Lot. 54 BB Role Club Underdogs
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    ONI 3rd type in vintage California Pique fabric Entry SG SDA t-shirt GBG001 RW
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    The Real Mccoy's / Orslow / Oakstreet Bootmakers
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    Final buy before I start a no buy competition with myself and really try to enjoy what I already own AND get some fades: Samurai type 1 (new), Pike Brothers Shirt and Samurai 510: using iPhone so the colours and exposure are all over (usually looks like at atom bomb has gone off behind me!)
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    FW, Warehouse, Tanuki, Viberg x Division Road
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    Clubmaster, Buco, Triple R's, Superga and Leonard the cat
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    Visvim/Fullcount 1108/Visvim @Iron Horse It's god damn sweet. I love everything about this fit. Well done. Mention for the hat and well worn boots
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    Kapital / Undercover / TCB / Converse
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    Ebbets Field (Baylor University 1955 Ballcap) Baylor is my alma mater, so I am so glad I was able to pick this hat up! Knickerbocker pocket tee RMC Ballpark Full Zip Warehouse 900xx (First day of wear) Shoes Like Pottery
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    First back alley shot of 2020 Tcb 50s sugarcane vest Realthing fleece
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    Me Cupcakes Conners s406xxx ww2 McCoys sweat Conners s409xxx ww2 Converse jackstars Jack Back to front coat ?? Chinos Superstars
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    Ai-001 amazing texture, with thumb for scale...
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    Globe Specs, CSF, Freenote, Hollows, Railcar, Motor
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    New bureau, still bad pictures. The Flat Head Merz b Schwanen Resolute 710 Paraboot Chambord Edit: wife-made socks
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    seams apc isnt that populair anymore, here is my apc ns
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    Some signs of aging in this jacket
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    Atlas shirt! Love the fabric and the fit. I could possibly just have sized up one size from my Heracles shirt but I was afraid that the waist would be to slim.