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    Triffer hat Deluxeware sweat Tcb 50s
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    RMC N3 (inc close ups of olive fabric aging & seam puckering) Merz Aviators RMC daisy mae IH Roy Viberg
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    Samurai S710xx. Purchased from 2ND in mid 2012. Worn 330 days of real wear time. Washed about 6-7 times; first wash at four months of wear. Really like how mine have aged. They don’t look pale and washed out like a lot of pairs, even after multiple washes :]
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    Simple is not the first thing that comes to mind when I ponder anything Acronym. Everyday yes. But simple...?
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    FS: J53TS-GT / Med (first gen) - Good condition, used but minimal signs of wear. $1500 USD net. Pictures on Grailed https://www.grailed.com/listings/9067194-Acronym-J53TS-GT J40-S / Med / Black - Patina in high wear areas, light patina overall. No rips/tears/stains. $700 USD net. Pictures on Grailed https://www.grailed.com/listings/9039002-Acronym-Acronym-J40-S P32-DS / Small - Worn twice, selling because I am keeping the stotz version. $1100 USD net. I can take pictures but they're basically new. ON HOLD WIll trade above for J1A-GT 2.2 Medium as well. Thanks.
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    I usually avoid wearing acr to work as I’m a metalsmith, but got some nicely worn in p24s and have been enjoying some design time as of late bags a repro i made with x10 to see how the cotton duck wears, it’s very much a sleeper as it looks like a canvas military bag on the outside, full laminate on the inside. otherwise j47a-ws, ss-j2, p24-s tables by withers&grain
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    Go-to fit from this past winter... SISP Scarabeo Parka, DRKSHDW creatch cargos, ACRNM galoshes and lunch bag. Bonus obligatory reflective effect photo because reasons.
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    "It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left youWithout a strong rhyme to step toThink of how many weak shows you slept throughTime's up, I'm sorry I kept you" something different from the norm... Haglöfs V-series anorak ACG woven pants Clarks GTX Wallabee Chup
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    Nasir Mazhar | J47TS-GT | J74-PX | 3A-MZ5 | Guerilla Group | P24A-DS | AQ0996-007