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    My old ROY Loomstate denim. The Cone Mills loomstate denim has worn well.
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    with much less earth shattering news... evidence of the hem job (clutch cafe for reference, quick turnaround, quality job) with the 30" inseam, can go cuff free if worn at waist (evidenced with some double plaid as well as double denim...) or cuffed if on hips...
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    vintage blue bell maverick jacket stevenson sweatshirt iron heart jeans wesco boots
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    Congratualtions, Buler! I'm about 18 years in with Mrs. CSL & things continue to be groovy. She's still willing to take silly photos of me. Unfortunately not much wear on the jeans yet & I'm way behind in the fading department. Now that it's gotten cool enough to start wearing them regularly I'll try to catch up. Also pictured a spider seen on tonight's walk (with a penny dropped next to it for size comparison). Might be a young tarantula. Carrying it's young on it's back as spiders tend to do...
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    Just a couple of asses hanging out in the sun today. Didn't wear the jeans all day Saturday, had to wear a suit. Back in the jeans for the fire that night.
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    Big up @Wklcarl Worldwide, Knowledgeable, Likeable, Considerate, Accurate, Reliable & Lightening Fast. I think Yohan Blake on NOS delivered. Thanks man.
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    quick comparison of the old vs the new, plus a few favorites. Really a big fan of the puckering on the pocket openings on front, also somehow of that weird rough patch on the front, don't know why it's there and so on, but hey, kinda cool. Also really like the curled up tab and that the stitching already starts to break over the hidden rivets, really a fan of busted denim over hidden rivets, somehow.
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    Still not that much fading, but that's the desk life for you Late night snack New family member
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    This lifestyle is more relaxed, have to wait longer than this. #48day
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    Born and reared in Coventry, which meant as an 11 year old in 1979 The Specials were the centre of my universe. So a good excuse to drop some 2Tone, a couple from their first 2 albums, I always kind of preferred the album version of Too Much Too Young. A couple from Special AKA In The Studio and one from the legendary Rico. Enjoy :-)
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    TFH 3001 bought these from self edge back in 2009. Wear them for everything, mainly my go to for home projects etc. washed tons of times. Repairs to crotch blowouts/pockets/hems. I have tons of extra pieces from getting past jeans hemmed, used one to repair the knee finally. Still as comfortable as ever.
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    Kept forgetting to share this, I love this shirt! Fantastic fit and nice, dense, heavy fabric. Great construction. The pattern and color are very nice and don't look like anything else in my closet. I'm really impressed, I'll be buying more UES shirts in the future. This shirt is plenty heavy, I can't imagine needing something as thick as UES's "extra heavy" shirts.
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    Testing out my new SoSo green denim shirt with a bit of hoovering and mopping before work, accompanied by my trusty pair of Tenders 132. I’ll admit the buttons are a nightmare as the denim is stiff as cardboard.
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    Hi everyone! I have two sons. (Human) And I have two daughters. (Cat) Hahaha The eldest daughter I watch at a delicate distance when I vacuum. The second daughter who is scared of the vacuum cleaner and watches over the beam Hahaha This is a picture taken 36 days after I started wearing it at work.
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    Freewheelers PowerWear Henley Necked Long Sleeve Shirt, Vintage Mediumweight Cotton, #1035004 Straw Cream
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    Freewheelers PowerWear Horizontal Striped T-Shirt, Yarn-Dyed Mediumweight Cotton, #1625001 Cream x Dry Red
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    Some pocket tees: Freewheelers PowerWear Set-In Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt, Vintage Mediumweight Cotton, #1515004 Jet Black
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    Freewheelers PowerWear Crew Necked Type Short Sleeve Shirt, Vintage Mediumweight Cotton, #1725007 Charcoal Heather
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    Flat Head Native Check short sleeve shirt Flat Head 3005 jeans at nine months of wear time Flat Head SNK-01, worn a ton since 2013
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    hope y’all are havin’ a great week! canes tux (basically my uniform)
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    We’re retiring my boy’s TCB jacket. It’s now too short for him. I’ll wash it and put it away for his first kid...
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    Yesterday we went off for lunch to celebrate Mrs Volvo birthday. First family lunch out since forever...We went to an old trattoria which rates very high in our top ten... The menu is less than half the page. Started with farinata which basically is a mix of chick pea flour oil and water, cooked in the fire oven. Crusty on top, deliciously moist underneath. It goes well with the king of cheap peasant Italian lagers Then deep fried super fresh local shrimps, which were absolutely terrific. I mean it's not as good as battered Mars bars but oh well ; ) Resting our eyes a bit A well oiled dad This from today Close up of the beautiful watch cap made by @Illcutz Indigo dipped cotton, fades faster than the jeans haha!