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    Inverallan 2 arrows TCB 60s Paraboot
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    Feltraiger, Uniqlo, Warehouse, Converse
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    wash your jeans often mine are good example. I wash every 2-3 weeks and use a dryer sometimes... they’ve gotten to that point where after a wash today I was like. Wow. These really came to life all of the sudden
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    Filson Runabout Goods Jacket Rising Sun Yukon Jeans Whites Perry Moc Toe
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    Nearly 6 months getting really dirty should I wash or wait a bit longer I’m know expert fader so your opinion helps.
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    Poten flat head flannel strike gold hoodie roy R01Sail birkenstocks
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    Couldn't resist the 25th 1946 ...so I bought those too . I sold the 46 duck diggers i had mainly because of the pocket shape and the position of the arcs ( too low ) and i think the 25th are pretty much perfect both in pocket shape ( apart from the same intentional mistake at the bottom of both pockets ) and arc shape/position. Really looking forward to them
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    I'm not fade expert either but I'd definitely wash. They look like they need a wash
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    Putting this out there, and not saying it is the thinking, but I don’t think it would be awful if it is. When Yoshiaki started out CSF/One Piece he set his price, factoring in materials, time, overheads, etc. He probably had no idea he was going to be as successful as he would become. Over time there have been marginal price increases to accommodate rising costs & growth; all very reasonable. A few years later he heads a successful business that is well respected across the world (big up Flash & OO) within its niche field. Demand far outstrips his supply and he’s become a master of his craft. The margin he makes on the jeans (before the price hike) is broadly similar to what he made when he set-up shop because he’s a one-man show with finite output; economies of scale difficult for a single maker (although he will obviously skim some margin from the 2nd generation jeans). But he sits back, looks at what he’s built, considers his reputation, sees the inbox filling with enquiries, and just fancies a bit more reward now he’s made it. Most of us seek promotions & better pay, and personal circumstances change that mean a pay rise is necessary (more mouths to feed for instance). If he did it because he considers his time & labour is worth more now than it was a few years back, that’s not unreasonable. But yeah, they’re expensive.
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    Naoki has some Eternal: http://pants-shop-avenue.com/category/22/ Nothing but good words to say about dealing with Naoki!
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    In what way besides the fact they're both blazers
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    Laundry day Tender Co. / Tailor Orgueil / Hollows / Cane's / Red Wing &: TCB, TFH, Leroy
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    This LVC fit guide, albeit from 2013, may be useful.
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    Been a while since I posted on SuFu! Bought myself a pair of 60s 3 years ago, which had wear on and off. I just washed them whenever they needed to be fresh again. Repairs were made by hand. There are still some spots that need some work, especially in the yoke area where the fabric is getting thin.
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    Got myself the SDA G3 overalls. They’re very nice, with just the right amount of details. (Shirt is one of the recent wool flannel pullover by Tender.)
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    While we're at it some quick snaps. Colors most true on the closeups. Got them 2017, in rotation since then, probably 1-1,5years on 'em.
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    low straight with fairly regular wear since March
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    My contest pair (#50, size 34) is available if anyone’s looking...
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    Finally got around to wearing the first champloo jeans, got it couple of years back from @BrownMetallic Been hanging in the closet for some years now lol Fitpic...