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    iconic denim photos

    Suicidal Tendencies - 1983
  2. LanceP86


    Just wanted to let you know, i've just bought the Orslow 105 2 years wash in a size 1,and it came in today. The fit is right in between my Resolute (size 32W) and my Orslow 105 one wash (size 1). Similar to the resolute in the waist en hips, but a looser from the knee down. More straight than the Resolute. I don't know how much the Orslow 2 years wash will stretch, because the one wash stretches a lot. Hope this helps.
  3. LanceP86


    Hi there, i also have the Resolute 710 in a waist size 32 and have the Orslow 105 one wash in a size 1. Hope this helps.
  4. LanceP86


    Wow, you really got 2 inch stretch out of them. I had an W31 and sent them back, the waist was super uncomfortable. Damn, 2 inch extra would made them fit
  5. LanceP86


    What do you know, i've been on the fence about a size 29 and 30 for a while. If by any chance you would have time for some measurements, it would be a huge help in deciding which size to get.
  6. LanceP86


    Great fit, what size are you wearing?
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