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    Indigo metisse twill Just about my favourite fitting trousers - highish rise, voluminous, right amount of ill fitting Pretty fast fading Worn a bit last summer as light weight, comfy kecks for anywear, beach or city Most likely wash, might hem them and bring them back in again next Spring Final pic in the super cool city of Copenhagen... Summertime when the livin' was easy...
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    settling on post comp pair is sending me a little crazy... imma mostly oscillating between the slimness of recent lvc '44 and a vintage vestbak oshkosh
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    Found a blue Nixon chambray on Yahoo Auctions for cheap, perfect replacement for my Buzz chambray with the blown out elbows!
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    not much but muji-filson-oshkosh-rw
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    FS: P34-E small, tried on - $1350 shipped in US, extra for international. J65-AJ medium, worn a couple times - $500 shipped in US, extra for international. Both for $1650 shipped in US, extra for international.
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    I believe it's Indigoskin based in BKK https://www.indigoskinjeans.com/onlinestore/
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    Merino Wool Loopwheeled T-Shirts & Super Heavy Weight T-Shirts by Merz B. Schwanen We have two very impressive releases from Merz this week. First up have the world's first loopwheeled museling-free merino wool t-shirt. These are the ultimate blank t-shirt. They're cool and breathable when it's hot out and they're warm and cozy when it's cold out. Quite amazing how something so natural is one of the ultimate "tech" fabrics. These feel unreal and are available in black or natural. We also have a set of new pocket t-shirts made of a newly developed heavy weight loopwheeled fabric. This is the first time Merz has gone up to this weight class for their t-shirts and it's very impressive. The fabric has an amazing hand feel and light loopwheel grain. These are available with pockets in black or white. All four of these t-shirts are available now online and in-stores. Shop Merz B. Schwanen Online
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    Great fit, Great evo, MJF9, that’s the perfect fit for that style!
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    Got my S&S x Lofgren Devil's Causeway boots in today, very pleased with them. It was a long wait but it was worth it, this leather is really unique and the size 12 fits perfectly. I was a little worried when I first got them as I really struggled to get the right boot on. But the plastic bag trick worked thankfully. Looking forward to some cooler temps so I can wear these daily, so far I'd say I'd buy another pair of Lofgren's no questions asked.
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    deadstock M41200 34x36, hell yeah
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