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    MF Velva Sheen FHUTT TCB Viberg Weekend WAYWT spam
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    Six months in to these 1101 and maybe 5 washes so far
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    Went to bangkok last week for brief visit
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    @dreamboatjustsoul P10-S size Large paired with Large J74-PX both colorways and the J58-WS I am a true waist (34) and it fits great but a tad bit long (I’m 5-9 190lbs) Excuse the shitty lighting and quality !
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    Went to pub in the park in Marlow yesterday, was a good day, live band and lite bights from famous chefs and alcohol
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    Indigofera mister freedom brass clinch A few days back: The flathead 9lives ironheart wesco
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    Last photo of this F380 evo. Looking for another chance to buy some FH again one day.
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    So this arrived on Monday but - following much anticipation - just got my hands on it tonight S406xxx M-46 First Half WW2 Denim Been on the edge a while but very glad I took the plunge... as awesome as everyone says! Rapidly taken pre-wash (what's with the crazy lighting, no desire to hang around and retake) and post wash pics Post wash pics are with jacket damp Looking forward to inspecting the details tomorrow... loving the T back...
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    Triffer hat Tcb seaman jumper Telnyashka Re lookus Excelsior
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    ^what did you do? There you go: My usual routine is to soak the jeans inside out in a bucket to make them more pliable abd then put them directly in the washing machine. My washing machine has a rinsing program so the jeans were rinsed with clear water to remove the starch and sizing agents. I left them in the spin cycle at 400 rpm to get the mostz moisture out of the fabric. Afterwards I hang them to dry. Here are the measurements so you can see how much they shrank (raw/onewash) Waist: 37.5" / 34" Front rise: 14" / 13" Back rise: 17.5" / 16.75" Hips: 22" / 21.25" Thigh: 13.75" / 12.9" Knee: 10.5" / 9.75" Leg opening: 9.4" / 9" Inseam: 36.25" / 33.75" And the fit pics after the soak/wash
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    Thanks very much for this. Yes, new 126 side-cinch Oxford trousers are now in stock. Here's how they work: I've been wearing a pair of these in indigo/indigo broken twill Taunton for about 6 months, and I'm really pleased with them. Here are some photos: Here they are new, in indigo/indigo Taunton (as above) and in the same fabric woven with ecru cotton yarn: Standard jeans have indeed been out of stock for a while, sorry about this. I'm expecting a full restock around the end of June, although if it's of interest I do have a pair of 136s in Unborn denim in a size 2, which are the same style as 132, just wider in the leg. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.
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    I know that feel... I'm extremely content with my laminate, and it's my daily, with the foil being an occasional (can you say, "fragile"?)... I passed my black X-PAC 3A-1 on after a couple of months, but have been itching for the green. It's really, really grown on me. I'd love to see what it looks like after a couple of years, as the fabric was very impressive.
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    Damn, that's an ugly pocket flasher. Dunno what they thought when they used that 80s Atari graphics castle
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    i forget about the `44 which where my alltime favorite before they where redesigned towards slimmer legs and the ´76 joined the line , but still love the high rise(the highest from all non cinch models). The denim was imo one of the best LVC offered. Here a worn in pair from ebay (it´s the current version):
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    Iron Heart Wtaps Iron Heart Timbs
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    EDIT to above post: The pair is 1933 (?) since it has suspender buttons and the White tag from Cotton Code Authority.
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    ^^^ nice pair/s... ;-) leaving hitachi blue derailment & weighty questions (that seem to bedevil our comp.) to samo iphoned indigo blue domesticity tales from the washing line pt. [forgotten]
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    Ooe, WH Ranch, Roy, Lofgren feat. Breakfast
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    Waiting for the train Yuketen x heschung Od ironhearts Stussy x levis
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    Quick peak of the 102 mystery jeans fresh out the wash. Arcs are coming undone on the right side, hidden rivets are peaking through, crotch is wearing thinner and the leather patch is starting to crack here and there. Really like this denim, reacts super well to frequent washing and dirty wear!
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    Not really Leepro but Lee - Buddy Lee denim trousers with oversized hardware, made in Japan by Edwin.
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    Found the sd-102CB home yesterday after spending 3 weeks away. Couple prelim pics. Will post more later.
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    Stormrider 101J MiJ repro