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    Cinema day with my main man Conners s406xxx M46 Warehouse lockhood sweat Conners s409xxx ww2 Converse jackstar
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    at last co 118j mister freedom skivvy WH ranch 1901 Eat Dust x RW Pecos
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    Fullcount cap, Freewheelers jacekt, BR sweat, WareHouse 1001 denim, FH wallet and wallet rope, Redwing GT with DR.Sole outsoles, Kidnapped my GF's backpack
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    Globe Specs Freewheelers Merz Pigeon Tree Crafting CSF White Kloud
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    Great group photo Bartles. Which (post-contest) jeans is everyone moving on to next?
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    ^ lol! and then ... @Paul T asked where the pair now goes: answer at this end: into the vault (a suitcase in the bottom of a cupboard...) ... lots of wear left, but now a nice step in the line of 'first jean' / 1890 / 1915 / 201 / 1920s... plus a comparison of 50s and 20s fades for jollies... (whatever visual similarity is lost when felt in hand: 50s very solid, 20s very supple...)
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    Thank you for the good idea! I tried to make it, and I think the result looks pretty good. J&FJ Baker natural roughout bridle leather (australian nut on the inside) finished with a slightly aged nickel-plated brass garrison buckle.
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    Bump. Updated with new pricing, everything is under retail
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    Making a big purchase of Lysol spray Glad Hand GangstervillexGlad Hand trophy 1607 Wesco
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    been wearing this for 6months with 2x machine wash and 1x handwash.
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    crosspost from GBG001 contest.... Ray Ban vintage Avirex Pike brothers Miners shirt GBG001 RW Iron Ranger
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    One fine saturday afternoon FlatHead 7014w - Evisu 2001 - Jack Purcell
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    Joe McCoy Resolute 710 Trickers x The Bureau
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    From a few days ago. Bronson sweatshirt / Orslow Buzz Rickson cap / Fullcount sweat / Bronson WWII chino
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    More plastic selvedge for Ed. Bob Dong 50s cut. I'm in love with the fit. Fuck the begrudgers.