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    Washed the ww2's again , water must have been a bit hot ..... Patch took a bit of a hit And one with Jack's jerky patch Levi's
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    A few folks here have seen my denim three-pleat. This is the Cone synthetic 1880s fabric, which is lovely. Gnarly but not overdone. Although I like, for instance, the TCB fabric which looks great from afar, it is very high contrast and super-slubby close up. The Cone in comparison is far blue-er, and subtle. Now of course, thanks to Spiraltoy I have its companion, the same jacket in cotton duck. It's similar in construction to the denim version - but not the same. For a start, even though they're the same size, the pockets on the duck version are deeper. It has some selvage detailing - although not as much as the duck pullover. It's a different fabric. I thought this wasn't Cone, but apparently it is, according to me anyway(!) Again, I thought this might be Turkish-made, but my 2013 story says it was sewn in LA Here's a story on the development of the first duck replica fabric. Here is is alongside the duck pullover.
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    I miss this thread. I also miss Cotton Duck, who helped get my my first cotton duck pullover! In tirbute to him, here's my new three-pleat duck jacket, alongside the pullover, in a slightly different colour. This is from 2013, and although I thought it wasn't a Cone fabric, I'm wrong.
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    Bagjack will do custom stuff, so if you want something completely unbranded, you can just shoot them an email. I’ve heard they won’t do x-pac stuff, but their cordura stuff is quite nice, and would work well on a J1TS.
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    Can confirm this... they’re X-pac production is only for ACR.. but cordura stuff is worth it.
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    Sadly, no! I always think they are going to run out!
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    My 34 800s that I bought a year ago measure about 88cm after some wear. I can wear them comfortably, and I generally buy jeans that are 90cm before shrinking. The newer models come with the 32in/81cm inseam.
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    My post to which you are responding already made this clear. There is no way they are "true vintage" or LVC. Absolutely nothing is correct for either. And even without any specific jeans knowledge, you can look at the interior tag material, style, typeface, etc. and use your common sense and general used clothing instincts to see that they are likely from the late '80s at the very earliest – probably later. As for whether they are actually Levi's or not, I have no idea. While they tend to scream "FAKE," the Levi's company have certainly made weirder combinations of features over the years. The top button didn't look "right" to me in your initial pix, but I wasn't quite willing to make a judgment that it wasn't a real Levi's button based only on a low-res pic.
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    Maybe look at Bagjack? They made/still make bags for ACR and are highly recommended overall. Not sure if their pouches are low profile enough for you. I also got a semi-custom phone pouch from the guy at AMDUS Project that I absolutely love/use daily. He's occasionally on the TWG Discord server and on Reddit as well. I mention him because he may be able to do a custom job for you if there's something you are looking for you can't find elsewhere.
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    ^ dada, that's a good question. My guess is that you'll be fine -- the denim is stretchy. It's true that my size 34 pair didn't shrink down quite that far but there are a couple of things to consider. First, one-wash jeans typically get a pretty heavy duty, hot wash, so most of the shrinkage is already there. Second, measuring techniques differ -- I pull the waist a bit before measuring. Maybe the 84cm comes from just laying a tape measure or ruler across the jeans without pulling. Third, does the vendor have a few pairs in stock? There can be minor variation between pairs, as we know. Your question peaked my curiosity about the 800 cut, so I put them on this morning. Sorry to say I really like them still -- if I didn't, I was just going to sell you my raw pair ;-) The 800 is different than other Warehouse jeans. As I said earlier, the inseam is longer, which is nice. It also has a highish rise but it's trim through the hips and legs, with a nice, but not overly large, leg opening. The denim is also really nice -- feels thick but soft.
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    Had a one-week-hiatus with the jeans, as they were in the dirty laundry, and I was busy with work and didn't find the time to wash them. Wore my SDA mystery jeans for the time being, and threw them in the wash yesterday, finally. Here they are side by side, freshly washed. The contest jeans are already way softer, but more crinkly than the SDAs. Anyways, quite promising fades on the way, as I think, but not much to see on the pictures.
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    WTS/T Olive DAF 1 US 9.5 in VNDS condition. Worn less than 5 times. Minor yellowing at the sole, but no dirt. No box but comes with both olive and black laces. $125+shipping P16A-S size M. Good condition and minimal fading, but small snag on the thigh near the cargo pocket. Size M (fits small - 31" waist). Basically P32As with a flap instead of zip on the cargo pocket. $600+shipping Also open to trades, particularly cotton outerwear in a L/XL
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    Another outing with the sidekick Engineered garments utility jacket Warehouse sweat Buzz chambray Conners sewing Factory M46 Vintage 60's converse Jack Coat Vintage ( 54-56 ) Levi's 503zxx Jordan's
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    ^ LVC from 1955 model onwards or many of the accurate 60s repros out there.
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    Buzz MA-1. I also bought a Buzz M-51 and until it's decisively cold outside, each day is a battle deciding between the two.
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    Quick fit pics of my Full Count 1108 at 170 days of wear, three washes.