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    Cheap white tee Wrangler 13MWZ Vans
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    @ArmandGLA thank you for the pics, but it is better if you could just post a link or send me dm, making the page tidy and concise.
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    Indigofera mister freedom brass clinch A few days back: The flathead 9lives ironheart wesco
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    CSF Merz Tender belt MF Viberg
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    Triff / Pointer / Bii Free / Simons Tee / TCB 50s / Excel Bolts
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    These are probably better for the Old/Weird Snearks thread.. Adidas OAMC
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    Traveling today. Tender coat, MFSC shirt & jeans, SDA belt, Paraboots...
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    Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine. Still not bright enough for me to photograph jeans without camera-shake, but still.... one more wash. Does anyone else find they keep losing coins now they have to keep everything in the back pockets?
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    Iron Heart Wtaps Iron Heart Timbs
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    Funnily enough I found the 1915s to be a reasonably slimmer fit (I have athletic ie non-slim legs) in comparison to my 201s or 37s, especially from the knee down, where they had what I’d describe as a stove-pipe fit. This may be because I had to size down 2 sizes (from a 32 to a 30) as the waist came up so big - this was the same on 2 pairs, although I sold one, still new, due to back rivet scratching on furniture, floors, etc. I’d recommend the 76s. I have a raw pair of 66s too and would probably swap them for another pair of 76s. I have no knowledge of, nor to be honest, interest in, the 47s as they are a fairly slim cut.
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    a bengal or bengal mix - we'll never know as she's a rescue.
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    Triffer / Orslow 6005 / Bon Homme button down / Bronson N3 Pants / Kurume canvas shoes
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    Triffer hat Tcb seaman jumper Telnyashka Re lookus Excelsior
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    This looks like a Bengal. Lovely cat.
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    Another short hike with the family today. Cheap repro daisy mae, vintage Fjällräven, Ergobaby with unruly toddler, 1st Pat - rn and Nike.
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    Ooe, WH Ranch, Roy, Lofgren feat. Breakfast
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    The Flat Head Nine Lives Ironheart Wesco
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    Mother's Day brunch outfit. Roy. Panerai. Warehouse. Viberg.
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    Does the fly that bit you do house calls?
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    First fades are slightly getting lighter every day on my OOE. I recently received an indigo dyed shirt and it instantly became my favorite shirt!
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    Iron Heart Iron Heart Pure Blue Japan Cons
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    Wearing a lot of black while it's still cold enough (temps were at end of winter levels today). I'm dreading the arrival of warmer weather. Robert Mackie wool beanie Schott P213 jacket Brixtol waffle knit sweater Samurai 710NBK jeans Dr. Marten "For Life" 1461
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    @dreamboatjustsoul P10-S size Large paired with Large J74-PX both colorways and the J58-WS I am a true waist (34) and it fits great but a tad bit long (I’m 5-9 190lbs) Excuse the shitty lighting and quality !