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    Received the J1A-GTPL and P30A-DS and my 2cents: J1A-GTPL - The Paclite fabric is pretty noisy and quality doesn't feel great, I would prefer 3L Pro or 2.5L over it; - This is my first piece with the new fold down collar and personally I don't like it. The old structured collar is one of my favorite Acronym looks, cool, protective, very techwear. The new design may try to blend more possibilities, but imo Acronym is not Veilance, and it should not compromise functionality to styling; - Tension zip is an improvement, originally I thought water would leak in which defuncts the use of WR zip, but seems when fully zipped it covers the pocket pretty well. At the same time it does give better space to the pocket and opens up naturally when you unzip, which is a pretty coherent functional feature; - New gravity pocket is a plus, no more flipping/stucking zips in movements P30A-DS - Hands down best Acronym pants imo, new BDU pockets are nice add-on, but not sure if it's superior than old version which is cleaner and purer. Acronym was striking the perfect balance in techwear, but to me it's seemingly shifting. E.g. from pictures of the P38, the design language is loud, almost looks like a Guerrilla Group pants.
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