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  1. moneyless


    Been feeling the same and that's one of the reasons I'm building: https://www.reversible.com/shopping/men/designer/ACRONYM (only desktop site for now) It's designed to be product oriented and feel free to dm me old season product info and I can add it to the site, to facilitate WTS and WTB.
  2. moneyless

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    "ask" can from both retailer or individual, marketplace/bidding is already integrated into the mix: for a marketplace experience (if you can't find a matched product or just want to sell straight away) you can create a sell listing from: https://www.reversible.com/want and afterwards view it by enable the unclassified toggle: https://www.reversible.com/shopping/men/designer/ACRONYM?unclassified=1 for bidding: I created a BID (WTB) for P10A-DS: https://www.reversible.com/shopping/men/item/ACRONYM-P10A-DS-schoeller®-Dryskin™-Articulated-Cargo-Pant-Black-253999895 it's equivalent to posting a our business plan is to profit from affiliation, so we can continue to offer free services for individual buy/sell as we currently do.
  3. moneyless

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    now we are on some serious discussion the differentiation lies on product aggregation, which is technically very difficult. then it all starts from there, basically you can see retailers among ssense, mrporter, farfetch etc selling the same product to compare price, or create bid/ask offer as an individual user, it's both B2C and C2C. reselling sites are messy, like those scrambled pictures taken from individuals etc, ideally we would like those hidden behind an aggregated product. for ACRONYM this is easy, but for commercial brands it is still difficult and we are trying, it's a different experience. and we also have a patent pending feature to help you do measurements (https://www.reversible.com/measurable) so you don't need to manually put together the numbers. again I don't think ACRONYM needs it, as we all are blindly buying whatever is available lol.
  4. moneyless

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    the bid/ask buttons are inspired from stockx, but otherwise it's very different... hehe I'll take that as a compliment as we are discussing on a forum from 2000s any way, we put together most ACRONYM pieces available from the web now: https://www.reversible.com/shopping/men/designer/ACRONYM it will be more effective to create offers under each item, either WTS or WTB, imo hope you all enjoy it and happy weekend!
  5. moneyless

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    lol only available on desktop site now, mobile app coming in a month
  6. moneyless

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: J72-DS Black size S like new: https://www.reversible.com/shopping/men/item/ACRONYM-J72-DS-HD-Jersey-Modular-Liner-Jacket-Black-178846904/?offerId=1399254 P30A-DS Black gen 1.1 size S brand new: https://www.reversible.com/shopping/men/item/ACRONYM-P30A-DS-schoeller®-Dryskin™-Ultrawide-Drawcord-Cargo-Trouser-Black-279413333/?offerId=1399482 above listed for a higher price so you can message/offer me on REVERSIBLE and try it out, payment via PayPal and no fee selling J1B-GT Dust size S brand new: https://www.reversible.com/shopping/men/item/ACRONYM-J1B-GT-DUST-RAF-GREEN-111605148 J1A-GTPL Navy size S brand new: https://www.reversible.com/shopping/men/item/ACRONYM-J1A-GTPL-Navy-170732616
  7. moneyless


    Received the J1A-GTPL and P30A-DS and my 2cents: J1A-GTPL - The Paclite fabric is pretty noisy and quality doesn't feel great, I would prefer 3L Pro or 2.5L over it; - This is my first piece with the new fold down collar and personally I don't like it. The old structured collar is one of my favorite Acronym looks, cool, protective, very techwear. The new design may try to blend more possibilities, but imo Acronym is not Veilance, and it should not compromise functionality to styling; - Tension zip is an improvement, originally I thought water would leak in which defuncts the use of WR zip, but seems when fully zipped it covers the pocket pretty well. At the same time it does give better space to the pocket and opens up naturally when you unzip, which is a pretty coherent functional feature; - New gravity pocket is a plus, no more flipping/stucking zips in movements P30A-DS - Hands down best Acronym pants imo, new BDU pockets are nice add-on, but not sure if it's superior than old version which is cleaner and purer. Acronym was striking the perfect balance in techwear, but to me it's seemingly shifting. E.g. from pictures of the P38, the design language is loud, almost looks like a Guerrilla Group pants.
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