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  1. It's only taken me two and a half months to post a fit picture of my Warehouse 1101, but here we are: I'm really enjoying wearing these and love the combination of the banner denim with a 60s cut.
  2. No, I bought the 1101 in size 30 and the 1001 are a 31. But that's partly because I've lost weight since I bought the 1001. If I were to do it again, I'd also take the 1001 in a 30. I don't own the new 1001XX models btw.
  3. Flat Head shirts are designed to have a bit of a drop-shoulder as well. Iron Heart shirts are designed for the seam to sit right on the top of the shoulder. I certainly don't have wide shoulders, but I've always found FH shirts to fit great in that regard. The challenge, especially with the westerns, is to deal with the taper to the waist. IH shirts feel like they're cut to fit a bit of belly and that's no good for me!
  4. Alvin, I own the 1001 and the 1101. Just check Warehouse's post-wash measurements: if you like the fit of your 1001, see which tag size is closest in the 1001XX.
  5. Super rad Mandel. It looks like you've washed your jeans plenty - what's the inseam measurement now?
  6. Ed, when you order from the WH webstore, you submit a form with the items you want and your location. Then they email you to confirm details with a quotation. You reply and they send you a PayPal invoice. It moves quickly.
  7. Super clean fit on those 800s Engine. Looks like you found your perfect jeans.
  8. I stripped the bottom arcs from my 1101 as well as the red stitching covering the GENUS lettering on the tab. Super easy and it left no marks. I put them through the wash afterwards.
  9. The denim will definitely stretch in the waist and a little bit in the thighs (I put about three months of wear into my 1001 and this took place). There is likely some more shrink in the inseam and I wonder if Warehouse's measurements are after one wash only. I'd recommend sizing on the skightly tighter side initially with banner denim.
  10. Measurements for 1101 in size 30 after two passes through the washing machine on 40C and 300rpm spin: Waist 75cm Front rise 28cm Back rise 37cm Thigh 29.5cm Knee 22.5cm Hem 19.5cm Inseam 82cm Very happy with the initial fit and can't wait to start wearing them. Best fit I've had with WH yet - the waist is finally the right size!!
  11. Not tempted to try the 0105XX in the same size as your 1101? You'd get that little bit more room that you're after without having a waist that's too large.
  12. Pretty sure it's ''just'' the standard 14.5oz 6x6 denim. My 1101 arrived yesterday and are being put through a couple of washes before I start to wear them. Learned from experience with the 1001 (plus Setterman's sage advice) that the banner denim needs a couple of runs through the washing machine before the inseam shrink is done. Ordered direct from WH and nothing has been removed from the back pockets . They're an awesome pair of jeans. Photos soon!
  13. If I'm reading the katakana correctly, the model is using banner denim (7x7). They look great.
  14. I did indeed. Took a 30 in the 1101 and have the 1001 in 31. Though if I was to buy the 1001 again, I'd also drop to a 30. Skin and bones these days...
  15. It's a more tapered cut - based on the mid-late sixties 501 pattern. Just a hair wider in the thigh, a little narrower at the hem... plus paper patch, no hidden rivets, etc.