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  1. Sugar Mountain


    The reason, I think, that you get the coin pocket lightning bolt on 60s models only is because the coin pocket denim is aligned in the same direction as the fabric of the jeans (peek inside your coin pocket and you'll see the weft diagonal lines going from top left to bottom right, same as your jeans). This must have an tension effect on the fabric once it shrinks with washing. On XX models, the weft diagonal is in the opposite direction to that of the main jeans fabric. The coolest detail of 60s jeans in my opinion.
  2. Sugar Mountain

    The Flat Head

    I basically robo-copped it within minutes of the shirt going online because I'd missed out on the original run... So, 2013 it was. Cheers for making that happen.
  3. Sugar Mountain

    The Flat Head

    Didn't you manage to get a small run of the short sleeves made at a later date? I bought mine from you in 2014 (I think) when a new batch was released on the webstore. It's easily my favourite shirt: perfect cut in a beautiful fabric that's just made for warmer climates.
  4. Sugar Mountain

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Perfect fit. The leg twist will become more pronounced with further washing, I'd think. Excited to put some wear on my own pair when my Warehouse are further down the line. Enjoy.
  5. Sugar Mountain

    china :: hong kong :: general

    Yup, mid-week is likely your best bet. Crazy how the hype around that place has sustained year after year.
  6. Sugar Mountain


    I took a look at the Take5 Hong Kong Instagram and in their post featuring that style of 421, it's called an overseas edition: Nice purchase by the way. I like that cut and the denim. Perhaps we'll see more Pherrow's being worn outside of east Asia with these toned down details.
  7. Sugar Mountain


    I think I read your question as '''where'' are the jeans from rather than ''when''! Maybe Pherrows are responding to demand from international retailers for a more toned down back pocket button?
  8. Sugar Mountain


    I used Google image search and it led me to Sage shop in Sweden: https://www.leshopsage.com/brands/pherrow-s/pherrow-s-jeans-421-sw I feel like I've seen the model on Take5's social media as well, but could be wrong.
  9. Sugar Mountain

    Full Count Denim Thread

    My pair of 1101 also started one-wash and have worn in beautifully. Wore them earlier this week... almost forgot how nice that denim is.
  10. Sugar Mountain

    Studio D'artisan

    Glad that you're alright - could have been terrible by the looks of it. At least your jeans tell a story now! And nice gesture Chicote.
  11. Sugar Mountain

    Conners Sewing Factory

    Looks tight.
  12. Sugar Mountain

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Viberg will also resole the shoe for you. Worth looking into how much that would cost vs. sending to Brian.
  13. Sugar Mountain

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Really love the look of the resoled RDT. Transforms the shoe into something I would definitely wear now.