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  1. I think the only most sensible option for adding eyelets would be to call Josh at good art and get some sterling on those bad boys!
  2. :') Indigo Proof wait times aren't too bad anymore...
  3. My method: turn inside out, let soak in water for 20 mins and make more pliable, stick in hot wash alone without detergent, heavy/spin cycle and all. Hasn't steered me wrong yet.
  4. Why anti-machine? I would just be afraid of having jeans that I liked for a few months becoming too small once you eventually washed them. Even with a machine, you don't have to worry about it making the jeans soft or missing out on the fades or anything, even if you want super contrast...
  5. Because they are made by The Flat Head
  6. I actually like holes that look like that and wanted the holes in my jeans to be patched that way, except for the crotch, but Indigo Proof only does darning. These definitely don't look as good as natural wear, but as far as predistressed jeans go I think they look really good. After seeing those, I just thought it was funny that even when it comes to pre-distressed jeans, the Japanese brands just do it better!
  7. Looks like Flat Head is making some more pre-distressed pairs: I don't think I'd ever buy another pair of pre-distressed jeans, but I also don't think they look half bad. What about you guys?
  8. Congrats, looks like a great fit to me! Impressive on a western.
  9. Indigo Queen?
  10. Wearing my 3005 again because my 105BSP's have a crotch blowout... but I'm not complaining! Complete with RJB shirt.
  11. ^^^^ Thanks man! I've had them roughly since when i posted those fit pics earlier on the page. I haven't been keeping track of washes at all, but much less than my 3005. Maybe once every 2 months or something. I was didn't want to have to stretch them out again so I went longer than I normally would have preferred, but going on I'll probably start washing them more. Rev, what size are your 3009? I would say at minimum a size down from those, maybe 2 depending on how they fit. A shame you weren't on the ball since I got mine new that price from self edge during their sale...
  12. Yeah looks good, especially the length, super perfect with no cuffs. Id love to hear your thoughts on the 737, I'll probably get that cut too when I get some stevensons.
  13. I'd sell, you have a bunch of other jeans that fit much better. Those make the bottom half of your body look too small for the top half. And I know what you mean about too tight around the calves/ankles. After wearing ~9" hems for a while, even like 8" feels weird.
  14. What? Fuck that...
  15. Alrighty, here's an update on my R.J.B 105B(omb)S(hit)P(ussy)'s! Huge fan of these jeans and I think they're going to turn out awesome, but the crotch has gone out. Sad!