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  1. I think the idea is "I really don't want to wash my jeans because of the FADEZ, but these are getting disgustingly dirty. 10 min soak should do the trick!"
  2. For reasons I can't articulate, I really don't feel the draw to post anymore (or even buy new things), but I'm still a huge denim fan... I'm sad the crotch on these rjb is starting to go though :'( I don't want to send these away for months to indigo proof!
  3. I just got my 3009 back from rain at darn it... so damn expensive! But seriously, I don't think there is a better repair service out there.
  4. That latter method of sizing will absolutely not work. If you get it post some pics great shirt!
  5. Is it the new or old denim? Either way, perfect fit man! Congrats. And yeah, they're insanely comfy, can't imagine more comfy denim honestly...
  6. I'm like you guys I think that if something is meant to be worn untucked it should be shorter (so it's not covering your ass.) whats weird about IH is it's definitely not meant to be tucked in, but the tails are soooooooooo long. My feeling is ive got jeans to cover my ass and I wear tops to cover the torso
  7. I like that jacket a lot! i think the type 2 is my favorite but i like that pocket style a lot more than the usual type 3 pockets.
  8. Awesome boots man!
  9. Those fit soooo perfectly man. They look a lot better than any other Stevenson fit I've seen. Those will probably be the ones I get if I get some Stevenson... still seriously loving my rjbs though
  10. Thanks! I'm sure that you could get that custom made.
  11. I need a haul vid bro
  12. To be fair, in my opinion iron heart shirts have shoulders that are way too small for the chests. Flat Head does have wider shoulders though.
  13. I think ill be going friday night!
  14. It's funny that you say that. My RJB are a 32 and I find them more comfortable than my 3005 in a 33! Although the 3005 are a bit looser.
  15. When I got them they were actually tight presoak, and they stretched out a LOT. I would wash them and wear them to see if they stretch enough, which they probably will. Which denim is it?