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  1. itsbenhere

    The Flat Head

    You know, I can probably make them work but Im just looking for a more comfy fit for this one. I think that it's roughly TTS and my foot might have just got a bit bigger in the past couple years, and its just weird moving up sizes so I didn't... Imo it fits like a 9.5 in the 70s. Maybe a 9 but I haven't worn my 9 in a while. Not sure if I still have them... Freaking awesome shoes though... they look and feel perfect!
  2. itsbenhere

    The Flat Head

    Good stuff guys! Im bummed... I preordered those new red leather sneakers in a 27.5, but I think I might need a 28. Anyone interested in buying, selling, or trading?
  3. itsbenhere

    Stevenson Overall Company

    In my opinion, if you don't want a crazy taper, do not go for the 767. I thought that it had the most drastic taper of any jeans I've ever owned. I think the 737 looks like a good cut.
  4. itsbenhere

    The Flat Head

    So I'm starting a tutoring company, and obviously I have to have a logo... so I'm making my logo, and looking for a kind of vintage feel for the typeface. I look through all the fonts on pages and settle on one I really like, just for a stylized "B". I then write out my name and notice that it looks verrrry familiar... so, I type out "The Flat Head" and, wouldn't you know it, but I chose the exact same font that Flat Head uses! For anyone wondering, it's "Brush Script MT", designed in 1942 by Robert E. Smith for American Type Founders.
  5. itsbenhere

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    oh hell yeah... that fits perfect!
  6. itsbenhere

    The Flat Head

    You can just order on rakuten and they’ll send you an email when they’re gonna ship
  7. itsbenhere

    The Flat Head

    The only thing that gives me pause on that fit is the butt area. Looks like you don’t even have one... not sure if all your jeans look like that, but if you have a BUNCH of room everywhere (and you have hot washed these) maybe a size down could better give you the fit you’re looking for.
  8. itsbenhere

    The Flat Head

    Yeah those are pretty spot on. 3005 right?
  9. itsbenhere

    The Flat Head

    I’m thinking I really want to pull the trigger on the red ones... those would look niiiiiccceeee with some crispy new jeans or khakis...
  10. itsbenhere

    The Flat Head

    Yes, indeed I am. That leather is just unbelievable looking. I would have bought that one instead of the RMC if the back looked like a traditional J24. That jacket is just unbelievable though! Super thick leather right? Even though it looks like it has so much character.
  11. itsbenhere

    The Flat Head

    Jesus.... that jacket is amazing!!!
  12. itsbenhere

    The Flat Head

    Damn, that shirts old as hell. Jeans still looking great! Cool that you finally got a pair that fits and also has the perfect amount of length!
  13. itsbenhere

    Real Japan Blues - Jeans & Shirts...

    Holy shit, I really thought those were my jeans. Crazy how similar the whiskers are and the overall look. Those look great!
  14. itsbenhere

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I listen to gangster ass rap about killing people and selling drugs. I find it goes very well with my loopwheeled t shirts.
  15. itsbenhere

    The Flat Head

    Is the waist unbelievably loose? Because that’s a great fit!