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  1. itsbenhere

    The Flat Head

    Thanks man! Like a lot of flat heads stuff the jacket is somewhat of a tricky fit. Larger shoulders and smaller sleeves like normal, although I like that they made the body less slim than their old jackets used to be. Honestly I think that some of the models I've seen on this jacket don't look great because the thinner people wear small sizes because the body is relatively big, but the sleeves are way too short on them. On the other hand, people who need size up a bit will have shoulders that look super dumpy. Works great for me though!
  2. itsbenhere

    The Flat Head

    Just got in the new run of their leather jacket. Love the leather and fit! Favorite native check shirt and D105 included. Loving the jeans but unfortunately don't fade 'em like I used to... and really should get them hemmed by now considering theyre like 3 years old.. .
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