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  1. Perfect fit on the chambray max! I likey...
  2. When I was in high school, around the time I was first getting into these clothes, people would always call me a hipster... I honestly never understood since to me I was just always trying to buy cool shit. I think that the difference between lame and not is the difference between buying the clothes to be cool and buying the clothes because they are cool.
  3. I miss josh's mustache.
  4. You'll need to stop wearing all those pantaloons of yours so much first
  5. I can guarantee that if you can get your hands on a sewing machine and do something like this over a couple times it will not get any worse. You could send it off now and it probably wouldn't be any more expensive in the long run as long as you tell them to prematurely reinforce the crotch area etc... but if you don't want to do that just yet, pinky swear what I said will work.
  6. That exact thing happened to me on my RJB jeans... I recommend what chicote says. I did that and it worked great. Basically, I would start to worry about repair when the actual denim gets a hole, not just the area around that stitching!
  7. Nice! I'm surprised how good it looks untucked. That's one of my oldest shirts... Did you get a small? And I don't think it'll shrink anymore
  8. New rough out jacket... seriously stoked on how this fits!
  9. It's freaky how every couple years there's a new wave of common posters... so trippy to think about all the people who used to post all the time but don't anymore. Including me kinda...
  10. I think the only most sensible option for adding eyelets would be to call Josh at good art and get some sterling on those bad boys!
  11. :') Indigo Proof wait times aren't too bad anymore...
  12. My method: turn inside out, let soak in water for 20 mins and make more pliable, stick in hot wash alone without detergent, heavy/spin cycle and all. Hasn't steered me wrong yet.
  13. Why anti-machine? I would just be afraid of having jeans that I liked for a few months becoming too small once you eventually washed them. Even with a machine, you don't have to worry about it making the jeans soft or missing out on the fades or anything, even if you want super contrast...
  14. Because they are made by The Flat Head