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  1. My new bling... And I could not help but notice all of my relative's insane watches during a dinner in Vegas... thought you might enjoy.... they count as bling right?? Forgive the fact that they're all women's
  2. Got this super dope Flat Head x Bill wall ring... definitely my favorite ring I've ever seen. Chunky as fuck!
  3. I would be amazed if they were glued on...
  4. I would be amazed if they were glued on...
  5. Current status... I still swear this is the best type 2 out there. 6002W ~ 2.5 years worn, many washes
  6. Wow that's scary I didn't even realize how trumpian that was... I've read too many tweets. It's gonna be a long 4 years.......
  7. New model's too handsome. Not authentic. DON'T APPROVE!
  8. If there's any more shrinkage, it won't be so bad that the jeans will noticeably change. Maybe hold off on a gem for a little, but other than that I think you're good to go!
  9. Kyle, I was thinking the same thing. I used to love the graphics and always had a couple tees on my radar that I wanted, now it's been I don't even know how long and I have 0 desire to buy any tees. I kind of feel the same away about their shirts. I can't tell if it's me, not them... but I'm glad to hear another (former?) fanatic feels the same way.
  10. Perfect fit on the chambray max! I likey...
  11. l m a fucking O!
  12. When I was in high school, around the time I was first getting into these clothes, people would always call me a hipster... I honestly never understood since to me I was just always trying to buy cool shit. I think that the difference between lame and not is the difference between buying the clothes to be cool and buying the clothes because they are cool.
  13. I miss josh's mustache.
  14. You'll need to stop wearing all those pantaloons of yours so much first
  15. I can guarantee that if you can get your hands on a sewing machine and do something like this over a couple times it will not get any worse. You could send it off now and it probably wouldn't be any more expensive in the long run as long as you tell them to prematurely reinforce the crotch area etc... but if you don't want to do that just yet, pinky swear what I said will work.