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  1. Those arcs must have been designed on a etch-a-sketch
  2. Great posts and nice XX
  3. 2000T perhaps, its been out a while and there is a version that has been dyed using Natural Indigo, maybe its that one as the others have the usual red/tiger selvage.
  4. Did you measure the 47's before you soaked them? They may have been bigger than tagged size. I've measured 1954's in the same waist size but different leg lengths and there was a consistent +1" difference in the waist on the longer leg.
  5. Probably just as good BF I just hope the 66xx returns with a not too low rise
  6. You're welcome Mr Bielby From the Cambridge English Dictionary for anyone else wondering: gopping adjective /ˈɡɒp.ɪŋ/ /ˈɡɑː.pɪŋ/ uk slang ugly, horrible: His new haircut is gopping.
  7. So it looks like Denime are reintroducing red tabs across their line with new SKU's for each model. From what I've gathered so far the new red tabbed models are: 66 Type Non Wash - DB15-001 66 Type One Wash - DB15-002 XX Non Wash - DB15-003 XX One Wash - DB15-004 66 Type One Wash Extra Size (40" - 42") - DB15-005 WWII One Wash - D16-254 Theres no new 66xx yet and current inventory are being sold off at 50% retail on the official denime webshop.
  8. .. and what about the absolutely gopping coin pocket? -edit the Freak beat me to it-
  9. Looks good Mason
  10. You do indeed, get those hands scalded!
  11. 1" flat or around the waist?
  12. 33W I'm guessing
  13. Post some more pics as those don't work!
  14. Vintage!
  15. Looks like the denim used on the 1954z?