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  1. Vintage!
  2. Looks like the denim used on the 1954z?
  3. I just may join this, I tend to only buy one pair of jeans at a time and wear them for 2 years+
  4. I've had the 3012, for a size 33 (post wash) the knee measures about 9" across and the 34 about 9.5". That is BiG style 13" down from the crotch. HTH.
  5. Same here Maynard, forgot how relatively cheap SC66's are. I think Dr. House started that (short-lived) LVC v SC 1966 thread in 2010 or 2011
  6. Between 2.5 and 3" for #1 @rodeo bill real slouchy steez those 2001's
  7. Love those 0110 and wish I'd kept mine now
  8. That jacket I dig the look though a bit more like this..
  9. The distressing is some of the best I've seen, the holes look like the shit you see on the 'denim' racks in River Island, Next etc
  10. I doubt the 17oz will be any slimmer than the 14.5oz. If you want a slimmer fitting/more modern cut evisu go for the 2005 or the 2000T
  11. Or someone who's been sat on the shitter with them around their ankles a long long time
  12. Got none unfortunately. There was a few pics of a nicely washed in pair of 4301 worn by a Japanese barber on the web but I can't find them anymore.
  13. I had a pair of 4302 a few years ago, shrinks about 2" in the waist and 2.5" in the leg iirc. Nice denim, a bit warehouse-esq and I prefer it over the OA fabric.
  14. Someone murdered their Denime 66xx!
  15. The pocket bag print tells you everything you need to know lol