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    • My two cents on P30AL-DS   Having worn the P30A-DS in Alpha Green extensively since its initial release, I'd like to focus this review strictly on the design differences of the P30AL. The most notable design difference is the replacement of the 3/4 length with the full-length leg. Initially, I wasn't a fan, as it reminded me too much of Balenciaga's oversized cargo pant design, which I owned but found cumbersome due to the inseam length. However, ACR expertly addressed this design flaw in the P30AL. Opting for my regular size Large, the pants fall perfectly at my feet, eliminating any dragging issues. The rapid adjust drawcord hem allows me to cinch the pant leg, creating a stylish look that pairs well with both sneakers and boots. Surprisingly, I've received more compliments on the P30AL in the last two weeks than I ever did on my P30A. Perhaps the shift to black from alpha green contributes to a more conservative appeal, but I appreciate having the best of both worlds. I’m not personally a fan of the new release tab addition so I removed it, while I understand its function I didn’t personally find it to be useful. I’ve included three photos, 1.) Open pant leg, 2.) Cinched pant leg, 3.) Open pant leg draped over my sneaker.   I purchased these during HBX's sale, and while discounts may deepen with time and varying retailer stocks, I recommend the P30AL to anyone seeking a baggier ACR pants design.
    • You're brave dicing with TCB measurements... good luck... The length at 62cm for 46/48 size does look ok though Clearly different views on Storm Rider fit, all cool whatever one fancies I had a Lee MiJ one once, slim fitting and I ultimately decided too slim as it was raw and reasonably stiff - the size never felt right Ralph's is nicely worn in so drapes well, unlike a new one, tho imo too slim I'm not getting one - but, if I did I'd go large... I think voluminous looks good... a quick squiz found these two ladies rocking theirs well
    • I just go by the website in particular. Any store demonstrates the way they get their measurements. The big thing for me is if the thigh is measure directly at crotch seam or like 10 cm down. Most seem to do the waist as lay flat x2. 
    • Flat Head snow pattern sweatshirt  Flat Head red herringbone flannel Iron Heart belt Flat Head hickory stripe pants Wesco Mister Lou horsehide boots TFH gear was all from Yahoo Auctions and Mercari! A rare no-denim outfit from me. I'm particularly excited about the pants, love the fit and everything else about these, for just half or a third of the cost of similar pants at most specialty shops.
  • Benzak Denim Developers
    European denim and lifestyle brand from Amsterdam

    Companion Denim
    Handcrafted denim from Barcelona

    Dawson Denim
    British made selvedge workwear from Hove

    Legendary Japanese denim brand

    Native American-owned denim line

    Japanese denim and streetwear from Tokyo

    Iron Heart
    Heavy duty denim

    Japanese denim

    Lone Flag
    Modern denim and menswear born in southern CA

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