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  1. The higher price tag on the limited edition LR01 probably has much more to do with them being sewn by Arthur himself on vintage sewing machines than them using a cone fabric. The white oak plant produced hundreds of thousands of yards of selvage denim over the years but a sizable amount leftover on the market is considered "second quality" and can sell for just a few dollars a yard. From his perspective, factoring shipping & import duties, I would be willing to bet the cost of using a Japanese denim vs. a deadstock cone would come out to being pretty comparable, so if he's already got a model with Japanese denim anyways might as well opt for the "original"
  2. @NilsLW cheers for this, good to seem him getting some love on here. Really admire what he is doing, I have a pair of the LR01 WH and everything about them is spot on. For what it is worth, I believe he had some affiliation with Hayashi-san of Resolute (maybe EU sales rep/distributor?) , and his LR01 conceptually is quite similar to the 710 model, but the cut is much much better. Love the 710 concept but felt the cut is not as well suited for a lot of body types so for anyone looking for a 66 model I would highly recommend the LR01. Looking forward to trying this 50s model at some point down the line
  3. Found these in Glen E. Friendman’s recent Black Flag book - What I See, thought they might be appreciated here Henry Rollins redlines, & beautiful train tracks on Chuck Dukowski’s pair @ Cuckoos Nest show in Hermosa Beach, CA 1981
  4. I was a bit late to the Roy party having only ever owned his 2nd to last(?) SE R01 release, his usual signature back pocket shape isn't my favorite. I am super happy with the pair I got which has "test-lot" (standard 501 shape) details though, and can attest that the craftsmanship lives up to the hype. If Japanese repro brands aim for perfection in re-creating the stitching style of vintage Levi's (sloppy or otherwise), Roy is almost the opposite in his pursuit of perfection through overall evenness/cleanliness & consistency. The clamshell overlocking stitch for the fly gives it almost a luxurious feeling for a pair of jeans that is hard to describe. Would have liked to try out the black seed denim at some point since I dig the concept, but am totally content with my XX20s. Super bummed to hear about @shredwin_206 experience though, I was excited at the prospect of him making more pairs in the future but that really rubs me the wrong way
  5. Parting ways with a Mister Freedom Dude Rancher western shirt in the 101 denim from SS 2022. Size L, I warm washed and tumble dried it once expecting it to shrink a lot more than it actually did so have only worn it a handful of times. No real signs of wear, but a little bit of puckering at the seams and the denim has softened up very nicely. Asking $150 shipped in the US. 21.75” P2P / 31.5” length / 18.5” shoulders / 35” sleeve length (back of neck to cuff)
  6. Sweatshirt sold, border tee still available!
  7. Looking to let go of a Warehouse lot 403 sweatshirt in oatmeal size 42 (M/L) picked up from Self Edge a while back but haven’t worn much. Hot washed initially to remove shrinkage, worn a handful of times but no real signs of wear. 22.5” p2p x 23” length, $85 shipped in USA as well as a size Large lot 4080 (?) border tee in navy/gold, picked up from Standard & Strange in 2020. Only worn it maybe 3x since, pretty much perfect condition. Fits more like an M than L, 19.5” p2p x 25” length. $40 shipped or take both for $100 shipped in the US
  8. Bumping this down to $30 shipped each, $55 shipped for both
  9. @julian-wolf I would say this fit closer to a US large, or Japanese XL. Definitely feels like a more traditional western fit, the only note being the opening of the armholes to be a bit slim (6.5” across) which I believe is more of a stylization thing in tandem with the freedom gusset underneath. Hope that helps!
  10. Letting go of 2 YM Factory loopwheel pocket tees, 1 grey & 1 navy both size 42. Took a gamble on the measurements and they came out a bit bigger than I was hoping. Washed & tumble dried on low to try and shrink them down a bit but not as much as I had hoped so they’ve been sitting unworn for some time. Sewn entirely on vintage machines, bound collars and cool “freedom sleeve” style underarm gussets. Both measure 22.5” p2p & 27.5” long $40 shipped each in the US or $70 for both.
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