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  1. Fooleo

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Those cone memorial jeans are interesting. Just picked up a pair of old (2010ish?) Engineered Garments jeans which are also made from 4 different kinds of deadstock Cone denim. From the pics above it looks like they're cut in almost the exact same combo too. Wonder if it's a bite or genuine coincidence....
  2. Fooleo


    I have a 40 in both! Originally planned to do a 42 since I would be washing frequently and expected a lot of shrinkage, but actually hasn't been too major, definitely think I made the right choice
  3. Fooleo


    Definitely agree WH shirts don't get the love they deserve, I have the 3076 in denim and the 3001 western. The denim on the 3076 is super deep almost navy indigo with a grey weft, and is super hairy with lots of nep. Has been a rather slow fader I think bc of how light the fabric is (probably 6-8oz), but has been super soft and comfortable from the start. The 3001 has been almost the opposite. The denim (bought non-washed and washed at home) has been crazy stiff, and is probably closer to about 10oz. Almost feels like a shirt-jac weight, and feels very heavy with all the snaps. The fabric is also particularly neppy, and looks like it has some interesting slub to it. My only gripe is how high/tight the arm holes are, definitely very Japanese in fit, though the sleeves seem almost disproportionately long to where they're cut, which isn't necessarily a bad thing for western body types. Still yet to try any of their flannels...
  4. Fooleo

    Stuff you would like to see made

    A run of american-made Vans would be a dream.... I definitely find the "Anaheim Factory" collections rather misleading and still leaving some to be desired compared to OG shape / materials. I have a hard time believe a corporation of that size doesn't have the capability to do at least a small run... I know it might not make sense for them cost wise, but even if they were priced around $100 I am willing to bet they'd still be a hit, especially for the purists and MiUSA heads
  5. Fooleo


    Anybody interested in a pair of DD-1551ZXX (In-store only model - https://www.ware-house.co.jp/?pid=124171859) sz 34 that measures about 33" ?.. Sized up to accommodate for shrinkage with tumble drying, but still not too happy with the fit. Washed/dryed a few times but haven't began fading much yet, would let them go for $120 + shipping...
  6. Fooleo


    Duck Digger is Warehouse's "top of the line" / most specifically accurate repro models. For example, the 1000xx (not DD) is based off of late 40s/early 50s models, but not any year in specific. the 1001xx (not DD) fit changes every few years, and doesn't reflect the EXACT fit or details of a certain era necessarily. For the most part, the DD models are meant to be as close repros as possible, specifically fit and construction wise. Most of them use banner denim interestingly though, which is based off of a 30's denim, but is used on most models from 20's-60's (1105, 1101 etc) Someone correct me if I made any mistakes here
  7. Fooleo

    Shoes that look better with age...

    ^^^ Haven't seen many people with those either. I got mine about two years ago, but only really wear them barefoot in the summers. Hope they'll soon look as good as yours!