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  1. Fooleo

    Conners Sewing Factory

    YM doesn't produce for CSF, but he might handle their repairs.. He also does repair work fro Berberjin and a few other notable denim shops in Japan. For what it's worth, you can also buy his stuff directly from him via IG with the help of google translate as he does not speak english. I picked up the jumper from him a few months back, and he was super easy to work with. I would absolutely put the quality up there with CSF too, very similar ethos with vintage machine set-up and etc
  2. Fooleo

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Heads up to anyone else who’s been relying on on a JP proxy the past year - EMS just announced they’ll be resuming service to the US as of June 1st
  3. Fooleo

    Vintage Denim?

    Looks like they are from the early to mid 50s. Double sided red tab + leather patch would have to be before about 1955 ish. Thats an amazing pair, super cool they've been held on to in your fam
  4. Fooleo

    Sugar Cane Denim

    The shrinkage in the length means no cuff but I am still stoked with the fit. Sized up by 2, usually wear a 32 but took a 34 in these. Black denim usually looks a little flat and uninteresting to me, but since they’re unsanforzied they’ve got plenty of texture. They also came with these 2 sharp creases that didn’t come out after a second wash but I’m actually kind of digging them and eager to see how they’ll wear...
  5. Fooleo

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Just picked up the Black 47s from SE and have to say they might just be the best black jeans ever made. Totally worth the wait. Heads up to anyone else considering them, I got an additional 1" of shrinkage in the waist and 3/4" in the length after a delicate wash even though these are already rinsed. The waist is already stretching back but the length in the inseam sadly is not coming back.
  6. Fooleo

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Damn that right pocket shape is so good! @roomtemplacroix is it the same denim as the regular 47s?
  7. Fooleo


    I have also been debating a pair of 505s for a while but the measurements on the site have it around 11" which isn't quite high enough for my preference... That fit is spot on @JimTheBrass seeing that there is actually a 13" rise on the size 33 might just tip me over the fence
  8. Fooleo

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Anyone have some wisdom about the denim used for the 67 505 over the years? Specifically about the Kiahara vs. Cone debate - I saw earlier posts here mentioning that it has always been Kaihara, but have also seen conflicting points that there were also Cone versions at some point. A friend of mine is offering me a brand new without tags pair I believe is from ~2012 or earlier. Don't have any pics on hand at the moment, but they paper patch still has very small "made in USA" printed between lot # and size, which I know was eventually removed on more recent versions
  9. Fooleo


    I always found it a bit amusing the DD line is so precise on certain period details (stitching/pocket shape/rivets etc) yet use the same 1930s banner denim for 40s/50s/60s models. Depending how its washed it can have a variety of looks and it is definitely a nice ~neutral medium for letting the other details / the silhouette shine
  10. Fooleo


    Bears teased a DSB Zipper model on their IG a while back. Possibly a new 551 model? Pocket shape looks different than regular 1000XX https://www.instagram.com/p/CGNSnu6jlRm/
  11. Fooleo


    Anybody interested in a pair of seaman trousers size 32 (not hemmed) ? Worn a few times and washed once, practically brand new. Looking for $100 shipped in USA. Happy to provide pics & measurements, too
  12. Fooleo

    Denim books

    I got the jacket book + 501 book reprint, and am thrilled with them. Though they were not cheap, I would say the price is fair considered there is quite possibly millions of dollars worth of denim in there that would be nearly impossible to see in such detail, short of traveling across the world to Japan. In that sense they are just as much an art book as it is reference guide/text book for vintage denim. I also think the fact that they both have full english captions/translations makes them totally worth it
  13. Fooleo


    Looks like self edge has their first pieces from warehouse coming in... Just the 403 sweatshirt in oatmeal and 4601 (?) pocket tee in white on the site so far
  14. Fooleo

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Wearing my XX20s for the first time I keep thinking about how heavy these pocket bags are, 10oz pocketing on a pair of 12oz jeans is insane in the best way Would love to have a shirt or even a pair of jeans just out of this stuff
  15. Fooleo


    That blanket lined zip denim jacket is a must cop... hope someone in US or EU stocks it, seems likely WH still won’t be shipping web orders to US as long as EMS service is still suspended
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