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  1. Same to this super legit dude. Definitely will connect to a fellow enthusiast and learn a ton of acronym shit, as I have, just hit him up for steals and grails.
  2. Bump and add new WTS listings: (All full pack unless otherwise noted, prices F&F shipped anywhere, plus fees for G&S) J50-S BLK M 9.9/10 (no spec/bag but with Stotz tags) Only tried on. $1400 P45-E BLK M 10/10 $1250 V5S-S BLK M 10/10 $490 SP29-M GREY S 10/10 $450 J84-S BLK M 10/10 $1550 J98-SS BLK M 10/10 $2100 J84-S BLK L 10/10 $1550 LA6B-DS AG XL 9.0/10 $800 P41-DS BLK XL 9.0/10 $650 J63A-FO BLK XL 9.9/10 $1500 (no spec/bag but with Gore tags) KR-SM1 10/10 $600 P44-DS GREY XL 9.5/10 $750 J36-S NIGHT XL 7.0/10 $1200
  3. WTT: 1. J54-LP in L, 9.5/10 condition(only tried on plus 8 years preservation) OR 2. J28-GT from 22FW WHITE in XL, 9.5/10 condition(worn 3-5 times) For: J36-S DUO either BLK/RAF or RAF/BLK in L OR XL plus cash or something else If you got one of the J36s and don't want the J54-LP, please reach for futher details.
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