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We already have the 'How many pairs of jeans do you own?' thread

However conspicuous by its absence is the 'How many denim jackets have you got?' thread

So high time we get this thread going!!

The following are all encouraged… posting your denim jacket count to answer the thread exam question (though the number itself matters not), pictures of your happy denim jacket family, any denim jacket stories… and, of course, anything else even loosely related...

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Here we go with mine then... my interest has grown over the past 4 to 5 years especially

There are so many cracking denim jackets out there... looking forward to seeing what we've got collectively...

  1. Freewheelers 506 XX 1922
  2. Freewheelers 506 XX 1927
  3. Freewheelers 506 XX 1933
  4. Freewheelers S506 XX 1944-45 WWII model
  5. Freewheelers S516 XX early 1946 WWII model
  6. Freewheelers Ironalls Lot 100 (raw white) – Incoming next week
  7. Freewheelers Ironalls Lot 100 (denim)
  8. Freewheelers Golden Spike, wabash
  9. CSF 1946 first half, WWII denim
  10. Sugar Cane S1943
  11. At Last Lot 147J
  12. At Last Lot 677J
  13. Samurai Type 2 S552XX 21oz
  14. Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse
  15. Tender Lot 900 10th Anniversary model
  16. Tender 410 shirt / jacket – New in recently
  17. Ooe Yofukuten Railroad Jacket
  18. Orslow military pullover shirt / jacket
  19. Post Overalls Navy Blu

20240601 How many denim jackets thread 1.JPEG

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I'll contribute! My jacket collection is smaller and more focused than my jeans, mainly since I get relatively little time to wear them.
504xx 1900 closed front jumper
506xx 1922
506xx 1933
506xx 1942
506xx 1945
507xx RB
Lot 100 Ironalls

Ooe Yofukuten
Wool-lined chore coat
Chore coat in twisted weft denim
Railroad jacket Cone denim
Railroad jacket ecru denim


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Posted (edited)

I've already mentioned some of mine in the HMPOJDYO thread but here is the full disclosure. 

1. FW 1942 506XX sz 46 (incoming) - This will be put on ice until my WH jacket starts to get to a decent level, fade-wise. Or if l over cook it and it gets too small.

2. Warehouse 1927 506XX sz 46 - my current wearer until (see above)

3. Lee 1931 101J  Cowboy sz 42 - old/worn, a bit slim but doable over a tee. 

4. OG Lee 101LJ Stormrider sz 46 (from the early 1960s) - perfect wearerable condition. Worn sparingly in spring/autumn (on the rare occasion when it's not wet).

5. Lee 101J sz XL. This was a tk maxx purchase c.2005 for £25. Made in Tunisia but the fit was spot on so couldn't pass it up. Now lives in London where it gets worn mostly by the Mrs.


6. Lvc 1880s Triple pleated blouse sz XL. Don't wear anymore ( for sale so make me an offer if interested 😊 )


Now all we need is a proper jacket junky thread, to include all jackets, denim and non-denim.


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To add a jacket and add descriptions
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I'll just move this over here and also I missed a few: 

1. Sugar Cane - SC15210 Wool Lined 1953 type 2 (38) - *

2. Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse Midnight Denim (38) - * 

3. Tender Type 900 Indian Black (sz 3) - *
4. Tender Type 900 19oz cross weave denim, also Indian Black (sz 3) - *
5. Tender Type 933 (Zoetrope Coat, plain weave indigo/walnut, size 3) - *

6. Freewheelers 507xx 1951 (40) - !
7. Freewheelers Lot S516XX1946 (40) - * 
8. Freewheelers Lot 506 XX 1922 (40) - * 
9. Freewheelers 507 RB (40) - !

10. Fullcount 2107 (40) - !
11. Fullcount 2107 SS (40) - ! 

12. Companion Denim - Cone Tribute Jacket (M) *
13. Companion Denim - Cone Tribute Jacket (S) - X
14. Companion Denim - overdyed natural indigo (M) - ! 
15. Companion Denim - French Work Jacket in Indigo HBT (M) *

I'm currently favoring the FW '22, SC 15210, and Companion Denim French Work Jacket. 

Related, non denim jackets.

- SC15463 - Flannel lined, Beige Corduroy 1953 (38)
- Kapital Tri-P Coat (Beige), M
- Tender Co. Type 961 (Baste jacket, velvet, sz 3) 
- Blue Blue Japan Indigo Sashiko Stand up Collar Chore Coat (sz 2)

17. OOE Yufukuten type 2 (38) - although I have a suspicion this may be end up too small I had to snatch it up at auction to see. 
16. Freewheelers 507B (38) 
18. Warehouse S2161 WW2 Tailor Style Denim Jacket

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Posted (edited)

I think i have this somewhere in my room :laugh:

1 Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse
2. Mister Freedom Denim Pea Coat
3. Sugar Cane S1943
5. Warehouse db s506xx
6. Csf x CUSHMAN  22506XX  
7 Csf x 3face 506xx
8. Csf x dr  ww2   >>>active
9  csf S406XXX M-WW2—VALLEJO —
10 runabout goods BRANDER jacket
11  vtg JC Penney Foremost  size 38
12 vtg JC Penney Foremost size 42
13 levi lvc 555 506xx size 44
14 vtg 507xx size 38
15 vtg 507xx size 42
16 vtg 506xx size 36
17 vtg 506xx sixe 38
18 vtg 506xx size 40
19 vtg 40/50s lee 91j
20 levi lvc 1920
21 Militora s506xxe
22 warehouse GREENEBAUM
23 Dead stock 70s Blue Bell 

24 SIGNAL GARMENTS WWII 1940's STYLE Type 1 Jacket
25 payday ww2 jacket chore jacket

26 vtg unknow ww2 Chore Jacke

27 vtg1940-50s wwii the free land chore jacket

28 the ace  WW2 shawl Collar jacket


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And also makes me feel a bit better since it kind of normalizes my number of jackets:

1. Freewheeleers Lot 506XX  1930s MODEL size 40
2. Warehouse 2001 1ST TYPE DENIM JACKET, light ounce (12-13oz) size 42
3. Eat Dust 673 Chore Jacket XL
4. RRL Type 2 Cone Denim Blanket Lined Made in USA size 42
5. Freewheelers Lot 507XX 1951 size 42
6. Cushman 50s Jacket 13.5oz Type 2 size 42
7. Sugarcane 1953 Type 2 size 38
8. Warehouse Blanket Lined Lot.2001XX(2000XX) size 48
9. Freewheelers Lot 506XX 1933 size 48
10. Warehouse Lot.2001XX(2000XX) 1936model DSB size 48
11. Studio D'Artisan Blanket Lined Jacket D4187 size 44
12. orSlow 50s Denim Coverall Size 5

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Posted (edited)

1. vintage (70ties) Lee Storm Rider lined jacket size L

2. Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse size 42

3: Sugar Cane Type II size 42

3. The Real McCoys Type III size 42

4. Full Count 30th Anniversary 1946. jacket size 44

5. TCB Hard Working Cat Hero flanel lined jacket (Wrangler) size 44

6. Orslow Type III size 4

7. vintage (start of 90ties) Carhartt Messenger denim jacket size ?

8. LVC Type I MiJ size 44 (still not touched, not hit the water)

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Dang, you all must wear jackets like I wear pants…

For me, as far as I can remember, it's just:

  • Levi's Rigid II Trucker, size L, now a vest
  • Kapital Century Denim No. 7s rider jacket, size 44L (could probably have gone 46)
  • Sun Surf SS14450 Okolehao Ranch Blouse, size 42
  • Tender Co. Type 900 10th anniversary edition woad overdye, size 4
  • Tender Co. Type 902 sans overdye, size 4
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Too many. * = active wear

  • Eternal Type II*
  • TCB 1930s Type I*
  • LVC (MiJ) Type I
  • LVC Triple pleat (for sale, BNWT)
  • TCB Seamen’s jacket (for sale, BNWOT) - this is too similar to my LVC shawl collar jacket in navy twill, which I prefer 
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I don’t, I just like them more. I’ve really only got even halfway decent fades on probably 4-5 of them. That said, I probably wear a jacket more than like…95% of the people out there. My partner gives me (good natured) grief about it all the time. 

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Posted (edited)

Off the top of my head, without checking the closet -



RMC type 2 blanket lined

MF Ranch Jacket x 2 (one in Okinawa denim).

LVC triple pleat

Lee Japan one pocket model (20+years old)

Vintage -

Levis Big E type 3

JC Penneys blanket lined

Off brand type 3 style - kinda cool. been meaning to post pics...

Might be missing some. Will adjust list if necessary.

On the way - Fullcount 30th anniversary WW2 


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Posted (edited)

2 total with a Freewheelers 507 Type II on the wishlist.


Mister Freedom Cowboy Jacket Okinawa 301 size 40 since November 2021

Warehouse Lot 2001XX(2000XX) Type I with Blanket Indigo Denim size 42 since March 2024

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2 hours ago, Maynard Friedman said:

^ It may actually be more cost effective to turn your heating on

Haha not with UK prices... and the Yen rates making jackets extra good value

Given I'm in Yorkshire, I tell the kids they can have the heating on after jackets and star jumps have failed to warm them up... and it's below 10C... indoors :)

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5 hours ago, Dr_Heech said:

But that's how it begins. It only takes one 😁


if I’m being honest, I do have other jackets, but non of them are denim. I wear a jacket for around 6 months of the year. Having more than 1 got to me to a point where I wasn’t really wearing any of them, so I only left the one I liked the most and sold the others. I am eyeing some type I jackets. Possibly FW. We’ll see. 

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Posted (edited)

Short list at the moment: 

Full Count 2107 Type 2 13.7oz (Size 40)
Oni Indigo/Black Secret Denim Type 3 (Size 40)
Lee Storm Rider (70s) (Size ??? but it fits)

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Quite small compared to @MJF9

Freewheelers 1927
Freewheelers WWII   
Freewheelers WigWag *too small now*
Runabout Goods USN denim jacket 

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