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  1. Thanks! What does your jacket look like, two months down the road? Some evo showing already?
  2. Belated question: how did you size this gem? Mister Freedom themselves suggest sizing down, but I'm not sure that is the way to go. So I wonder what you did, because you seem to have nailed the fit after a wash.
  3. Hey Kiya, do the Champion sneakers come with insoles again, just like the previous run?
  4. That was about some USA-made shirts, if I remember correctly.
  5. Agreed, but those specific jeans...
  6. APC had a pair like that many years ago. I actually bought some, during my APC fanboy phase. Apologies.
  7. I'm sorry, I seem to suck at posting pictures.
  8. I actually have a FH wabash shirt in size 40 for sale, worn for a few hours when I realized it really runs quite small. It is the version of 2010 or maybe 2011. I of course bought the 42 after that, it is really a great shirt. Let me know if you are interested.
  9. I bought a pair of Oki's this spring and I love the denim so much, I got a pair of Mister Freedom Lot 64, Oki edition as well. Not to mention the MF CPO's and loco jacket.
  10. I have this jacket, I wear it quite a lot. Great jacket.
  11. I don't know what size you need in the Flat Head wabash, but I have a practically unworn size 40, an older version from around 2010. I've been meaning to sell it since I have the 42, but never got around to do it. Runs a bit small though. Let me know if you are interested.
  12. Sugarcane SC40302 - the mud dyed ones. Perhaps an odd choice for my first pair of Japanese denim, but I do remember the excitement - from ordering to the delivery man saying ,,what? Jeans from Japan?" to wearing them for the first time Sugarcane SC40400 - natural indigo Samurai S5000BK Sugarcane SC40600 - the hand woven ones Flat Head F380 Pure Blue Japan PBJ 007 Dry Bones X Selfedge SEXDBXSFXSF12 Sugarcane SC40701 Rainbow Okinawas Dry Bones X Selfedge SEXDB19 Roy Big Bro Sugarcane SC40301 Okinawas And a bunch of APC jeans, mostly from before I discovered Japanese denim: 'Old Standard' (I guess - purchased 'round 1998) Anglais (x2) New Standard New Standard black Rescue
  13. No you're not.... I really love mine, I might get the chambray version as well.