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  1. Fit on the SC1947s is great.
  2. Dinner time! Maynard, food photos ahead. When in Taipei you have to try xialongbao and Din Tai Fung is a great option, so is Jin Ji Yuan down the road: The entrance downstairs, which is also the kitchen: Jeans are holding up: Started off with fried bread: Fried chicken rice: And of course, xiaolongbao, or steamed dumplings:
  3. Part 1 of today: Got some of HK's famous Jenny Cookies the other day, couldn't help but nab some: And some chick cakes from Tokyo: Finally got out to Taipei 101; when it was built in the '90s it was the tallest building in the world. It's since been surpassed a few times by other buildings though. The design is meant to look like bamboo, but a lot of people commented after it was built that it looks like a pagoda for the dead (bad luck!) There are 101 floors, hence the name. Along the lower level are four giant ancient Chinese coin designs (the circle with the square) and along each other break is a ruyi symbol, which is a carved wooden talisman meant to bring good luck. I took the photo from 44 South Village, a former military dependents village. These were buildings left by the Japanese (notice the black tiles) that the KMT took over after WWII and used as barracks for their soldiers. They added slapdash concrete to the buildings and then later abandoned them. Some, like this village, have been remodeled. This one has a restaurant, ice cream, a gift shop full of handmade and organic items and galleries. Inside, a shot of the jeans: The restaurant's private dining room: An alleyway: Very sunny and hot! Kind of hunchbacked. Moving on, went inside Taipei 101 to the food court. Caramelized duck tongue anyone? How about chicken feet? Got oyster omelet, fried rice, and fish ball soup: And of course pearl milk tea in a light bulb with a flashing keychain attached for good measure (the tag reads "I'm super handsome"):
  4. Payment sent!
  5. Lots of great boots lately; if you want to send them into Heddels for our fades section, feel free!
  6. What's really really next:
  7. Yeah, I know that the crepe soles are huge among the more shameless corners of the Instagram denim world, but I'd just be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  8. They're in the AW collection? Hopefully I can instacop for next summer.
  9. Papa Nui Freewheelers Red Wing
  10. Hey Jigsaw, I think this took me about a month. Obviously they have a lot of boots to resole, but I think the max I've ever waited was 2 months for my Chippewa rebuild.
  11. Well, I don't think crepe soles are a trend considering they've been around since 1952 on Red Wing boots. Granted they weren't made for pounding on concrete, but rather for grass and mud, but they're still more comfortable. Every sole style has its pros and cons; crepe soles are comfortable but have poor traction and wear out quickly. These soles will last a heck of a lot longer, but I'm not going to lie and say they're anywhere near as nice to walk all day in.
  12. Had to work yesterday but I did get lunch out and then went to pick up my re-soled boots at Dr. Sole: Sunny day, the view if Taipei 101 from my home: And the view of Yangmingshan, the volcano people like to hike on: Morning coffee at home: Got lunch, a kimchi dan bing: Fit pic: Dr. Sole: Re-soling display and finished boots and shoes waiting to be picked up by customers: Boots and shoes waiting to be re-soled: Soles and heels customers can choose from: Simple Sample, their own line of women's Goodyear-welted boots and shoes: Re-soled boots: Dr. Sole showing off one of his favorite shirts He says he's worn his The Rite Stuff shirt almost every day this summer riding his scooter to protect himself from the sun: Shop paraphernalia:
  13. Got my RW875 resoled again at Dr. Sole but went for a leather midsole, low block heel and black cork half-soles and heel:
  14. My own, obviously
  15. Yes, actually 55 cm was the original width I had in mind, but because of the dimensions of these two fabrics as they're milled, going above a 50cm width would result in half of the fabric roll being unusable for the scarves. So, it's a practical decision.