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  1. Just the like eternal search for "cool", if you try too hard or become self-aware then you're no longer cool. It's not really about the clothes, but the attitude in this case, except when it is about the clothes and you don't care (too much) what others think, in which case then it's about the attitude again because you give off the IDGAF vibe, in which case you might have become genuinely cool or are just old, and possibly an accidental hipster.
  2. You're right, we're now post-post-modern, and irony is no longer cool. All this just makes me think of accidental Chinese hipsters now:
  3. If only we could get Chinese hipsters to man the sewing machines ironically too, then the circle would be complete and we'll have entered a post-modern reality where life imitates life, and one day people will repro the repro of our repro.
  4. TCB

    Or ask TCB to hem them; they made a pair of Seamen's shorts for me.
  5. TCB

    It's easy for them to find shoes their size?
  6. Fair enough, it's just that speaking purely as a customer I was looking at north of $500 for a MIC jacket and my wallet was just saying no. If that's what it needs to retail at to make a profit though then business is business, but without knowing the production cost my first impression was that it seemed a bit high, IMO. At the time I made that post, I was purely a customer/fan and had yet to make the jump across the great divide, so I wasn't really sure if that was a fair price for me as a consumer or not. I'm glad to know that it is though, and wish Toyo and their retailers the best.
  7. Snitches wear stitches. Here's some more discussion on this topic:
  8. That would make sense; to me the 2009 cut was made for guys with skinny legs only, so it would make sense that the 2014 would be an updated cut; Self Edge measurements show the thigh on the 2014 is 11.75, up from 11.6 on the 2009, which looks better to me.
  9. Just be careful with the Sugarcane 2009 and 2014 models, unless you have thin legs.
  10. OK interesting; didn't notice Take5 Taipei promote these.
  11. Buy your same size, yes.
  12. They look like an older model, or they could be a collab pair; the patch looks older and closer to the patch they used when Pherrow's was known as Stormy Blue.
  13. TCB

    This is how they started off as strictly a sewing factory making clothes for brands like Sugarcane and others; as far as I can tell, TCB seems to be making clothes for Moto(r) as well, as Hajime-san posted pictures of the owner Hideo Motoike at the TCB factory and soon after Moto(r) was offering duck pants, USN denim pants, etc. Maybe they do make clothes for e-Workers too.
  14. Um, uh... Aho and BF hit the nail closer to the mark. Think about which brands, that aren't directly artisans or the factory itself (like TCB and OOE) that offer prices that are too good to be true. If a brand is selling you a chambray shirt retail for $75 they're either not looking to really make money, they're subsidizing it with great sales from their other items, or perhaps something else is afoot... There's also the possibility that a brand does make some items entirely in Japan, and others not, openly or otherwise.
  15. I guess I can't use that Montgomery Ward saddle pants leather patch anymore. Nice nod: