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  1. Awesome look and fit Volvo.
  2. Denim jacket won't do much in a real winter, unless you plan to wear wool under/over it. Maybe look at a Brown's Beach wool vest.
  3. Dem stacks... Seriously though:
  4. Guilty as charged.
  5. Thanks Flash
  6. The Rite Stuff Ace Western Belts TCB Chippewa The Superior Labor Bag
  7. Excellent piece surfer; it conjures up images of mansion garden parties in the '80s, white seersucker suits, dobermans and all.
  8. For vintage finds, White Whale Company in Yau Ma Tei; also, I think Workware HK might have a storefront somewhere in Kowloon too.
  9. Or...give in to the Dark Side and cut them into Daisy Dukes.
  10. If anyone knows Jared's last name I have experience checking arrest records online.
  11. I thought the idea was for them to be like Woolite for denimheads with special indigo-locking properties for teh super sick fadez. I'm guilty of having bought the Samurai soap a few years ago though. I like how it smells.
  12. Companion Denim could also make that up easily and with Japanese sugar cane denim.
  13. These Tellason socks deserve some sort of honorable mention:
  14. My (short-lived) border stripe tee didn't shrink much.