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  1. nice. my aunt went last year, although it was around november/ december, so the sights could be a little different. they did some touristy stuff like the geysir, northern lights and stuff. it looks really beautiful from the photos. not sure how their summer is like though. on another note, i read somewhere that iceland has a more women to men ratio...
  2. it had better not be a batman tee. hahaha. i'll just walk backwards instead then...
  3. have you thought about putting the logo on the back instead? i feel that the logo being on the front and that huge is a little in your face and tacky.
  4. interestingly enough, it doesn't
  5. interesting.. i wonder what about perth..
  6. natural light.. went out testing the BMW G310R, didn't really like it. it's still a great bike for zipping around town, but it didn't really get any of my attention while test riding. took it on freeways, small streets and the like. the single cylinder sounds alright but i think for now i'm happy to stick with my ninja till october when i'll just get the S1000RR.. it's not the riding position either as when i rode the ducati monster, i absolutely love that beast.. in saying all that, i'm honoured to be able to take this jeans a second time. i'd love to hear from you guys if anyone else should go next or if they should go back to flash...
  7. nah man i don't, well at least for the majority of them. with the exception of brocolli, carrots and potatoes or mushroom if you count those as vegetables, i don't eat the rest.. when people ask, it's usually a long story giving the exceptions..
  8. last weekend, headed out to this place called short order burger co for dinner. it has what i reckon is probably the best burgers in town. holed up in an old warehouse along with other restaurants, this place near the port of fremantle is a pretty artsy scene. it's a gives off a nice communal vibe rather than just an independent lonely restaurant. the photo of the burger may not look the best but it's because i only remembered to snap a photo after taking a couple of bites. the place was packed on a friday night and i was really hungry after waiting quite long.. now, i don't eat vegetables, but i can assure you the taste is better than the photo suggests. double wagyu patty with bacon with their special sauce and cheese..
  9. seeing a couple of potential full counts already..
  10. damn that's a bummer. my mate has been trying to get me on air maxs for years to no avail. they're nice, but everytime i slip them on, i find they don't really suit me..
  11. that is some subtle subconscious marketing.. hahaha!
  12. now the question of which pair i should wear? pbjs 18, resolute, denime 66 or wait to see the new IH collab? hmm.. decisions, decisions..
  13. last monday, i went to a sneaker exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA) while i was off. it's nice that something like this gets covered. to think maybe 5-6 years ago, sneaker or anything else wouldn't have any coverage like this. pretty nice to see a few old sneakers there on display, didn't really get much photos which i realised after i left. they covered everything from old pf flyers and converses to new balace and asics collabs to jordans and many other different types. here's some photos from it.. Nice to see some FBTs. for those who might not know, i'm a huge fan of visvim. and Michael Johnson. This is is gold spikes which he wore at Atlanta 96. I'm not one to do a mirror selfie, but here's a really poor quality one. my room lighting does not help show off the color of the denim unfortunately..
  14. since you put it that way, australia is not far from indonesia....
  15. would you like to help reflash my ecu for a 91 octane tune? hahaha.