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  1. HAHA. you've been saying this for years, now DO IT!!
  2. Me. probably with a lighter pair this time round, but who knows... resolute 710 is the prime candidate for now..
  3. LOL
  4. cheers lads! i'm still in shock..
  5. definitely a keeper.. the wife watch
  6. hahaha. i'll be hearing about that soon. fingers crossed! going to raid ih uk when i get there in september too!!
  7. Thanks everyone! @Megatron1505 thanks for hosting this 2 year after year. i feel honoured to be the overall champ. special shoutout to @nizzel55 loved both your pairs and loved seeing your updates. @setterman your pair is beautiful too. been following the updates you shared here and on instagram. thought i'd put some photos up here because of the stupid photobucket gate..
  8. see. i never knew they had a RRL store. all i knew about hk was Take5 back in their old shop, heard that they've moved but there's so much new things now i'd assume. lots of interesting food and drinks scene as well that's booming i heard. Singapore's humidity isn't really that bad. i thought that heat and humidity was bad, but then perth's dry summer heat is unbearable too especially when the wind blowing is warm as well... at least there's winter in hong kong compared to singapore, indo and all that..
  9. hong kong has changed so much since i was last there in 2012/13?? man i can't wait to have a trip planned to explore it again..
  10. tomorrow.
  11. damn. those mountains look beautiful..
  12. yokohama ramen museum. mt fuji, subaru line to the 5th station.
  13. well what i find absurd is the debating over who should or shouldn't have won. granted this may sound a little bias as i won something this year. but rewind 2 years ago at the end of the second competition, i thought that i stood quite a good chance at winning but i didn't. fair enough, even though i didn't win, i'd still thoroughly enjoyed the 2 years i spent wearing that pbj. even every now and then, i'd still pull the pair out and wear it when i can.. we're forgetting why these competition started in the first place. the importance is not winning or losing but the experiences that we individually and collectively share while wearing our denim..
  14. hahahah. definitely me...
  15. HOLY SHEEEEEEET! big thanks to everyone and especially @Megatron1505 and all who made this competition happen. i'd never expected to win anything given the tough competition i was facing. it was definitely all about the journey of the denim than anything else. best of luck to the finalist @nizzel55 @Slowitchu @BigSugar. you can be betting that i'll be keeping my fingers crossed it'll be me! HAHAHA.