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  1. WTS/T: P10A-CH Small, Night, full pack P24-S Small, Black, BNIB full pack WTT: 3A-3TS XPAC 3A-5TS XPAC w/ 3A-L1-15 (15" laptop sleeve) WTB: 3A-12TS J46U-WS Small Thanks!
  2. WTS: BNWT P24-S Small, Black: retail + shipping + fees. Doesn't fit
  3. https://www.cntrbndshop.com/collections/stone-island-shadow-project/products/shadow-project-vented-cargo-pants-in-black
  4. WTS: Nike Acronym Prestos, Bamboo 3XS BNIB never worn. Retail + fees + shipping SOLD
  5. Yeah the J1TS is such a different beast...reminds me of that J1A-GT copy, something like, "Everything is new. Everything is the same." Hard to believe they are the "same" jacket!
  6. WTS: Brand new, full pack J61-WS in small. Just received it today and doesn't fit me well. If not sold within 7 days I'll be sending it back. Thanks. SOLD
  7. Those moves make me want P25's
  8. This is normal. They usually take a few days to send an email, if at all. I've had packages arrive at my door without ever receiving a shipping confirmation from them in the past. But having orders canceled is also possible.
  9. But subnet was created explicitly to avoid this sort of thing, ie to avoid having physical trunk show type things across the world.
  10. Was hoping to pick up the J46U but wow, that price is pretty much the same as the insulated ones previously.
  11. Re: pricing, the thought that "price reflects market position, no more no less," is facile. There's no way any business survives without considering COGS. I'm not trying to defend a $300+ hike for TS, and I certainly can entertain that at least part of that is because of market position, but for it to be 100% attributed to market position and nothing else is dumb.
  12. Anyone with a J1A-GT or J1B-S spec-sheet can tell me if under "Interfaces with:" it lists insulators (or anywhere else on the sheet)? Basically wondering if the J1TS-S will have liner compatibility, and from the spec-sheet a few pages back it makes no mention of insulators so I wonder if this means it does not have insulator zips.
  13. There's always more to the price than cost of materials. People don't work for free
  14. My guess was uninsulated, but yours sounds better.
  15. Most interesting part of the J1TS to me are those two new shoulder pockets.