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  1. It's not really a downgrade. The fabric itself isn't waterproof, so whatever's in the pocket wouldn't be fully protected either way. A waterproof zipper doesn't make much sense in the first place. If anything it makes more business sense not to use them (since they cost more) as the fabric won't keep out water completely anyway.
  2. lmao
  3. Yeah, the way I view garments (ACR especially) are as tools: specific tools for specific jobs. Sometimes you can get by with a hammer when you needed a screwdriver, but it won't be ideal. Take the 3A-1 for example, with copy that reads: "Ergonomic patterns. Kinaesthetic intent. Cadence, speed, and practicality in a use-driven adaptive load bearing system." Those sound like nice marketing buzzwords on the surface, but that is actually the use-case explained: "Ergonomic patterns" refers in part to the way it wraps around and hugs your body, by folding between the two front pockets (MK1 & MK2). This ability is hampered when you put a long inflexible object in the bag like a laptop. It's not that the 3A-1 is a terrible laptop bag, but it just wasn't designed to be one because it's meant to curve around your body. "Kinaesthetic intent" probably could be applied to all of ACR: you learn by using and doing. "Cadence, speed, and practicality" don't come with weight. It was made to be light and move fast (see E's full body swings). Any shoulder-slung bag will suck under significant weight by virtue of being on just one shoulder, but moreso 3A-1 since it was made to be light.
  4. Good question @TEKsevenZERO. I think I'm pretty much done. There are a few (out there) pieces I still want that I missed/passed on originally and regret, so mostly trying to track those down. And there are pieces that I own that after using I don't care much for, so I want to get rid of those. As @tv_ice mentioned, the true pleasure lies in experiencing ACR day in and out--it's just not something you can fully appreciate in pictures. That "ah-ha!" moment comes after wearing it in different situations and realizing certain features/functions of a piece that bring it from a "nice" piece to "this is one of the cleverest things ever made." And personally, the reverse is sometimes true too: I'll find myself wanting a piece for quite some time and after finally acquiring it I'm not as stoked on it given how it fits on me or how it functions for my use-case. I really like that metaphor of "wearable architecture" and I think that captures ACR very well: a building can look great aesthetically externally, but the true beauty is in how it was designed, built, and what it accomplishes; but it also takes a fair amount of domain knowledge to appreciate and understand. Outside of those more unique pieces that I just want to try for novelty's sake (e.g. J41-GT), I think the last piece I really "need" to cover all my bases is a longer shell...like a parka or trench. So far I haven't been keen on what they've released thus far, but who knows what the future holds.
  5. In Tokyo, if you like udon I was obsessed with Oniyanma...went to the one off the Gotanda station but I hear there's one near Shimbashi as well. 4 - 500 JPY for a bowl. Of all the things I ate in JP I think I enjoyed this the most, and it certainly had the best value. Onsen in Hakone, not sure. I stayed overnight at a ryokan to get my onsen fix. Perhaps go to Spa World in Osaka for a non-overnight onsen--never been but I hear it's fantastic.
  6. Also IC on: J50-WS Small
  7. Sounds pretty bad to me lol
  8. @chaosen is exactly right. More quotes from E himself re: subnet and production limitations:
  9. Pretty much every statement here is false, as others have already pointed out. As for size distribution, most companies produce sizes based on a bell-curve since that generally represents the consumer base: less smalls, more mediums and maybe larges, and less XL's. There are usually less consumers at the two ends, hence the production to match. You can maybe argue that certain brands cater to a certain body type and physique more, so as to have a different distribution, but there's no evidence I'm aware of that this describes ACR.
  10. You must be new here. "Awfully quiet" might as well be their motto. Usually stockists will announce a release date a week before, if not week of.
  11. Lol not the screen part...just the two side controllers in the Gravity Pockets and the screen in the flak pocket.
  12. DSPTCH? Though I can't imagine a better system than a Gravity Pocket equipped Acronym jacket, especially one with a flak pocket. Tried my friend's Switch in my J36 and it was like that jacket was made to hold and deploy a Switch.
  13. Controversial idea: post count minimum for posting in Community Sales Thread?
  14. That makes sense in theory, and I agree...in theory. But in the real world we've seen that that's just not true, and ACR is not immune. Watch those Complex Supreme line up videos...teenagers (some 14 year olds!) buy thousands of dollars worth of Supreme in a day. Tell that same impressionable, chasing-IG-likes kid that ACR is the new hype and I have no doubt he'd divert those thousands he spends on Supreme to ACR. At that age I couldn't imagine spending that much on anything, but we live in a strange world today.
  15. I think you guys underestimate the lasting effect. Look at Supreme...relatively tame prices circa 08 then exploded and hasn't come down since, and with Supreme there's not much inherent value there (e.g. quality). Acronym does have a lot of explicit value (cut, patterning, articulation, pain-stakingly calculated in its design) plus now the brand recognition. If Supreme can live on name alone, I don't see how Acronym is going back down. Oh well, you sleep in the bed you make.