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  1. Thanks, I'll take a look! A little looser fit is totally fine with me, but Carhartt is a bit too loose and look like bell bottoms on me. I had a pair of straight leg Sugarcanes back in the day and those were my favorite-fitting pair. So if you've any suggestions on looser pants I'm all ears! As for sewing, that's true, though I thought heavyweight denim required heavier-duty machines (which I don't have) to get through the fabric? Plus, I don't trust my beginner-level knowledge on a pair of pants that may be a couple hundred of dollars X_X
  2. Can anyone recommend a denim brand that has a "phone pocket"? Something like this (doesn't necessarily have to be the same location): In doing a search all I found was people talking about phone fades in their pockets :/ Thanks in advance!
  3. Acronym.

    For P23 (and some other wide pants) you should size based on length/inseam more than anything else. The waist will be laughably large on all sizes, and therefore almost completely irrelevant (unless you're at the extremes of really large or small waist).
  4. Acronym.

    What kind of metal detectors are we talking, though? If it's at airports in the US at least, in all my experiences they make you take off belts at security anyway, regardless of if it's metal or otherwise--they just want all belts off. So if you're thinking to avoid having to take it off for US airports (and maybe abroad too?), I don't think it'd matter.

    Last season we found that Nike ACG and NikeLab ACG are two very different things. So since that announcement didn't mention "Lab" it may not be what we're looking for.
  6. Acronym.

    J73-WS full body pic: Pocket empty: Pocket with a wallet (in its box) I found here lol: Random stuff I found at this shop that I'm putting into the mesh pocket to illustrate how well it hides weight/contents: Can you guess which of the two following pics is of the mesh pocket full of those items? This one (#1): or this one (#2): Detached pocket detail (like an upside-down MZ pocket). Both sides are like this, not just the mesh side: My hand under the pocket all the way to the top:
  7. Acronym.

    I just picked one up and I love it. The perfect SS jacket for comfort against light breezes. It's WS so it's negligible weight to carry around all day, and stuffs down really small into a bag if that's your jam. Contrary to @lopiteaux, I think the pockets are the hallmark of this piece. It's a bit hard to describe, but they are semi-detached from the jacket body (not just detached-entry, but detached pocket). If you have a 3A-1 or anything else with a MZ pocket, imagine that the chest pockets have upside down MZ pockets, so if you stuck your hand from the bottom under the pocket you'd find dead open space between the pocket and the jacket body. What this accomplishes is that when you do put something in the pockets it weighs the pocket down independently from the jacket. Now that doesn't mean it's weightless and unnoticeable--it's still WS so any weight you add to it will be felt--but it significantly reduces the sag on the garment itself compared to if the pockets were "normal" pockets that are directly sewn onto the garment. I tested this with different items and felt like this helped the jacket retain the profile when you have asymmetric loads--I didn't feel like it distorted the profile at all. I'll try to take some crappy phone pics later today.
  8. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS (shipping included in US): Nike x ACR Vapormax Bone US7, BNIB: $200 gifted Nike x ACR Vapormax Black/Volt US7, worn twice: $200 gifted J62-PB Small, brand new full pack: $1100 gifted WTT (not for outright sale): 3A-3TS XPAC (original blue), full pack 3A-12TS 3A-MP1 XPAC 3A-WK3 brand new, full pack S-J1A Duo-tone, Small S-J30 Black, Small full pack J36-GT Black, Small full pack J47R-GT Black, Small full pack NG9-PS brand new, full pack WTB (trading above items or pay cash): LA6(B)-DS Medium P17-DS Small P22-DS Small P24A-DS X-Small J1B-S Black, Small
  9. Acronym.

    The problem with an FAQ is not that it doesn't exist (as @CARLOOA and others have made before); it's that people don't know what they don't know. If you don't know about EscapeZip, how do you search for it? You can't search it by name, so you try and describe it..."zipper without teeth"? Same with "mezzanine pockets"--that's not a word in the common vernacular, so people won't know to search it. It's not ideal but I think the solution is to keep answering these questions when they arise instead of saying, "use the search function." The advantage that forums have over Reddit (which, let's face it, killed forums) is that a discussion is on-going (reddit threads last for a day or two, max?). The more people come here to discuss the longer it survives That includes the questions asked millions of times before.
  10. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    #2 buy outright and when items arrive refund the PP transaction to get your fees back, so in the end you just "lose" shipping. It's how I've always done trades in the past.
  11. Acronym.

    There are no MZ pockets on the 3TS. MZ pockets are behind the MK1/2-looking pockets on the 3A-1. MZ pockets in general refer to any pocket that's behind a "real" pocket. For example on the J28 there are extra pockets behind the "real" ones (the ones with velcro flaps). See this bottle on the right of the pic:
  12. Acronym.

    That's referring to Male vs Female, not Medium.
  13. Acronym.

    R&D is a huge cost too which is often overlooked, so the price tag reflects that as well. The replica-makers don't have to do that legwork because ACR has done it all for them. This is also why ACR tries so hard to be secretive with its drops: so that someone doesn't get it to market first. And I unfortunately did get scammed once and got a replica from YAJ (but was able to get my money back, phew!). Externally yeah it looks pretty close, and if that's all that you care about then fine (you suck). But in hand it was immediately apparent that it was fake. The stitching was really messy and the fit was horribly off. It's actually quite laughable that if these guys are copying the real deal they still can't get it right. It makes me more appreciative of the ACR team's skill.
  14. Acronym.

    I have the 47R, 47A-WS, and seen the others in person. I think each are great jackets in their own right and personally I like the 47A-WS the most. All the -GT variants are within the realm of possibility; that is, given GT Pro's rigid structure the depth of pockets, concealment, and features are all "understandable". And if we think on what ACR has done in the past with -WS (J25, J61 come to mind), those too seem feasible creations as they are relatively simple designs that WS has an affinity towards. But now the features of the 47A built on WS seems totally unreasonable and like a major development to me. I think of it like the -GT variants are ducks...like ok ducks are cool and I can wrap my head around ducks. The A-WS is like a platypus...wth is this thing and how does this creature exist? It feels almost mystical, fake, maybe even a joke? WS should not be able to sustain, by sheer weight and thinness, all that the 47A is, but there we have it. To me the 47A-WS seems almost like an embodiment of Errolson's pride and arrogance: let me take one of my most complicated garments and construct it on something that makes it even harder. Like taking the Taj Mahal, which is already a feat with marble, and rebuilding it with toothpicks. Then! it's not even finished. It has features the original 47A didn't have: cinch cord, CF snaps, and packability. And not just any packability like the J25 and J61 had, but it fits perfectly on a 3A. By perfectly I mean that the straps aren't so short that the jacket sits directly behind the 3A when stowed, which would result in a bulge and discomfort. Instead they are calculated so that it sits right under the 3A when mounted, which means there's no interference between your 3A and you so it can still sit flush: Finally, this all clocks in at just 363 grams. That probably doesn't mean a lot to a lot of people, but coming from the UL backpacking world this is utterly insane. You should see the other jackets around this weight in the backpacking world: they're bland, simple shells with a hood and two pockets, and maybe pit zips. As for the others, I think the R is the most luxe and goes really well with a suit. The 47-GT is unassuming with a load of features hiding in plain sight. The A/TS-GT are over-the-top, yes, but afford a lot of function. The A-WS though is just "watch what I can do."
  15. Acronym.

    My man. This is the stuff that makes sufu sufu. Refreshing to see a first impression that's much more than just "jacket's dope, yo." Hadn't considered how discoloration would add to the jacket, highlighting the details. Now I can imagine it serving as shadows that accentuate the construction. Errolson referring to ACR as "wearable architecture" is more apt every season.