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  1. Easy logistically, but may present business problems. If it's a coordinated worldwide launch like ACR, your shop is basically competing with all other retailers to sell the product, and every second you delay is a second your competition gets a leg up. Maybe not so much an issue these days with hype as it is, but in days past when ACR was still niche there weren't too many people looking for this product, or willing to pay for it (actually I guess this can still hold true for less hyped items in the releases). So delaying online launches can sometimes backfire as the in-store crowd might not bite for whatever reason, and then the ones that would've elsewhere in the world have already purchased elsewhere. Now you're stuck with a $1000+ item no one will buy, and you still have to pay ACR for it. That said, I'm all for supporting local shops!
  2. Ideal, but unrealistic, especially when we're talking about boutiques, which by very definition are small outfits. Most don't have the infrastructure, or let alone space, to stock that many items. With Acronym it's a whole nother lever of complexity: pieces are too expensive for a store to purchase several of, even if they wanted to; plus ACR itself is supply constrained so it can't provide the numbers retailers may want.
  3. WTS J46U-WS brand new, full pack - $910 shipped in US + fees or gift J62-PB brand new, full pack - $1150 shipped in US + fees or gift P24A-S RAF, Small, worn sparingly, full pack - offer WTT 3A-3TS XPAC 3A-5TS XPAC WTB 3A-12TS J1B-S Black, Small Potentially other items in small
  4. When you're hyped for this season and then see prices
  5. Woosh
  6. Yeah, it's not new. Lots of shells in years past used that design.
  7. Half true: they posted everything with the first drop, even though some items were not available until the second drop. They didn't post all items before releasing like this before.
  8. Nearly double
  9. WTS: P24A-S RAF, Small full pack, worn J62-PB Small, full pack, unworn J46U-WS Small, full pack, unworn WTB: J1B-S Black, Small 3A-12TS
  10. How would you find reviews for a product that isn't even available to the general public yet?
  11. Given that I've done a few multi-day backpacking trips in just the SFB Trainers, I think the SFB 6 would be mighty fine with more rigidity. I've always found "traditional" hiking boots to be sub-par actually as they're often really heavy. What happened to that adage "one pound on the foot equals five pounds on the back"? Seems like a lot of hiking boots disregard that and end up making anchors.
  12. Thanks everyone. Point taken on boots being inherently stiffer. I just meant that I'd been used to hiking in Salomons, trail running shoes, and the Nike SFB Trainers that the SFB 6 felt like a prison, but perhaps that would've changed if I broke them in longer? I think the SFB Trainers were the perfect shoe for me, and I've put probably over a thousand miles on em, so I was looking for something more similar to that.
  13. Oh yeah, actually I tried out the SFB 6 for a couple days and found them too rigid, especially in the toe box, so I returned em haha. I was too used to the freedom and flexibility of the Trainers.
  14. Can you (or anyone really) suggest some boots? The now discontinued Nike SFB Trainers used to be my go-to, but alas I've outworn them and can no longer buy them.
  15. I prefer those older hoods outside the collar as opposed to Fast Hood on J32, etc. because when it's wet you can't stow the hood unless you want that water on your neck.