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  1. SDR has a passport pouch you can wear around your neck under your shirt/jacket/etc.
  2. IC/WTT 3A-3TS XPAC 3A-5TS XPAC P16A-CH Night, Small J62-PB Small J46U-WS Small WTB 3A-12TS S-J30 Small J1B-S Black, Small P14-S Black, Small May be open to others, thanks!
  3. They're custom.
  4. No idea, but just wanted to point out and laugh at the fact that that may be a bear, not a dog.
  5. Oh...what's the "centering mechanism"?
  6. Personally my favorite longer coat from ACR's catalog is the J34. The only thing that keeps me from picking one up is the non-detachable/stowable hood. Otherwise I think it's a great blend of useful pocket storage and (relatively) clean and classic styling.
  7. https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/7546/j46uws-black-2l-windstopper-coat
  8. Listening to trade or cash offers on J1TS-S duo-tone, small, full pack.
  9. Likewise @brainerd666!
  10. IC/WTT: J1TS-S Duo-tone, Small 3A-3TS XPAC 3A-5TS XPAC WTS: J62-PB Small - $1250 + shipping + fees J46U-WS Small - $900 + shipping + fees P10A-CH Night, Small SOLD WTB: 3A-12TS J1B-S Small S-J14 Small More interested in trade offers than cash. Thanks.
  11. FS: J62-PB small, brand new full pack: $1250 (retail) + shipping + fees edit: would also be open to trading for a J28-K in red, small
  12. For biking this has been my daily jacket for the past couple years and it's never disappointed: https://searchandstate.com/products/s1-j-riding-jacket/#Black
  13. WTS: P10A-CH Night, Small, full pack J1TS-S Black, Small, full pack never worn WTT: 3A-3TS XPAC 3A-5TS XPAC WTB: 3A-12TS P17-DS Small