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    Warehouse Lot 800 after a year and a half of wearing
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    Hey...cutting some gear loose to fund a project. Drop me a PM if you have any questions. 3A-1 Laminant Black with Green strap - Condition 9/10 - $850 SOLD J43A-GT - Size Large - condition is 10/10 - Barely worn !! $1375 SOLD 3A-MZ3 - Black Foil - condition is 10/10 - $400 $375 (This is a set of two) SOLD Still Looking to move the J57. J57TS-SS - condition is 10/10 - $975 $950 All have bags & spec sheets. Free shipping for US sales; PM me for working out International. Paypal +4% or F&F. I'm an honest seller with refs here on the thread...not out to burn anyone, that's just bad karma.
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    Happy new year to all denim fetishists out there!
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    More denim- not sure how much longer they’ll last. . . Easily one of my favorite pairs I’ve owned.
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    50's jacket, just about 3 years old
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    And while I’m here... heres my 2002xx I’ve had for two years. Jacket season is extremely short in New Orleans, so this spends more time in the closet than not. The banner denim is perfect for a type II and in my humble opinion this is one of the best denim jackets on the market.
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    1st cpo shirt. 10 years old!
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    o hai 20s tux in the wash, so a 50s one will have to do... or orslow-tcb-cheaney
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    So awhile ago I posted my Roy collection, figured I would post my Ooe collection as well. Excuse the poor lighting, the sun is directly shining on my balcony so lots of shadows. Only Ooe items not photographed are my double twist denim chore coat and the overlock natural tee. The most worn are my OA02XX's and the 1702XX contest jeans. I'm wanting to wear the DB01's and Saddle Pants more, but they both need hemmed. From back row: OA02XX, 1702XX. Middle row: Saddle Pants, DB01. Front: Boss Pants. OA02XX patch and hem: 1702XX patch and hem: Saddle Pants patch and hem: DB01 patch and hem: Boss Pants back and hem: And then just a few random shots:
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    bronson deck jacket deluxeware sweat tcb ranchman tcb 20s jeans red wing
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    Gave my saddle pants another wash, think this brings it up to 6 or 7 washes now. The denim is fading really beautifully and they’re definitely my most comfortable pair of jeans. Patch faded pretty quickly and now there’s only a faint trace of what was on there. Some really good vertical falling appearing on the thighs and some good puckering on the pocket. The pockets took a little bit of getting used to but I really like them now, also these pocket bags are deeeeeep.
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    Shit quality but here's a few snaps after I gave them the second wash this weekend. Will probably be less wear time for a while now that the cold is creeping in.
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    no sunshine on leith mister freedom veste ouvrier tender square tail shirt tusting bag goodnight moon totebag rising sun blacksmith blundstones 510
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    J73-WS full body pic: Pocket empty: Pocket with a wallet (in its box) I found here lol: Random stuff I found at this shop that I'm putting into the mesh pocket to illustrate how well it hides weight/contents: Can you guess which of the two following pics is of the mesh pocket full of those items? This one (#1): or this one (#2): Detached pocket detail (like an upside-down MZ pocket). Both sides are like this, not just the mesh side: My hand under the pocket all the way to the top:
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    Three months have passed since I started wearing it at work. It has become a good feeling.
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    Engineered Garments jacket Jelado after hood sweat Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx M-46 Converse jackstar
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    Bla-bla-bla, Subnet was closed due to success. It was not so difficult to drop a few words to E or M back in 2016 to clarify why it was happened. For sure, they could say you few common words about situation or didn't say true reason but I've got what I've got and it was enough for me and absolutely accessibly: Maybe I'm too old-school for using email. Michaela — one love!
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    Happy New Year! RRL. Stevenson. Roy. Viberg.
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    Right around a year of wear, and they keep lightening up more and more. The indigo seems to be falling off faster in the past couple weeks, so maybe they'll be up for semi-retirement before too long. The new RJB denim really is gorgeous, I especially love how the white-blue areas look on the extra worn sections at the knees and wallet.
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    Worthless picture taken this morning. I will ask my girlfriend to take a new one later.
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    Grabbed a J65-KM and I love it. It's a bit boxy and not necessarily an easy wear, but the hardware details are great, it's really fun to layer with, and it's super warm. The Small barely works for me and there are definitely angles where it looks too big on me, but if anyone here was curious about sizing or anything, let me know if I can help.
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    lost track of washes Chengdu, China
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    It was shoe cleaning day so I figured I might as well take some pictures: