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  1. Acronym.

    When you read the idea behind it it's pretty compelling: On the volt, the shadows that the seam allowances cast are like subtle graphic elements that bring out the construction of the piece. On the black, same effect with the reverse side being lighter. Quite the ingenious way to bring attention to one of the more overlooked elements of the brand. Snap buttons are set in reverse too. Love how the same concept carries through all parts of the piece. One of the more interesting and forward thinking ideas they've explored in the past few seasons.
  2. arcteryx veilance

    They're restrictive because the seat/rise is always cut trim IME
  3. arcteryx veilance

    I got a pair a few months ago as a warranty replacement for another Voronoi AR that ripped and have worn through the crotch already. Fabric straight up disintegrated. I don't have very slim legs though.
  4. arcteryx veilance

    There was some discussion about the new Field LT Jacket being cut quite slim a while back but was there ever a consensus about sizing? Measurements on Haven make it seem very very slim, enough to size up.
  5. arcteryx veilance

    Apparats definitely felt tighter overall. IME they fit 1-2 sizes smaller than the convex.
  6. Techwear-Intern DIY Designs

    To my (and maybe your) dismay, people have been paying 2-2.5k for that jacket lol..
  7. arcteryx veilance

    Some quick thoughts re: dyadic comp pant I took a 31 which is my standard Veilance pants size (I wear a 31 Voronoi AR, used to wear a 30 Voronoi AR/Indisce before they had odd # sizes) and these fit me comfortably. But YMMV, cause I usually wear a 32W and sizing down runs counter to everyone else's Veilance experience it seems. -More of a stylistic preference but I wish the taper wasn't so severe. This would've looked so good with a wider calf/hem and a longer leg. Extremely prone to carrot leg look if you have big thighs. -Waist adjusters really don't do much. The male snaps are on the merino panel. I find that it cinches along the back but then just pulls the front of that panel out again. The band that cinches also has stretch. Honestly, they should've just given this one belt loops. -Zip pockets are very sizeable. It pretty much encompasses the entire seat and the materials have enough stretch to store things without you 'feeling it' on your thighs. Cool pant though. Very comfortable and, despite the fit, the detailing/color looks great
  8. arcteryx veilance

    Used to own some Indisce pants (same softshell material IIRC), delamination at the crotch started happening after ~two washes/about a year of wear. Always followed the care instructions, washed w/ granger's. Warranty will cover this (mine were defective, showing 'premature wear'), so idk how much you'll have to worry
  9. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    b, still available
  10. arcteryx veilance

    Convex feels just like a shorter Indisce in terms of cut for me
  11. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Asking $950 Shipped CONUS (+4%) also WTT (I'll add cash) for: P23TS-CH Black, S/M P23TS-S Black, S/M P23-S Black, S/M P24A-S Black, S
  12. arcteryx veilance

    What about dyadic pants colorways?
  13. arcteryx veilance

    Colors with the same name will vary given the materials are different and probably take on dye differently. My peat voronois had a warmer/orange undertone whereas my peat galvanic is much more muted/brown
  14. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS P25-DS size small, 8.5/10 condition, worn a few times. Minor scuffs that are easily massaged out of the material. PM me offers
  15. Urban Techwear

    Just to address your first paragraph here. The association with augmentation has roots in Posthuman theory and also the concept of the 'cyborg.' The idea is not limited to weather protection, both in theory and in design. It is a common theme amongst many 'techwear' brands. To say weather protection is the 'functional core' of techwear is shortchanging a lot of its foundational ideas. I think everyone gets the point when Errolson says we are already cyborgs. Our phones and wireless technology compress our experience of time and space, leading to a mental reality that defies physical boundaries. But what I don't think is as easily discernable is the fact that techwear brands sell a less potent fusion between body and technology, bringing to the forefront an idea of clothing as an 'interface' between us and the physical/metaphysical spaces we inhabit. This is especially pertinent in 'non-places,' a term Andrew Bolton cites via Marc Augé in "The Supermodern Wardrobe"--interstitial spaces symptomatic of contemporary life defined by transience and a lack of importance/identity like subways, hotels, malls, to name a few. Acronym's gravity pocket lets users swipe transit cards seamlessly. The back-mounted escape zip on the J41-gt provides a new doffing mechanism and changes the way we inhabit space seated in vehicles. Softs's ghost sweatshirt and SISP use a drop pocket that allows for quicker/better storage and access in crowded places like packed trains, moving crowds, etc. 'Articulation' and movement is also a 'supermodern'-pertaining augmentation as it alters the emotive sensation of a garment--it literally changes how it feels to move, and movement through non-places is one of today's primary concerns. This isn't new stuff. Earlier work by Vexed Generation is all about navigating and mediating contemporary urban nonplaces (Bolton talks at length here more eloquently than I ever could). To shift topics, I think much of the recent discussion surrounding the space is overly general. To discuss Acronym, Guerrilla-Group, Veilance, etc. in one grab-bag when it comes to techno-orientalism is incredibly problematic given their cultural/formal references, process, and output are entirely different (How is Veilance even part of this discussion lol). You could go so far as to evaluate piece by piece. The design process and execution are different on each and every one, after all.