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  1. Did you mean weird? That is quite hard to believe. There are weirder jacket that came from ACRONYM. The j105 actually looks pretty tame.
  2. Exactly! I wanted the all black one but they are all sold out and the usual retailers didn't carry them.
  3. How come the J105-DS is not getting a wider release? Seem like the usual retailers didn't get them or they sold out immediately.
  4. Its based on a typical Japanese student uniform.
  5. WTB: P44-DS size medium in gray or black
  6. WTT: P41-DS Back size medium 9/10 condition for P44-DS Black or Gray size medium Or P41-DS Gray size medium
  7. I'm in Cali and my customs bill on my J29 was no where near that amount!
  8. FYI Just received the new J29-WS and it's very sick! Also, it's MIE.
  9. WTB: J16-GT Jacket Alpha Green size Medium or Small in great/excellent condition Longshot.. J1E-GT size Medium. It can be worn/stained condition. I can provide a decent realistic offer. Thanks!
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