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  1. WTS: J68-PL RAF L - $750 8.5/10 (only noticable wear is slight scuff over zipper placket on sleeves, some letters on label lost diring a rinse). Full set. J68-GT Alphagreen XL - $1100 9.5/10 worn twice. Full set. Nike x ACR blazers red colourway US10 $88 10/10 only tried on w. spare cages from other colourway as in pic. No box but have box from the black/alpha to ship in. Nike x ACR DAF1 US9.5 as seen. $112 7/10. No box. + shipping from UK & pp fees Message for more pics or see de pop.
  2. Maybe they've seen the heavy demand for white jackets and are trying out a larger volume this season
  3. Dropping J1A-GTPL to $1200, message if interested SOLD thanks
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