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  1. agentbuca


    Has anyone had the p10a-DS for a while now? I was wondering if the cargo pocket edges soften up / fold over to make them less prominent. Love my p10ts-DS but was put off the p10a-s as the squared off bit of material around the rounded zip left like I had a4 folders stuck to my legs.
  2. agentbuca


    New ACR j-65 on oki-ni before mothersite or are they just inside out? https://oki-ni.com/69acrm2720blk-acronym-j65 https://oki-ni.com/69acrm2721wht-acronym-j65
  3. agentbuca

    Urban Techwear

    You can order directly from Tilak via email for the Poutnik items, though will have to pay via bank transfer rather than card / paypal etc. They've been really helpful and quick to reply for my orders!