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  1. Know they're not build for the great outdoors per se, but has anyone here put their voronoi's through any serious trekking conditions? I'm debating packing them for a month long SE asia trip due to their weight (and to stop me buying more pants), but concerned they may just fall apart if they so much as look at a jungle.
  2. IC / WTT J63-PB in medium only tried on. Would love to trade for a large if possible, but would also entertain offers ~£200 less than retail to allow me to take a little hit and get a large off the main site. Long shot I know but thought I'd at least put it out there! Edit: I'll go up to £200 below retail to encourage someone to buy my medium so I can swap for a large!
  3. Could anyone please help with veilance frame tee shirt sizing for me? Outlier large runweight tees are a perfect fit on me and was wondering if the arcteryx tees size up similarly or larger / smaller. Thanks in advance if anyone can make the comparison!
  4. 60% off now - £180 medium field overshirt...
  5. If anyone wants a brand new J46-U-WS for 20% off from Uk message quickly... looks like size M only Thats £664 + shipping in Uk or £525.67 + shipping if you're from a VAT exempt country...
  6. The fleece is inside the entire jacket (but the sleeves have an extra lining too), its the backing to the gore rather than being a proper lining, though ensures warmth throughout in the same way. The 'tufts' just referred to how it is distributed to allow flexibility. It reminds me of cutting a mango if that makes any sense?? Edit - don't know if the J62 is the same - the product shots seem to actively go out of their way to not show the interior, apart from one of the pocket linings!
  7. For those wondering about the new material: It's VERY light, and very thin, it seems to have a bit of stretch but I wouldn't like to try and see just how much! The outer feels like a very soft vinyl and the inner has small tufts of a fleece like material in a grid pattern. It reminds me a lot of my arcteryx atom (but lighter). It's actually growing on me a lot the more I look at it and fits perfectly under the J1TS as an insulator, though I can see it as more of a stand-alone for the spring/summer.
  8. View Advert Visvim 7 hole '73 Folk Only worn a ~20 times, excellent condition, boxed but box is in bad shape from storage. Size US9 but fits UK9 perfectly. Advertiser agentbuca Date 05/06/2017 Price $750.00 Category shoes  
  9. Time Left: 7 months and 16 days

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    Only worn a ~20 times, excellent condition, boxed but box is in bad shape from storage. Size US9 but fits UK9 perfectly.


  10. So did anyone else get the J63-PB? I'm very unsure about it at the moment, it seems to lie somewhere between a J55 and a veilance mionn comp (or just a regular hoodie) so I can see where it fits wardrobe wise but the new gore tex is VERY pleather like and I think that's swaying me towards a return. Interested to hear others' thoughts if anyone has picked it up!
  11. Anyone in UK after a J1TS-S black large for retail + shipping? Just received from acronym but bagged a duo from peggs and son and prefer that one. Will return to if nobody wants when the post office reopens on Tuesday. SOLD thanks everyone
  12. Looks like zara has the women who missed out on the LF1's covered - just add your own zip!
  13. So what are the auxzip units mentioned on the J1TS page? Just the MZ modulars or something new?
  14. In other news, ACG is 50% off at SNS and have a decent selection of woven pants still.
  15. Here's hoping for a full restock of the 2013 modulars to play with!