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  1. agentbuca


    New ACR j-65 on oki-ni before mothersite or are they just inside out? https://oki-ni.com/69acrm2720blk-acronym-j65 https://oki-ni.com/69acrm2721wht-acronym-j65
  2. agentbuca

    Urban Techwear

    You can order directly from Tilak via email for the Poutnik items, though will have to pay via bank transfer rather than card / paypal etc. They've been really helpful and quick to reply for my orders!
  3. agentbuca


    I clip my J53 hood to the jacketsling using the popper.
  4. agentbuca


    So I missed the drop on acrnm, were there any product shots with new clothing? Wasn't too fussed about the shoes but wanted a to see if there was a sneak peak at any F/W stuff!
  5. agentbuca

    Techwear sale-steals

    Big Veilance discounts at Haven
  6. agentbuca

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    Please let me know how you get on - there's a fair bit of tilak stuff I've been eyeing up that I can't find on websites outside of the CZ area!
  7. agentbuca

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS J63-PB in medium, very light use, no scratches or marks, full set (sling, bag and spec sheet). Looking for circa £1100 o.b.o plus shipping & fees for preferred payment method which was retail for this. Pics on request. SOLD THANKS. Also IC on a GT-J10 from way way back in size large. This has been heavily used but still has tons of life left, some slight peeling of tape inside and printed logo has washed off inside but otherwise in pretty good condition for its age. No tape. AFAIK this didn't come with sling but has external mounts for one. Retail was around $700 I think but absolutely no idea what this would be worth now. Pics on request or can be found on page 320 of the acronym thread where i was trying to find model number. Also I randomly have an old paclite hood from an ancient j1a-s that I beat into the ground, used only a couple of times. If it's any good to you you can have it by just covering shipping. HOOD GONE NOW THANKS.
  8. agentbuca

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    IC / WTS on P10DS-TS Large.
  9. agentbuca


    I had mine direct, there was no bag or spec sheet, just an embossed nemen cardboard box. Blank logo tape was included in one of the pockets.
  10. agentbuca


    I sold mine last year, but they're pretty bombproof actually, took mine out hiking in the woods / mountains quite a bit and the material struck me as a lot more durable than the GT counterpart.
  11. agentbuca

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    J1TS-S down to £1000 obo for sufu users