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  1. WTT Looking for a J111TS-CH size M any color I got J117HL-EX sz M J119-WS sz M P10A-E sz L P44 sz L P30AL-DS sz L J46-S sz M Or if you are looking for trading something + cash P24A-KI sz L J28-WS sz M If you need me to make up the difference, we can talk about it
  2. WTB J28K 8.5/10+ sz M blue/gray or white/red J74PX white sz M J38-LP sz M J1A-S or J1B-S sz M/L
  3. WTT full pack P30A-E Alpha Green sz M 9/10 J41-GTV sz L 9.5/10 For your P30AL-DS J110TS-GT can pay for extra
  4. WTS P30A-E Alpha Green 9/10 szM with spec sheet and bag 650USD J41-GTV 9.5/10 sz L with sheet and bag 1450USD domestic shipping included, other than NA might cost a little bit more on shipping
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