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  1. Think she was banned over at SF also.
  2. Sashiko style repair on an old paint stained Sugar Cane kakishibu denim. This little patch took a while but I am pretty satisfied at my own work. Totally would repair my own garments in the future.
  3. Do it! I love seeing hand repairs.
  4. Any chance you've got enough time in your hands to do boro style repairs?
  5. Yay, it's now down under!
  6. I have to say I am very surprised at how fade resistant the fabric is. It's a tough SOB, like Roy the man haha. Even with climbing and gym managing and all the stuff I do daily, it's still pretty dark.
  7. Thanks to Venetian Shoe Cream haha
  8. Hi all I finally have sent the pair to Mr Bosco over in Australia. I am very glad that I have taken part in this world tour, sharing a well made jeans with awesome denimheads all over the world. Hopefully, everyone gets to see more of each participant's personality through this tour. Some post wash pics for you guys to look at. cungster out.
  9. This is my ninth year not celebrating lol. I have lived away from my family for that long.
  10. So just a peek on what's been up the past week. It was Chinese New Year week, where all the Chinese customarily visit family members for reunion etc, so most places in Singapore is closed (since we are like 90% Chinese or something like that). But, my family don't live here so I don't have much celebrations to do. The roads were so empty, like this: I took a crotch pic at that bus stop lol Y You can see the shade of blues are peeking through more and more. I manned the gym on Sunday and there wasn't much crowd. In case you are wondering, from my desk, this was the view: Tuesday comes and I was doing some routesetting: The color looks very bad on pictures because of how fluorescent these are. This is the tool of the trade, Makita USA impact driver: Wednesday (today), I also did some setting and the result is this: That's an update for now, folks, Bosco and I have decided that I will keep the pair for another week or so to fit his travel schedule. Let me know if anyone has any objection. So sad to know that I will part with this Bro soon, because I have come to love the Bro. Hopefully, everyone is gonna enjoy the Bro as much as I have been.
  11. That's a first for me too. Usually I wash my jeans without much care and I don't get any of the usual weird washing machine disasters.
  12. Oom, Tender shirt looks nice and comfortable. I'd love to wear one some day. Bobbo, FH wabash is awesome and I know it. I have a Sugar Cane white wabash coming and looking forward to that.
  13. This is the patch now, real sorry people!
  14. The patch looks dried out and discolored, I am gonna try VSC later to at least bring it some suppleness again. Singapore is really just a city island. You know the CBD, but around 10 km to 15 km away from CBD there are basically mixed land uses, suburban residences with lots of retail spaces and offices like that. We are... smaller than a small city in the US and we are very densely populated, so the housing are always high rises apartments, much like in Tokyo or Hongkong I believe. There are some "countryside" if that includes water reservoirs and snippets of rainforest left relatively pristine by the government. Enough trails to hike around if you are a casual hiker, there's even a small rock climbing area (that sucks because it's tropical and it always rains). Bars and stuff like that are usually in malls or in hipster art centers and things like that, they are scattered all over the place. Mostly in the CBD still. There are of course famous neighborhoods where all the good foods are. Yep, the Kapital boots are I believe deerskin suede (I might be wrong) with pigskin stripey lining and crepe sole. They rubberised the welt stitching so that it's completely uniform with the crepe sole.
  15. I am really liking how the pair is turning now. I have tried wearing them with my Kapital boots and they look good together. Work has been busy with all the new handholds that have come to the gym. As a result, I've worn the jeans harder than I thought I could. Worn the jeans to do some climbing over the last weekend too. Yesterday, there was an incident. I spilled some sauce and thought, I should give it a wash. Little did I know that when I told my gf this, she proceeded to give a warm wash to remove the stain... The jeans is fine but the patch is discolored. No more noogie time. I am really sorry guys! Also, Bosco and I have decided that I am to hang on to the pair a while longer than agreed earlier because of his travel schedule.