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  1. I went TTS on my size 28 103. The waist (with effort) has stretched to 29 inches but the narrow hips/small top block make wearing them uncomfortable to the point I rarely put them on. I have a narrow waist relative to my hips and thighs so if you're anything like me I'd wholeheartedly recommend sizing up.
  2. Tcb 50s paired with Clark wallabees. Still getting used to the odd look of the shoes. I would describe it as comfortably fugly
  3. Those gleems look really cool... never heard of them before. Couldn't find much about it here on sufu. I wonder if anyone has some faded pairs?
  4. Awesome pics, Iron Horse! More importantly, I wanted to give props for the background you gave concerning Taiwan. Being Taiwanese and growing up in the States where few are familiar with cross-strait relations it can be discouraging to hear things like "Taiwan is a part of China since their ancestors are Chinese" or "Taiwan is the democratic China" (equating Taiwan with the ROC) or "Why not let Taiwan be a SAR like Hong Kong", etc. Not because those persons aren't entitled to their opinions, but discouraging because those persons probably got their opinions (and often misinformation) from some random reddit comment and now they are that much more closed-minded about the issue. Any clear, reliable background like yours (even on a forum for denim enthusiasts!) is a step towards raising awareness regarding Taiwanese political/cultural identity and I send you good vibes.
  5. Thanks! I've been on vacation so I'm excited to begin fading these guys. Warehouse definitely at the top of the list for next brand to try. Just waiting on a good listing to show up on yahoo...
  6. Really informative! Thanks for the answer
  7. Touched down in Seattle today. Got on my tcb 50s
  8. Can anyone tell me the differences between all these stitches? They are all "chainstitches" but look different (and it may just be me, but I think they produce different roping effects as well). This one is done by Blue Owl using a Union 43200G. I love the look and the roping looks really nice in real life but I can't get over the width of the hem. According to Jay, .5 inch (with the stitch itself at 3/8 inch) is the tightest their union specials can handle. Meanwhile, here is the chainstitch done by Railcar (also on a Union Special though their site doesn't seem to make mention of the kind). The picture may be too dim but the stitch is much tighter and is raised higher off the surface of the denim. In real life it almost looks like the kind of weave you would find on a rope. The picture doesn't quite capture what I'm trying to describe, see the comparison pic further down. An older pair I have that was also hemmed by Railcar never seemed to exhibit nice wavy, even roping. On the bright side their machines can hem to 3/8 of an inch. Here is the factory hem on a pair of Fullcount jeans. This kind of stitch is the most 'flat' looking of them all and seems to produce the best roping among my pairs. Denimio hems also look like this. This is my favorite of the ones I've displayed-- I like the flatness, the roping effect is strong, and the hem width is 3/8 of an inch. Unfortunately, it seems this option isn't attainable in the US since blue owl's hem is .5 inch and Railcar's is that thin 'rope-braided' looking stitch. Maybe someone can share their experience with a denim service based in the US. Here is thin and high Railcar stitch next to the fat and flat Fullcount stitch Here is the blue owl side by side with Railcar. Note the difference in hem width. Sorry for the bad quality pics. Any thoughts?
  9. USPS didn't make it easy but I finally got my 1101 today!
  10. What, you mean you didn't strip off your jeans and present them to her while apologizing profusely??
  11. Speaking of, how does one make the arcs on a pair of fullcounts last longer? I think I've seen more pics of them falling apart than I have of them intact. I have a pair of 1101 flying across the sea to me right now.
  12. My girlfriend fits them nicely but she won't wear them...
  13. Stopped wearing these 103s bc the crotch got so tight but I put em on to take the dog out.
  14. Thinking about picking up a pair of 1001hxx, the Warehouse x Hinoya collab. Does anyone think the 1001 run small? This guy weighs slightly less than me and is the same height but apparently fits a size 29 though normally I would have gone for a size 28. I wear 28 in TCB 50s and those are still a tad loose. I wear 29 in Resolute 710 and those fit perfectly. Thanks for the help!
  15. Sewed on the tab and thought I'd share. No washes yet