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  1. This was is a great thread... here's to hoping more pics drop here soon! Wish my 710 were further along so I could contribute.
  2. Try the TCB 50s, mine almost reach my belly button with an 11.5 front rise and 15.5 back rise on a size 28. If you're interested in repos you'll generally find high rises across brands so long as you're looking at regular straight fits. Anyways, where do you all get your basic tees? I'm looking for some midweight black/gray ones around $30. Filson makes one for $38 but I'm not sure of the quality. https://www.filson.com/men/shirts/t-shirts/short-sleeve-outfitter-solid-one-pocket-t-shirt-10859.html#700 I know Naked & Famous makes circular knit tees for $38 as well but I'm afraid they'll end up too tight and too long. https://www.blueowl.us/collections/all-products/products/naked-and-famous-10oz-circular-knit-t-shirt-in-black?variant=1117134673 They don't have to be fancy; I'm only concerned that they aren't stretchy and they will last.
  3. Welcome to Texas! If you haven't already, check out the Kimbell Art Museum too. Its like 15 minutes away. If you're into art, or at least seeing some big names, you won't be disappointed. Michelangelo's first painting is there, Caravaggio's probably most famous painting, some Da Vinci, and of course much more artists/sculptures spanning a variety of styles. I personally like it much more than the Dallas Museum of Art. The Kimbell is actually pretty modestly sized so you won't be drowning in art either. Also, its free.
  4. TCB

    Me too, I was a little disappointed. But I did notice the other day that the my 50s have alternating thread colors on the waistband stitching. Very subtle, but a cool touch.
  5. Anyone have a go-to method for stretching out the top block? My studio dartisan 103 have gotten pretty tight over the last two washes. I don't think the denim has very much give, though I haven't tried when wet.
  6. Bonus pic in fortuitous lighting
  7. Here's my 103 fit. They get lower rise every wash would definitely size one up if I could do it again. Maybe even two. Sadly they don't see as many wears since they're a bit uncomfortable.
  8. Gotta get these hemmed but maybe I'll wait until the first wash. Anyone want to chime in on the long-term inseam shrinkage?
  9. Well well well... A pair of nwt one wash 710s showed up at my door today, courtesy of buyee and yahoo auctions. I think I will be wearing this pair... Very often. I ended up sizing up one to 29. Some thoughts: love the fit and I like how's there's some room to stretch. The fabric is really comfortable and almost a metallic gray blue compared to everything else I own. Seems to be one color of orange stitching throughout but that's no deal breaker. The last pic is a comparison against my sd-103 which is a much deeper indigo even after two washes. Sorry for the terrible pictures as well
  10. Anyone used Buyee before? They're a proxy for Yahoo Auctions. I know some people here have used Sutocorp. Any preferences?
  11. In truth, I'm a bit hesitant to try anything slimmer than my SDA (though mine are probably just tight because I could have sized up). It seems both the Fullcount and the Resolutes have smaller leg openings (my 103's should be 8 or 7.9 inches). I wonder if there's a fit that's basically the 103 but a slightly higher rise? Anyways, I'm confused about the measurements for the Resolute 710. Here are a comparison of the measurements for size 29 off BiG and BEARS on rakuten. BiG BEARS Waist 28 70cm=27.6 Front Rise 10.5 26.5cm=10.2 Back Rise 13.75 35cm=13.78 Knee 8 ---- Thigh 11 25cm=9.8 Hem 7.15 19cm=7.5 Specifically, there's a rather large discrepancy in the thigh and the leg opening. Anyone know which is more accurate?
  12. Thanks, @beautiful_FrEaK! Your reviews of both are much to blame for my current lusting. I've only ever worn 28 but stretching my denim back out in the waist and crotch every time I wash them is starting to get tiring. Should I size TTS on the full count/resolute or size up one so theres room for extra shrink? You can check out my WAYWT post from today to get an idea of my SD103 fit in the top block.
  13. Hmmm the purchase may not happen for a while but no harm in planning ahead Resolute 710, Full Count 1108, or Denime 66xx? I do have a pair of Studio D'artisan 103. How would any of these fit comparatively?
  14. Channeling my inner hayashi-san.
  15. Can affirm the above. After all, I do have a pair of 50's on my bum because of the cool stuff to come out of that thread!