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  1. minimint0918


    looks like only melange gray has this and dubbleworks site does show the line as well, so i guess it's fine. Thanks anyways! thanks, ya you're right, i checked dubbleworks site again and their image indeed has a line through the garment, but it's more towards the bottom of the hoodie, around the pockets. i guess it's random where it will show up.
  2. minimint0918


    Hi all, I recently bought a dubbleworks loopwheeled hoodie from Rakuten, and this is my first time experience with loopwheeled clothings. I really like the fabric and how comfortable it is, but i have a question and would like to ask for help. There appears to be a visible "line" with a darker charcoal color at the middle of the hoodie, i took some pictures and circled the area with red. I checked with the Rakuten seller and they responded that there's no issue as the hoodie was made intentionally like this to showcase the vintage styled products. Can anyone with more experience on loopwheeled clothings help to validate if this is true? Really appreciate the help!
  3. minimint0918

    Show us your leather

    Nice wallet! I'm also looking into ordering a bifold from Tim. which leather did you use? Natural veg tanned Tochigi leather?