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Japan Blue Momotaro


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If you read the product page at Blue in Green, it says they're raw.


says theyre one wash. just trying to see if anyone would advise me in soaking these or not. hope it's not too much trouble.

what's on the backpocket of the O/W low rise slim fits that big is carrying? is that paint? not sure how i feel about it. everything else looks spot on.

yep it is paint, but it's like.. already faded somewhat. i'll post some pics up tonight if i have time!

edited for pics:




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I bought a pair of these in Tokyo last month. The GTWP0703 ('tightu-straighto' I think they called it). I really dig them actually. Really nice weight, quite hairy. They have had about 1 week wear so far. I think they are going to fade very nicely.

Anyway here are some photos for your interest. Any questions, just ask. Cheers.







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Yo opie

I will post some evo pics in maybe a month - I have been wearing them most days, but not a lot to show for it yet. Very faded at major stress points (back pocket rivets, middle of yoke). Screen-printed pocket has faded a little as well, which looks nice. It is only just starting to come through on the thighs etc though.

The have been slow so far, but I have the feeling they might speed up a bit in the next couple of months. Will keep y'all updated anyway.


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Umm... this is the model that I got:


BIG says that it runs one size LARGER than tagged.

I think that is about right...I didn't measure them when I got them. But between .5 and 1 larger than tag seems about right. They stretch a bit, but not a huge amount, so be wary of that. They definitely do not stretch to sagging point in my experience. Good luck with them! Post fit and results!!

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CinSun - I am pretty certain Momotaro only sells the GTWP0307 in a one-wash, so I'm thinking in the BiG site is just a typo. The measurements they give look about right (for the 30s that I have at least...).

Update on my jeans - not much to tell, sorry. it's been hot here (Australia), and these havent gotten a lot of wear in the last two weeks. A lighter blue colour is starting to show around the stress points (keys and phone, etc). Nothing much at all around the knees. These are incredibly sturdy jeans, they will take a bit of wearing I think...

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