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Japan Blue Momotaro


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Found some interesting denim, searched the forum but it seems that this brand isn't discussed yet.


I translated the text from Japanese:

Worldwide the area of production of the famous denim, city Kojima Kurashiki.

Making “the skill of tradition†and “up-to-date technology fuse†in town of the denim which is history, the fact that it continues to make the denim and the indigo product whose originality is high truly is, this indigo cloth house ([ranpuya])!

The original jeans 'Momotarou denim' of such an indigo cloth house arrived!!

Using the thread where four differs to the warp. Continuing to wear, in order inside the [ru], for the respective [atari] impression to arise in the respective thread, using the denim of the prejudice which is woven!

The silhouette somewhat is thick wide straight of the [me].

As for [serubitsuchi] red. The stitch is sewn with 2 colors of gold and red brown.

As for leather patch and flasher, as in name the letter of Momotarou and JAPAN BLUE.

The patch 4 points are struck with the rivet and in the very unusual type where is received the shank.

It is these jeans already to be washed, but how lastly the mineral can be soaked is probably will put out fully, through the Setouchi seawater is!!

Until now, it is the idea which is not don't you think??!!

The original jeans which the denim cloth house which represents Japan makes.

Saying, that Kojima was stuffed that way, the idea which is the extent saw which is not overstatement being plugged extremely, it increases!!

The [ho] and others, it does not become the just a little air?

Does anyone know more about these jeans? Like fit etc.

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Went on an internet escapade to find more information on these because I'm liking the overall cut, construction of these so this is the information I got, and not 100% sure.

Japan Blue is a small based company that hand makes there denim (andeewhall style) and they have a store in Kojima where you talk to their represenative and pick the details of how you want your denim constructed from different choices: rivets, buttons, type of denim (14oz, 15oz: the 14oz and 15oz comes with two dyes), the cut (straight, tapered, bootcut -- no skinny) and the sizing. The pricing for these are 47,250 yen which is 400USD.


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the name of the jeans remind me very much of the "Samurai x Klax-on Momotaro Model ", same story i guess... and it shows on the tag as well..


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I was also further reading about these, and theres another store in Kojima that make them for 30,000 yen = 240USD. But theres alot more options than the Japan Blue are higher quality because I guess they make their own dye or something. Because Kojima is supposedly a historic denim area where they make their own dye, weave there own denim and such. They have denim muesums sitting next to cotton farms and dye factories. So I'm guessing this is the highest quality you could get.

Superstar: Yeah when he posted about the Momotaro, Samurais were the first thing that jumped up but I'm guessing there completly different (Blue Japan and Samurai).

Heres Pics of the options:


choose between raw?(onewash?) or faded


Blue or Black


Choose of color


backpocket stitching




how you want your denim washed.

By the way, if anybody knows how to read fluently in Japanese, you should check out these websites because Google translate can't translate it, so I mostly had to guess randomly of where to go, and I got lucky. But theres some english.


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ooo ahhhh .. I will take

M1 - black (A or D) - E thread of course - B pocket with D color thread - I or L fly with C top button ( unless black buttons become avail )

where's da rivets ? :-)

Nifty indeed

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Well, the jeans on the picture sell for 23,100 Yen at http://www.bluemoon-tokyo.biz

Nice, guess I was wrong then, speculating with a bunch of question marks (i dont have language pack on this mac) thats what I sort of got, but i'm pretty sure they're the same company but they have their already made denims and the ones you could order?

heres there websites:



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the company is ranpuya (藍布屋) but they're also calling themselves japan blue, just like how pure blue japan is really syoaiya (正藍屋).

the reason why we keep hearing the momotaro names (like in the samurai jeans) is because momotaro is perhaps the most famous character from a japanese fable. momotaro (peach boy) is about a boy who was born from a giant peach. he grew up strong and ended up defeating bad monsters who were wreaking havok around where he lived.

what's unique about this momotaro denim, is that they're using four different types of thread for the warp. they're claiming this will cause an unusual vertical fading, each thread creating different type of texture.

another unique thing about this denim is that these come prewashed, but for the final wash, they use salt water from setonaikai, causing the denim to absorb tons of minerals. i guess for peeps who've been wondering about that salt wash thing, here you go.

by the way, i think the way they shot the denim is deceiving, but the silhouette is supposed to be on the loose side, and straight.

nice find, klaas.

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I have just returned from spending time with this company and the President/employees. I have some of these jeans in America and know just about everything there is to know about this company and their jeans. If anyone has any questions or is interested in purchasing a pair of these jeans please contact me. I do have to say that after spend a year in Japan researching and evaluating japanese denim manufacturers, Rampuya could possibly have the best denim on the market. Their line of natural hand dyed and hand sewn jeans call "Momotaro jeans Gold" are by far the best denim jeans available in the world. I know thats a big statement, but if you have seen what I have seen you would understand. anyway, great jeans, rare jeans, everyone asks me about them when I am wearing them, and everyone wants a pair. fantastic... .questions? i would love to answer them!!


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Interesting. This is, as they say, relevent to my interests. Dude over at Indigofan.com went down there and said he wasn't impressed, bought Kapitals instead. I'm fairly sold on getting a pair of Kapitals myself, this weekend, but now you're all futzing up my well-laid plans. Do you know enough to give a comparison of the denim?

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Yes, Kapitals are awesome jeans, but again, Momotaro jeans do not classify their jeans as "Workwear" these are premium jeans, Luxury jeans. The weave is tighter, they are not as " rough" as similar jeans such as sugarcane, etc. the color of these jeans are "Japan Blue" which is a trade mark color for Rampuya. Yeah I read the "indigofan" s site and he seems to prefer the "workwear" style of jeans, a looser weave that is much more rough to the feel. I have just been to two Japanese denim stores in my town and both of them immediately wanted these jeans in their stores. As for a comparison check out a pair of Louis vuitton jeans or Channel jeans as they are made with similar denim from the same Rampuya mill. I currently have Dry, one-wash, and one-wash salt water. in bootcut and straight leg. Again, these are premium/luxury jeans and its hard to compare them to anything,,, maybe a pair of 45rpm's has a similar feel to the dry model of Momotaro,, thats what one of my friends said... I dont know as I have never seen 45rpms. Hope that helped a little..

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no problem, check out the momotaro's when you go to Kojima, and you should go to their other shop in between Okayama city and kojima, its call the Denim House,, its awesome, you can watch the old machine shuttle looms at work making the denim for their jeans. tell them Andrew says hi when you get there... good luck with the hunting!

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