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  1. always love your annual St Martin's denim project. it does seem like a particularly strong year group. of course, I like anything that's been inspired by satanic cults among Bolivian asbestos miners, and dyed with the designer's own blood'.
  2. really looking forward to seeing the Whoopers collection.
  3. Great to see you back salaami! Always enjoyed your posts.
  4. Just having a look at 'Hand Room' jeans on Denimio. Does anyone have any experience with this brand?
  5. ^inspired by your post redragon, I found these in a drawer this afternoon. Thinking back to those days - so much choice! There are samples of 17, 39, 43 .44, 75, 84, 91 and 92 here.
  6. Dear Paul, very sorry - accidentally neg repped you! lovely pair of Lee Euros!
  7. ^^ I know what you mean. Just to contradict myself - last night I put on a much loved pair of Lees and that felt very much *at home*!
  8. I do think we've come full circle Aho. Really like the ideas in this thread, particularly Rodeo Bill's idea of wearing 90s part polyester jeans! And Iron Horse's suggestion that for some people,denim may be played out. Personally, looking at my own consumption over the last few years, I've often been wearing something other than denim when I'm not in my salary man outfit. (After years of almost religious devotion to denim). My TCB herringbone crawler pants have been my recent go-to and now, inspired by William, I'm now searching out vintage Big Macs...
  9. I'll second that. The look of those BRs is really something.
  10. does anyone have much experience with Workers? I'm thinking about getting a pair of their 801 jeans. I searched around but can't find much on them. Perhaps there's a thread somewhere? Thanks.
  11. Crash, as requested. A rare fit pic, channelling the '90s. I think both the jacket and 2513s were bought in '97.
  12. now you're asking! I'll give it a go... Found my old Evis jacket too (amidst some very 90's Stussy/Dockers/Edwin stuff)...maybe go for a DD pic...
  13. Thanks, yeah the denim is great. I'm really pleased to rediscover them. Going to start wearing them again.
  14. Hey Ben, finally found them - I'd stored them away with a bunch of old jeans. Also, chuffed to discover, after some recent dieting, I can now get into them. Along with my Evis 2101, these had a lot of love in the '90s. quick phone pics: