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On 4/14/2024 at 6:59 PM, Maynard Friedman said:

I’m surprised no-one has snapped up these W33 Kyotos for an attractive price. I can’t quite tell from the photos but they look nearly new.

Are the Kyotos pretty low rise and narrow through the thighs? These actually should fit my waist and inseam, but I fear that the rise and thigh would be too tight for me.

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That makes sense. I just looked at Bear's measurements for Resolute 710 and they are very similar for a given waist. Resolute 710 is actually even 2 cm higher rise, 0.5 cm wider in thigh, and 1 cm wider in leg opening. I'm concerned that even the Resolute would be too tight for my frame, so the Kyotos are a no-go for me.

I did end up snagging a Denime 232 jacket from Celluloid to solve my Type 2 fix. It was a hard choice over WH 2002xx, but I figured that it was a good chance to try out Denime. In reality, it probably won't be hugely different from the 2002xx based on the Denime by Warehouse jeans - will probably grab a pair of 220a when back in stock or new 1954 when it arrives.

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3 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

Yeah, the Kyoto is rather slim. Has similarities to the Resolute 710.

I am still searching for a W36 in this cut because of the slimmer nature.

My Kyotos in size 32 fit almost identically to Resolute 710 in 33. They are slightly lower rise and a little less tapered, though.

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Hi Tilmann. Yes, of course they arrived. Picture I posted in start of April was my picture I did. They are Orrizonti era.... very nice piece. If RHT will do same evolution as my vintage Lee 101 Storm rider jacket, would be great.

They are now vacuumed in queue and waiting for theirs time to be worn...

Raw measurements of W34 is

W 88cm

Fr rise 31cm

B rise 41cm

Thigh in crotch 35 cm

Knee 25cm

Hem 23,5cm

Inseam 89cm 

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Posted (edited)

My Denime 232 Type II arrived from Celluloid today. Here are the pre-wash measurements:

Size: 42

Pit-to-pit: 23"

Shoulder: 21.5"

Sleeve (shoulder seam to cuff): 27"

Body Length: 26.25"

Some quick photos in the pre-wash state, including fit are below. I will update with post-wash measurements and more detail shots when I get a chance (along with some macro shots of my other jeans hopefully).




On 4/17/2024 at 11:09 AM, frank said:

Damn, the patch on my 232 got absolutely toasted after the initial wash/machine dry.

Same thing happened to mine after a machine wash and dry - very warped and jerkied (actually not quite as bad as it looked at first glance)..

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Posted (edited)

Here is the 232 post wash and dry. Fabric is still very stiff and relatively smooth with a small amount of coarseness by hand. Color has a grey cast. Size is 42.

Pit-to-pit: 21.8" (5% shrinkage)

Shoulders: 19" (12% shrinkage)

Sleeve (shoulder seam to cuff): 25.25" (7% shrinkage)

Length (back collar to hem): 24.2" (8% shrinkage)

Sleeve length here makes me question whether I could make the TCB No.2 jacket work with 1.5-2" shorter half shoulder + sleeve length
















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7 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

the jacket looks great! Quite short, isnt it? At least compared to the old Type2 I have. 

Thanks! I really like the fit - almost all measurements turned out to be almost exactly what I would have listed as my ideal post-shrink. The 232 is definitely not for the large chested since this is the biggest size and I'm only a 38-40" chest. Length is a bit short on me, but that's because I'm pretty tall (which also often makes pants rise seem low on me too) - jacket still covers the yoke though. Length is very comparable to older WH 2002xx (not sure about the new 1960 version) in same size and pretty close to other high fidelity Type 2 repros that I looked at. I'm not sure if the denim is the same as the 220a or as the upcoming 50s pair. Regardless it seems like it will be a very fast fader like the 220a - hard and rigid creases set in almost instantly

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