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  1. Flo, the speed at which you fade jeans blows me away. Mine didn't look like that till 8 or 9 months! Looking forward to seeing how they turn out.
  2. Thanks Flash, It's one of my Tender overshirts in case you or anyone was wondering.
  3. Thanks BF!
  4. After 6 years of not being able to fit into them, I can finally put on some of my favorite jeans ever. Roy RS1
  5. Got the DD-1001SXX back from the hem. Gave them another hot wash and seem to have gotten a bit more shrink out. Love the fit.
  6. That right-back pocket crinkle is kinda sensual.
  7. Killer wear for only 6 months. Are they your skate jeans?
  8. Well I can't compete with the buckle backs, which look incredible, but I got a new camera and wanted to take some proper pics of my 800s. Out of all the major brands, this denim texture is my favorite. Grainy and marbled. They still have some ways to go.
  9. 34 in both.
  10. First off. I am truly sorry about the shit photos. My phone is all I have. So keep in mind that all I was looking to show was the fit and no more. The second set of photos are my 800s of the same size, for comparison. The top block is a HIGH rise, to the belly button, with more room than the 800 but the taper feels similar. I will hem them soon. Fresh out of a wash and dry DD-1003SXX 1943
  11. Okay I am well impressed. Payment sent Monday, jeans arrived today. Japan to Seattle. They are very neppy and it must have been one hell of a one wash because the leg twist is already 1-2 inches from being square at the front. I'm throwing them in a hot wash right now and will see if I can get some fit pics later. The prelim fit looks like just a bit roomier than my 800 of the same size.
  12. What doesn't Ed have an opinion of?
  13. Damn that was fast! Woke up to a paypal request for the DD-1003SXX 1943. Money sent and just have to wait now!
  14. Man, I have been wanting a true WWII jean for many years but have never seen something that hits all the buttons. The first glance blandness of the outward details with the unfinished seams and aged leather patch with warehouse denim... even the slimmer cut. These are definitely shaping up to be my favorite jeans ever. I already got my reservation confirmation.