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  1. Damn Julian. I had been eyeing those. They are awesome. Hoping to find a newish pair of the hair-on-hides some day
  2. Thanks Julian! They do pop up often but it has been pretty rare to find them in newish condition.
  3. And for the full WWII detailed no patch M series fit. Both the same denim from the same era. Absolutely killer. Love the denim, light weight, oxidized blue and gray caste. Love the fits on both. Straight top block, no taper. Jacket is short and boxy. Perfection.
  4. Here is an oddity that I had to pick up. A pair of no patch M41030 but tagged as a M43030. I cannot find any info anywhere on M43030 so it is either a misprint or some lost version. I can't find any discrepancies between the other pairs I have besides the center most coinpocket stitching going up to the waistband. They also fill the gap I wanted in a pair in my size.
  5. My CPO is finally starting to show some texture after years of seasonal wear. The fade really looks like an over sharpened photo of the material. I've never seen anything like it. Another 10 years and it will be something else.
  6. Graytrain


    Doing my best to save the patch but it's wanting to shrivel into nothing
  7. Graytrain


    Thr embroidery and textures are wild.
  8. Graytrain


    I finally found a grail piece that I had wanted since early days in this space, 2007ish I think. I saw this somewhere and screenshotted it and it was an intermitted but constant search from that day onward.
  9. With my favorite wonky back pocket. The pocket bags need a bit of love though.
  10. A very overdue update on the S40s contest pair. The color is most accurate on the close up texture shot. Very gray.
  11. These have quickly become my favorite denim jackets. Their early white line denim, shared with the M41030, is light and has this amazing vintage crinkle with gray caste. I love it.
  12. This one however doesn't have a red tab and has some odd black stitching on certain seams.
  13. I've picked up some amazing no patch S506s. They are a bit different from each other but I have to say they are my favorite type 1 fit. Ignoring the common style choices of today's repros. It's short. Utterly boxy.
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