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  1. Graytrain


  2. Graytrain


    For ease of comparison 66XX:
  3. Graytrain


    I think the 66XX still has a bunch of shrink in them and I don't like to put too much wear on a fit that's going to change so I chucked them in the wash for a hot cycle. Pray for my muffin top. While I wait I put on the Orrizonti 66s. The comparison is wild. I really love this fit. It's like a low rise 40s fit. Denim is so much softer as well. Completely different jean in look, fit and feel. Both are w36
  4. Graytrain

    Evisu is still loved!

    It's funny because I always thought Evisu were soulless. Until I began looking at the older stuff. The details on these 2501 are wild. Sturdy with so much attention to detail. And now that I have a few pair, you can see the life in the ever changing fits between jeans as they evolved the shape. I'm just dying to get my hands on old No. 1 denim to see how it compares. I like character, wrinkle and pucker in my denim and there isn't much in no2. Admittedly I haven't worn it out yet so could be surprising.
  5. Graytrain

    Evisu is still loved!

    Okay admittedly I have a problem. But as part of my seemingly never ending search for some early days Evis 2501 No. 1s, I came across this pair of water Buffalo patch 2501 no. 2 in great shape and couldn't pass up. It's interesting to see how much the 2501 fit changes between the later gens and this early example. Straight as straight can be with that good ol' hip flair. The denim also has this wild brown hue to it, almost like unbleached cotton.
  6. Graytrain

    Vintage Denim?

    How interesting. It's so wild to see a regular supply of these pieces of history.
  7. Graytrain

    Vintage Denim?

    Those are unreal. I agree here, the fade is very similar to cuff fades I have. I wouldn't ever guess that just simply covering an area would prevent so much fade. I think it just shows that exposure fade is more impactful than we think. I've always wondered, how do you get your hands on a pair of vintage jeans like this privately? Are there dealers or is it all auction based?
  8. Graytrain


    And also my favorite pocket shapes of all time. Best character with wonky stitching and fading threads.
  9. Graytrain


    FINALLY got around to repairing the crotch on my contest 40s so I threw them on. I just love this fit and denim. Such an awesome gray cast to it.
  10. Graytrain


    That's awesome. Basically the pair I am looking for. I love that fit.
  11. Graytrain


    Thanks BF! Yeah I am thrilled with how they fit. It's funny coming from full fitting repros, when I put these on I immediately said to myself, "these are skin tight". Then you see them in the mirror and they look great. These will be the go-tos for the next couple years!
  12. Graytrain


    Here to deliver the Orrizonti 66XX fit pics from the above jeans I shared. As I mentioned, I am most often a hard 30s-40s-50s repro wearer so this is a much slimmer fit than I am used to but as they settle, I am falling in love with it.
  13. Graytrain

    Vintage Denim?

    This wonky stitching is some of my favorite details on old, even repro, denim. Top of it all for me is S501XX back pockets. Irregular shapes of fabric with wonky stitching. It makes it very human, like a little fingerprint of the one who made it.
  14. Graytrain


    Killer fit BF! I feel fit pic peer pressure.
  15. Graytrain

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Yeah I do cuff them! And yeah I am pretty thrilled with the fades I am getting despite all the washing.
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