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Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.


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newer brands like



odl joe and co.

muller and bros



are better quality made than the old ones like


real mccoy and warehouse



well not all the products but most of it.



they already degraded dont know the reason behind it.

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Why are you posting that here?

Also, I'm not sure if it's hilarious or depressing how bad /rawdenim is. Anyone else with me..

It can be awful but its mostly early teens young 20's who somehow migrated from the really cringeworthy male fashion subreddits. Totally different mass appeal there than here. They both have their places. I contribute pretty equally to both.

Have to edit to say one thing that helps too is if you want to make the community better since its new, contribute. The moderators are doing a good job cleaning up crap posts and users are doing a better job organizing more worth while posts but if the content just isn't your thing that's understandable. For example, the 3sixteen thread here is fairly slow. There, 3sixteen is a highly talked about brand. I guess I'm slightly defensive because without that subreddit I wouldn't have gotten into raw denim, I wouldn't have found super future, and as dumb as it sounds I wouldn't have met a lot of close friends and had some cool opportunities.

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Reddit is inherently flawed as a place for good discussion. It's structure doesn't promote continuous threads and discussion like a normal forum would. Reddit's structure does promote circle jerks of popular opinions. There are some quality posts in r/rawdenim, but they will get buried under posts about dudes wondering where to get their jeans tapered, figuring out which Unbrandeds to buy, and endless fawning over slubby and heavyweight jeans. 

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cuss you're completely right. It's so stupid to have a forum like that where any information is just continually bumped to the bottom, it makes no sense for actually learning anything. 


If you're on superfuture and you want to read about SDA or Flat Head experiences since 2007, you could literally learn everything that's been said on the site for years and learn so much.


I definitely don't care enough to contribute to reddit... there's no point trying to convince people, they can come here if they want to learn and see high quality things age, I'm sure that many already do.

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that white guy in japan there ishmael is so worked up on me i dont know why.. the riff is between me and john lofgren not him , maybe hes the guy fucking john in the ass? or the other way around?

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I feel like if you're not wearing an outfit that you pulled out of a mine shaft you don't get much respect around there.

But still, not nearly as bad as reddit. At least there's some knowledge to be had on DB...

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While I'm on it, Denimbro.


I mean what the fuck.


Depression Hobo chic not doing it for you?  :P The whole thing is like one step above Civil War reenactors, or a better version of the Fedora Lounge.  But like Broark says, there is at least knowledge on DB.


Seeing some of the DB looks (not all though) reminds me of why the Western "heritage" and denim scene has always seemed either costumish or simply dull to me (how many guys care about their hair, or know how to put on an accessory?).


Perhaps I have my biases, but the mixing-and-matching of styles in Japan is so much more refreshing than some guy who paid $2,000 to look like a prospector, or simply like the Gap on steroids.

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