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  1. Yeah I'd love to hear what the judges had to say, because I'm not sure how they came to that conclusion.
  2. Niceeeeeee, thanks for putting this up Mega.
  3. Local shop just got these in, didn't know you were behind it IH. Will have to go in and check them out soon.
  4. Chictoe, that mullet is money.
  5. 2 month update
  6. Anyone know the name of the video, or have a link to it of Yoshiaki sewing up a pair of pants in a 20min video. He hops around from building to building as well, having the hardest time finding it.
  7. Difference between sxx and xx ed? Is it stitched arc and not? Looking at the 1001sxx I believe. Also how have you guys found the shrinkage with the shirts? I have the ringer and haven't found much but heard others have found quite a bit in theirs. Want to pick up the 3/4 raglan, but don't want to be left with a belly shirt after a wash.
  8. Good to hear it'll be back exclusively on those forums, think the separate forum caused a pretty poor turn out. Hindsights 20/20 though. Whens the final submissions have to be in by?
  9. It's a type II, and I think it's a 40 and I am 6'
  10. Those look awesome Max, really need to get a pair of 800s. A local shop has an account with Warehouse, and is going to be bringing them in, so I see a pair in my very near future. I'll xpost a few photos, even though I know I've posted a few pretty recently but I'm sure this will be the last set of photos I'll post up of this jacket.
  11. Middleweight / tux Had a lot of fun in this Warehouse jacket, by far the best denim purchase I've ever made. The jeans, not so much. Wore them very infrequent, as I fell out of love with them pretty quickly. The OW they went through stripped them of that crunchy rigid denim I love, and the hand sewn buttons were by far the worst detail I've seen on a pair of jeans. You can see in some of my photos how the fly is spreading open, as I only have the second from the top button left. I had to use a Samurai button I had laying around, as I was sick of stitching the buttons back on. But in the end, the jeans are like pyjamas, super comfy and I do like how the denim has turned out, just wish it wasn't OW.
  12. @Max Power it is the 2001, and it uses the same denim as the 1001
  13. Last pics I posted didn't do much justice. But got my picture taken for a book thats going to be coming out in a few months,
  14. Picked up a pair of 64 a few weeks back from a local denim shop, the shop. They're the 17oz deadstock from the 60s I believe, and also the election edition. The interior pocket bags are stars and strips, and the hem stitching is red and white. Never thought I'd drop this much on a pair, but not regretting it in the least. Have around three weeks of wear here.