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  1. thanks Setterman, was hoping you'd chime in. Im looking at the new duck digger one washes as well and that denim looks nice and fluffy...
  2. guys I dont have the patience to search this shit out so please just tell me. The banner denim, is it 13.5 or 14.5 oz? Im specifically looking at the 1000xx and the 1001 sxx on I love the denim that was on my Warehouse 415's (aka 700 cinchbacks).
  3. LOL when Aho goes in, he goes ALL IN.
  4. lololol I've been experimenting with the top button undone the past couple weeks. Aho started a movement
  5. yea part of the problem is we dont have a kitchen so I'm eating out constantly. Good job on the weight-loss, I hope to get to that point soon-ish
  6. I regularly lose interest and regain interest with most of my hobbies. Right now, I have 1 pair of jeans that fit me, the FC1101 and even those I struggle with. For the first time in my life im going through a fat phase, where my gut is too big for the waistband on most of my pairs. So Im not wearing jeans much. I wear looser fitting Orslow pants because when I sit down I dont have to battle the waistband. Our house has been under construction since late September and Im fed up and dont have the energy to dedicate to losing the weight. Im also going through a slump in my photography so the only thing I really give a shit about these days hobby-wise is riding my bike. But I do know that things regularly change and i would rather be naked than wear a pair of garbage Gap jeans so despite my denim slump Im still in the 'Til death do us part" portion of the game
  7. yup I have gone through two pairs of SDA's trying to figure out what the fuck they intended with the sizing, only to come to the costly conclusion that they dont fit me and they dont stretch.
  8. if you nuke them you might get a bit in the length. I usually get a bit in the waist as well but nothing that doesnt stretch back out.
  9. i know he got mad at someone, cannot remember who
  10. I think you'll be able to pull off the white denim madel. Its definitely a "look" but its a nice one
  11. sweatpants and a stretched out t-shirt with exposed belly- Garden Gnomes in Space
  12. the point I was trying to make was that I personally prefer that a brand keep things as local as possible. If this is not possible, or compromises their standards then they need to do what they need to do. Thats it, really. Edit** and let me add that I had no idea things were as globalized as they seem to be in the EU. I was ignorant and remain ignorant to certain facts, one such being that Portugal is a hub for textiles and that everything from skilled labor to infrastructure exists there. So thats on me, apologies for being ignorant.
  13. I could be operating on dated wisdom and I fully acknowledge that things in teh EU might be different now. Im not against outsourcing in general. I am against a brand making a product in a cheaper market but charging a premium price. To me thats dishonest to consumer and unfair to the workers. Now, this might not be the discussion we are having right here right now but thats the foundation of my argument. Thats why when I buy a brand I consider where the brand is from and where they make their goods. People were losing their shit when Nikon and Sony moved manufacturing to Thailand. Historically they are Japanese brands. Why move to Thailand? What can Thailand do that Japan cant in this situation? I generally dont have an answer but I assume costs play a significant roll in the decision. I try to buy responsibly, as responsibly as I can in this day and age at least. Sometimes that means avoiding brands that utilized factories in Bangladesh that burned to the ground. But in general, no I dont research working conditions. But in the denim, boot and accessories part of my life, I can afford to consider this and buy from smaller brands where the supply chain isnt as convoluted. Pretty sure Tezomeya isnt exploiting too many people in their shirt manufacturing. I cannot speak on the t-shirt blanks that are loop wheeled in Japan that they use but its certainly a cleaner supply chain than a Hanes or Fruit of the Loom Tshirt EDIT Let me address your past post also. Portugal is just an example in this discussion. I have products from Portugal and they are fine. Not a single thing wrong. Same with some stuff from China. My issue is why would a brand from Sweden or from say Denmark make stuff there and not keep it local? Generally, this is due to cost. In this situation where Indigoferra is concerned that may or may not play a role in the country of manufacture. I dont know. I wouldnt buy a Tricker boot that wasnt made in England. I wouldnt buy a Malbec wine that wasnt from Chile or Argentina. At this point I wouldnt buy jeans made anywhere other than Japan.
  14. I had no idea Portugal was a known place for manufacturing. Maybe Im still in a relic mindstate where Italian, French and English brands make stuff in Spain, Portugal and eastern Europe because of costs.
  15. @Foxy2 what do you mean by flexible minimums? The ability or willingness to run low production numbers? For the record, I only mentioned IF because I know the bulk of their product is made in Portugal, which is not where they are from. Its not about the machine operators nationality.