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  1. did you think the rear pockets should have been slightly higher? for some reason in every pic i see they remind me of some G-Star jeans where the pockets are way too low. I want to like Stevenson but the listed measurements are never where I need them to be, mostly with the front rise.
  2. that homeowner life. still, denim >> pipes
  3. I took a pic of Volvo getting ready to call up Ed for the last time...
  4. i have no idea but I have just spent the better part of my afternoon trying to figure this out. Not because they look any different than the standard run of the mill chambray but to see how good I am at finding this kinda shit out with little to no info. All I have is that on the cuff placket there is a "W" or "M" according to some google image searches. And i have struck out. I cannot figure this out.
  5. Maybe Volvo can take a break from that Cote d' Azur Moet lifestyle and Ed can stop building Boba tea bars and give an update?
  6. When a SuFu brother from Indonesia complains about the heat in Hong Kong, you know its hot haha
  7. I have not seen real world photos of either of those Tezo colors. Be sure to post when they arrive!
  8. im down!
  9. well said @Max Power. @BigSugar, by no means do I mean to minimize your win. Its as you said, different strokes for different folks. I am just honestly surprised at the results. Today's SuFu values a subtle vintage fade over high contrast and I honestly didnt think it possible for anyone other than Setterman to win, especially since he has been meticulously documenting the fade process for the past 2 years. My daughter was 1 when he started this and I vaguely remember thinking at a some god awful hour after like 2 hours of sleep that I couldnt wait to see the end results because its always great to see faded Warehouse and by the time the contest was over my kid would have stopped with the sleep fuckery and my life would be at the very least headed back to some form of normalcy.
  10. clearly something is wrong.
  11. I think they look great, especially since there seems to be a mix of rough out and smooth leathers with some stealthy tonal aspects. Im not in the market unfortunately, and I find Vibergs rather a bit too heavy for my liking
  12. im willing to bet that you will be ok. let us know tho, Im now emotionally invested in your pants fitting
  13. jesus, was it a year ago that Ooe was at your shop for this?
  14. too slim or too wide? I'll use the bureau belfast's measurements, but i know for damn sure that the thighs on my size 5 slim (107 cut) army fatigue pants are not 12.25". I suspect they do not measure BiG style
  15. you'll be able to recognize Neil's patch cause he will be holding a liquid lunch shake