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  1. jesus christ, corporalclegg bringing the heat. nicely done
  2. good to know, thanks! Hows teh denim wear? They seem like they could possibly be a fast fading pair. Have any pics of yours?
  3. so ive been bit by the orSlow bug. Just copped the us navy utility pant in denim. I have always wanted the TCB seamans pants but didnt want the USN logo. Anyways I kind of fell into these and decided to cop. had to go abroad as these seem hard to find above a size 3. The Bureau Belfast hooked it up, great service BTW. These are a tad big on me and they def. need a hem. Im gonna nuke them in a hot wash dry a couple times before i get around to hemming tho. Anyways, pic taken from teh Bureau Belfast for identification purposes. The denim is a lightweight maybe 9 or 10 oz, kinda neppy and really nice.
  4. ugh its killing me that my gluttonous lifestyle has rendered these jeans a size too small. I'll hopefully get back into them right as the contest ends... Jeans look great fella's
  5. raw denim

    bF, I forget that the rest of the world doesnt run around hitting balls with sticks. gif of "hitting it out of the park" or a "homerun" which is a way of saying you did a good job:)
  6. raw denim

  7. i believe they share the same cut so you should be good
  8. those are actually the hill-side sashiko. Although I seriously want the Lofgren sugarcane denim shoes...
  9. Copped the army fatigue pants the other day. Love what orSlow is doing. I size up one for comfort and because my gut has expanded over the past few months. Excuse the disaster, we are under construction and shit is out of control haha
  10. they are not Japanese but Reigning Champ are great. I was very underwhelmed by the Strike Gold hoody i bought. I mean I got decent wear out of it but its lifespan was pathetic compared to others I have. I wore the elbows out to the point they just blew out. I have put easily 2x the wear into the Reigning Champ sweatshirt and there's no holes.
  11. those moleskine pants look great.. I might have to cop
  12. god damn, Ive been trying to reply to this thread for days but there was some fucking quote stuck (of course I was quoting Maynard) in the reply box and I couldnt do anything. Now I figure out the clear editor box and it works. for fucks sake... I just wanted to bitch about the Wolverine 1000 mile. I hate it. Nero's look better because of the toe design but I always find that its shaped funny, creases funny and generally looks weird. The way they crease makes each pair look too small for the wearer.
  13. Stevensons are that one brand I really like but every time I look at the rise I'm reminded why I will never own a pair. Its a bummer
  14. taylor stitch is nice, cant speak on Gustin. I drop into Taylor Stitch every time Im in the area (Mission in SF) and their shirts are well made. Never owned one however