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for you chicken, i'll do it.

i've emailed the co. and it'll be $215 shipped to Asia. i saw the faiding in denim stylebook 2 and was quite impressed. although the guy was telling me it's tight fit. as long as it's not skull-tight i'd be happy (like 811 tight).

but the edo ai's taking center stage for now. the oni's are already the way i want them to be.

will post pics when i get them.

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thanks man. i'm quite excited about your new fobs. that guy takashi with that legendary 811 thinks fobs are greatly underrated. here's a pic of his 190s he bought used:


even without all the whiskers and honeycombs (the original owner probably wore them very loose) you can tell how awesome the denim fades. i believe the denim on these 190s is different from 151s and 191s. but even if you look at all the other fobs on that same site, they all look very promising.

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you just made me crave for it even more. tried calling concept10 and i can't reach them. they'll be cheaper by $40 and they undervalue the item. i've ordered a pair of margielas from them. the guy from the japanese site can't understand what i mean by undervaluing to save on taxes. it's quite hefty here. probably around $50.

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first, about the company:

fob (free on board) factory started in 1995 as a factory brand. they started by making "shop original" jeans in okayama (i guess like how burgus plus is for hinoya.) the planners and the craftsmen work closely together to produce better products. known for their vintage-like fades on supima cottons. the denim parts are made in usa.

then, the f151:


fob's "xx" model, but only loosely based on traditional "xx"s. slimmer silhouette, lower rise. uses same denim as f191. high quality atari and vertical fades. steel buttons from universal button co. manufactured by using traditional shuttle looms. dark denim, very vintage-like fades.

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I'm buying a F151 through Concept10. Muz, the owner told me that these run a little bit tight in the waist and he's recommending me to get a size 36 even if i normally wear a size 34. he is familiar with shrinkage and all and he has a pair. he claims he wears the same size as mine and he got a 36.

anyone got any information if this is accurate? i'm ready to double-click...

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looking at the measurements posted on the bears' pages, the f151s seem pretty comparable to most other slimmish jeans, except that the wataris are quite notably slimmer than, say eternal 811s or sd 103s. perhaps if you have healthy thighs you might run into a bit of trouble and that's what the guy at concept10 might be talking about? otherwise, i've never heard about the sizing on them, but i've also pretty much never heard anything about them.

you might want to ask the guy if he has experience with the same denim you have, in terms of sizing reference, if you haven't already.

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I haven't inspected them closely but has red selvage and seem to be slim fitting a la 811s. It looks like the sizing is small but knowing how these could stretch I might just pull it off wearing these size 34s.

Indigo is dark and looks very well constructed.

Like someone said, it's going to stretch to tag size or my money back. :)

Will post before and after pics.

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lost a lot of indigo but it still is dark, less dark than the eternals. construction is topnotch. looks very sturdy. you will notice how easy it is to develop creases. only time will tell how fast they contrast in fade.

fit is comfortable, a bit slim but not dior slim.





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