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Superdenim community sale thread


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3 pairs of jeans on eBay, all with a 34" waist:

Stevenson Overall San Francisco: https://www.ebay.com/itm/324463518649

Indigofera Buck in beige denim: https://www.ebay.com/itm/324463519646

Lee Archives 101Z: https://www.ebay.com/itm/324463524108


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BNWT unworn Full Count 1101, size 31 with arcs and tab. £150 plus shipping.

Measurements (BiG style):

  • Waist: 32.5” aligned
  • Front rise: 11”
  • Back rise 15”
  • Thigh: 12.6”
  • Hem: 8”
  • Inseam: 35”








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Remeasured and updated photos
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On 10/14/2020 at 1:29 PM, Maynard Friedman said:

Nudie Tiny Turner organic kids selvedge jeans, made in Italy. Age 8, will fit a 10 yr-old, see measurements.
Bought raw, sanforized, washed once and worn by my sprog for a grand total of  2 hours. No longer available. RRP £90, yours for £40 plus shipping.

  • Waist: 25” (has elastic adjusters with buttons to reduce it)
  • Front rise: 7.5”
  • Back rise: 12.5”
  • Thigh: 9”
  • Hem: 5.5”
  • Inseam: 25”





While I’m here...

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Price drop
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Anyone interested in this Denime Leepro jacket? Orrizonti era if I’m not mistaken. I bought it from a user on here several years ago but it was always too small for me. It is hardly worn, I think only washed once. No size tag but measurements when buttoned below:

Chest: 55cm
Waist: 47cm
Shoulders: 48cm
Sleeve: 52cm
Lengh: 59cm

Send me a pm if you’re interested, want better pics etc. Open for bids or trades!

Edit: interested in trades for Warehouse Lot 800 size 36 raw or ecru, Fullcount 1101 size 34, etc.





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I got a pair of Dry Bones 562W for sale. Just bought last year, wore them a handful of times so basically new. Have been chainstitch hemmed by DC4 in Berlin.

Size W32, here are the measurements:

Waist: 35.25"
Front rise: 11.4"
Back rise: 15.75"
Thigh: 13.375"
Knee: 9.5" 
Leg opening: 8.7"
Inseam: 33"





Recent fit pic



PM me for more details and price :)

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Timeworn Clothing
Located in Australia
DM for more information / photos etc

At Last & Co Lot173 Denim Jeans
Size 34w / 32l
$450 AUD

At Last & Co Lot352 Flannel Button Up Work Shirt - Black
Size 15 1/2
$300 AUD

Butcher Products Rayon S/S Shirt - M. Blue (NOT PICTURED)
Size 16
$250 AUD

Butcher Products Open Collar Plaid Shirt - Brown  (NOT PICTURED)
Size 16
$300 AUD

At Last & Co Open Collar Sport L/S Shirt - Black  (NOT PICTURED)
Size 15.5
$250 AUD

At Last & Co Lot360L Open Collar Sport L/S Shirt - Blue Stripe (NOT PICTURED)
Size 15.5
$150 AUD

USN Flight Jacket - Khaki
Size 42
$350 AUD

Butcher Products Logo Tee - White
Size LARGE (40-42)
$150 AUD

2018 HBT Calendar
$100 AUD

Bandana DOT set (Red & Blue Bandana)
$250 AUD

Sports Cap - Khaki
Size 7 1/2
$150 AUD

Utility Cap - White
Size 7/14
$150 AUD

SOLD Blue Dot Tie & Chief Set 
SOLD Butcher Products Classic Tee - Black


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I have a pair of boncoura z type size 33 worn a handful of times I’d let them go for £70 plus postage a pair of samurai so255 size 36 leg hemmed to 29inch never worn them let them go for £75 plus postage and a pair of eternal 891 never worn size 34 never worn outside washed and squatted in them they got a mark on the back yoke because of this but never worn as too small uncomfortable let them go for £70 I can do some pictures if interested 

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I have the following items for sale:

Real McCoys M65, worn a handful of times (Large) - $450

Shoulders: 49cm
Length: 81cm
P2P: 59cm
Waist: 55cm
Opening: 60cm
Sleeve Length: 63cm
Sleeve Opening: 14cm

IHSH-226, worn a couple times (XL) $180
Chest: 58cm
Length: 75cm
Opening: 58cm
Sleeve: 69cm
Cuff Opening: 11cm
Shoulder: 49cm

IHT-2014, 1x navy, unworn with tags (L) - $40
Chest: 55cm
Length: 73cm
Opening: 56cm
Sleeve: 22cm
Sleeve Opening: 19cm
Shoulder: 44cm

Warehouse 1000xx DSB, unworn with tags (sz 36) - $250 (note, these are unsanforized and should shrink ~7%)
Waist: 98cm
Front Rise: 34cm
Rear Rise: 45cm
Thigh: 35.5cm
Knee: 26.5cm
Hem: 24cm
Inseam 86.5cm

I'm open to trades or partial trades, primarily for tops

Willing to ship anywhere. Prices do not include shipping

I am based in the SF Bay Area and can meet up in person for anyone else in the area
















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TCS s40 jacket 


Wore it once, thinking I could make it work I decided to keep, but tried it on again recently and I just don’t think I can justify keeping this jacket anymore. 
Fits too small for me.

Rather this go to someone that it will fit and wear it.

Tagged Sz 40

Measurements are as follows (all in inches)

Shoulder - 17

Sleeve - 25.5

Chest - 19

Front length - 27.5

$200 + shipping 




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Japanese Brands - S/S & L/S Tees
Located in Australia
DM for more information / photos etc

Porter Classic Japan - Indigo S/S Tee
$130 AUD

Butcher Products - BP S/S Tee
Size LARGE (40-42)
$150 AUD

Neighborhood Japan x Old Joe Co Japan 
Size 40 (LARGE)
$130 AUD

Calee Japan x Stewards Lane Japan - Raglan L/S Tee
$160 AUD

Calee Japan - Aztec Eagle Print L/S Tee
$150 AUD

Radiall / Doobies Tokyo - Web L/S Tee  
$150 AUD

The Real McCoys S/S Tee (3 PACK)
$160 AUD

Visvim Sublig Crew S/S Tee - White
$140 AUD


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Located in Australia
DM for more information / photos etc

Nigel Cabourn Crazy Monkey Pants - Olive (Cotton/Linen/Herringbone)
Size 34
$450 AUD

Nigel Cabourn Utility Mix Pant - Olive (Cotton/Herringbone)
Size 34
$250 AUD

Japan Blue x Okayama Denim - 16.5oz. Distressed Selvedge
Size 34w
$300 AUD

At Last & Co Lot173 Denim Jeans
Size 34w / 32l
$450 AUD


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I have a Sugar Cane type 1 jacket for sale. 

Purchased as brand new. Barely worn since fits too big for me. 


- Tag size: 42

- Chest: 20" 

- Shoulders: 20"

- Length: 24.5" 

- Sleeves: 25.5" 

Asking for $180 + shipping CONUS





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I’m selling some gently used Lone Wolf Farmer boots, size 8, in a black tea core chromexcel. Bought them from Yahoo Japan, the previous owner indicated they’d been worn maybe a dozen times. I’m a size 8.5D and they are just slightly too big. $225 obo, free shipping from the united snakes to anywhere in this big beautiful world.


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I can provide more pics and measurements if needed.  I've only purchased 1 item from SuFu and never sold anything so I'd be happy to send links to my ebay, grailed and reddit profiles for references. 


Naked And Famous - Elephant 8 Weird Guy - Size 31 - Hemmed to 30.5" by Blue Owl. Several wears, hardly any fading. - $100



UES Extra Heavy Flannel Red - Size Large - Washed once, never worn. - $200



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Withdrawn -- Now that Roy is no longer making jeans, I've decided to keep these for now.

Roy original Test Lot, size 34 (includes details, no back pics).  Two pairs available:  First has been washed a bit less and, therefore, measures a little bigger.  Second pair has two dots on the patch.  Measurements are post wash/unstretched.  Fiirst pair's measurements are presented first.  First pair $310 shipped CONUS.  Second pair $295 shipped CONUS

Waist   33"  33"

FR     11.125"   11"

BR    16"    15.675"

Thigh   13"   12.75"

Knee   9.25"  9.25"

Leg Opening  8.675"  8.675"

Inseam  32.75"   33"

First pair:



Second pair:


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Hey Super Denim,


  I am looking for blown out workwear for a project I am doing. Looking for anything work or techwear, jeans, jackets, sweat shirts and t-shirts that are worn out beyond typical repair. I am willing to pay. Dm me if your are interested.

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