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  1. JohnnyUtah247

    The Flat Head

    For what it’s worth, I have the 3009, and the 3005 which I wear a size 36 in and they’re perfect. I also had a pair of flat head 2111’s once upon a time (not into heavy weight denim anymore) and they were size 34. In Roy’s or iron hearts I’m a size 34 as well. My natural waist is probably between a 34-36 depending on how poorly I ate that week lol. I would say you’re better off taking the bigger size in the pioneer denim.
  2. JohnnyUtah247

    The Flat Head

    These things will continue to shrink over the course of the next few washes you do. My 3009 in size 36 are now around a 35 waist and the thigh is 13.1 measured from an inch below crotch. I think you still have some shrink left.
  3. JohnnyUtah247

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Yikes. Between the news about flathead and now this. Very upsetting news. When I heard the news about flathead I bought a pair of 3005’s and now Im definitely going to be scouring the market for Roy’s stuff now.
  4. JohnnyUtah247

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    So I have a story to share regarding Roy which makes me lean towards only ever buying and wearing his jeans from here on out. I just recently created a sufu account and wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this story or not but here it goes. When the memorial jeans released I knew I needed a pair because I loved the patch and story behind them, and the cut which was straighter than the two previous pairs of Roy’s I have which are the SF01 and KS1002. So I went onto his site at the exact release time and they were already sold out in my size, which most people here could probably attest to. I guess it turned out that the PayPal order system opened a few minutes early or something which led to orders going through before the actual release time. So, I emailed Roy basically saying how much I loved and respected his work, and how bummed I was that I missed out on the pair and was wondering if he had any future projects planned that I could look forward to. Roy promptly responded and told me he had plenty of fabric left over and when he finished some other projects he had lined up, he would email me for sizing and contact info to make me a pair. Sure enough after a few weeks I get another email from Roy basically asking if I still wanted the jeans and asking for my PayPal info. So I sent Roy the invoice and after a few weeks the jeans arrived. I emailed Roy letting him know the jeans arrived and he proceeded to then email me back and forth offering his advice regarding soaking and cleaning the jeans down the road and also told me I could email him whenever to let him know how it goes. To this day the memorials are my favorite jeans, and whenever I throw them on I’m reminded of how they were basically one off jeans made for me by Roy. TLDR: missed out on memorial jeans, reached out to Roy, he made me my own pair. Roy is the man, and I will be buying the new RT jeans and whatever other things he makes.
  5. JohnnyUtah247

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Lower effort pic I crossposted from the reddit WAYFT thread. Definitely need to step my pic game up. 3sixteen fatigue shirt Lady White pocket tee Roy Viberg Going to try to take some detailed pics of the jeans tomorrow and post them to the roy thread.
  6. JohnnyUtah247

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Just saw the Real McCoy’s London Instagram post about the dock shoes. Been looking for a high quality vans style sneaker for a while and they look perfect Anyone have any sizing tips for these? I’m a 10.5 in vans for reference. Thanks.
  7. JohnnyUtah247

    The Flat Head

    I wear my jeans all year round living in NYC. Never really been a shorts guy. I’m usually wearing a pair of roys or flatheads which aren’t too heavy and in fits that aren’t very constricting.
  8. JohnnyUtah247

    The Flat Head

    Cross post from the WAYWT thread. Wearing a flathead work shirt flannel and flathead 3009. the 3009’s are maybe about 3 years old with a lot of washes. But in a rotation with a few other pairs.
  9. JohnnyUtah247

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    First ever post on sufu. Been lurking for a while. Usually only post on reddit. Visited the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown NY today. Flathead flannel Whitesville/ Sugar Cane pocket tee Flathead 3009 Alden Indy