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  1. dawei94


    Though Junky Style or another store? I'm also looking to order a pair of the 1001XX Heavy Ounce (the 14.5oz Memphis cotton 6x6 denim) as well. Warehouse comes out with awesome jeans faster than I can wear through them...
  2. dawei94


    Junky Style just got the 1000ZXX DSBs in stock (but I don't think they ship internationally), I imagine the other stores will soon, so if you've been waiting for these like I have, it looks like they'll be imminently available
  3. dawei94


    1000xx in the 14.5oz Memphis denim? That hasn’t been available for a while. What’s the difference in cut between the 1000xx and the 800xx?
  4. dawei94


    Anyone know when the S/S stuff typically hits stores in Japan? I'm looking to get a pair of the 1000ZXX DSBs that they're releasing this summer
  5. dawei94

    Superdenim community sale thread

    I have the following items for sale: Real McCoys M65, worn a handful of times (Large) - $450 Shoulders: 49cm Length: 81cm P2P: 59cm Waist: 55cm Opening: 60cm Sleeve Length: 63cm Sleeve Opening: 14cm IHSH-226, worn a couple times (XL) $180 Chest: 58cm Length: 75cm Opening: 58cm Sleeve: 69cm Cuff Opening: 11cm Shoulder: 49cm IHT-2014, 1x navy, unworn with tags (L) - $40 Chest: 55cm Length: 73cm Opening: 56cm Sleeve: 22cm Sleeve Opening: 19cm Shoulder: 44cm Warehouse 1000xx DSB, unworn with tags (sz 36) - $250 (note, these are unsanforized and should shrink ~7%) Waist: 98cm Front Rise: 34cm Rear Rise: 45cm Thigh: 35.5cm Knee: 26.5cm Hem: 24cm Inseam 86.5cm I'm open to trades or partial trades, primarily for tops Willing to ship anywhere. Prices do not include shipping I am based in the SF Bay Area and can meet up in person for anyone else in the area
  6. dawei94


    Anyone interested in an unworn pair of the 1000xx DSB in sz36? I bought a pair but just saw the 1000zxx was coming in S/S 2021 and am planning to swap for those if someone is interested in the 1000xx
  7. dawei94


    Junky Style has most sizes in stock as well. Had Hinoya sold out of my size, I probably would have proxied from them. Also, if you're going down the proxy route, no reason you can't proxy direct from Warehouse either
  8. dawei94


    The new 1000xx dead stock blues
  9. dawei94


    Did everyone else's DSBs come with the magazine? I just received my order from Hinoya and didn't receive one
  10. dawei94


    Is that thigh measurement the Japanese style (10cm down from the crotch seam)?
  11. dawei94


    Thanks! Super helpful. One other question, did they deduct the Japanese VAT (I think 10%) since they were directly shipping internationally? I know that's common when ordering from European stores but not sure if that's done by Japanese stores since international ordering is new / non-core for them
  12. dawei94


    Where did you order the dead stock blues from that will ship internationally?
  13. dawei94


    Do you (or anyone else) know the differences between the current denims that Warehouse makes? Based on the website, it looks like there's the Banner denim (13.5oz, 7x7, blend of cotton from 3 states in the US) that is used on most of their jeans, then a 14.5oz Memphis cotton 6x6 denim that I believe used to be used on a number of their jeans but now seems limited to the 800xx, and then a 6.7 x 6.6 (I assume this is ~14oz?) denim that is used on the 1946 models, and now the new oxidation denim (according to Junky style, 7.5 x 7.5, so probably ~13oz?). What are the differences in how they fade? Are there any that I'm missing (I know they previously made a cotton/linen denim and also I believe used a rougher denim from the duck digger line for some of the DD-1001xx jeans)?
  14. dawei94

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Anyone see the Self Edge Instagram story of the new Sugar Cane jeans they're getting next week? Looks like a collaboration or some sort based on the cheeky language on the patch ("Unsanforized for Confusion and Better Wear")
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