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Superdenim community sale thread


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On 2/10/2024 at 1:11 PM, JDelage said:

Freewheelers Bakehead Overalls, jet black chain stripe, size 34 (but fits bigger)

Note: That "jet black" is really chocolate brown...

10.5oz cotton fabric. Lovely pants but they're too big for me. I wear sz 34 for all my other FW pants, but this one cut is one wise oversized (I have the denim Bakehead in 32, they fit fine).


  • Waist:35.5"
  • Front rise: 13.25"
  • Back rise: 18.5"
  • Thigh: 14"
  • Inseam: 31"

Price: $200 + shipping

On eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/326098671118

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Anyone interested in a BNWT pair of Warehouse 800xx in 34 for £120 + postage (or possibly handed over in person if you're in London) PM me. Just received from Bears but far too big for me.

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Will be throwing these boots on the auction sites in a few days but I thought I'd offer them up here first. 

First pair are Chippewa Engineer boots (short) in size 10 E. Steel toe, Vibram sole, made in USA. 

Practically brand new, only worn a few times. Just a bit too roomy. 

All reasonable offers considered. Will consider trade for similar boots in 9.5 D









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Second pair are also Chippewa's. Western work boots in size 10 D. 

Very thick Vibram soles, made in USA, very rugged build. Very little wear,  tons of life left in soles, and the uppers are practically perfect. 

Really love these boots but they are just too loose. 

Again, all reasonable offers considered.  












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Denime N-1 size 38, very lightly worn






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On 4/19/2024 at 1:59 PM, indigoeagle said:

Price drop to EUR 159/US$169 + shipping

For a one/wash pair the following approximate measurements are given:
Waist:            90cm
Front Rise:    27cm
Inseam:         80cm
Leg Opening: 20cm


Price drop to EUR 149/US$159 + shipping
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On 4/2/2024 at 8:36 AM, UkeNo said:

Freewheelers 601xx 1947  Size 34 - Unworn


Waist: 34”

Inseam: 30.5” 77.5cm

Knee: 10” 25.5cm

Front Rise: 13” 33cm

Back Rise: 17.25” 44cm

Thigh: 13.5” 34.5cm

Hem: 9” 23cm

Outseam: 43.25” 110cm


Bought from and hemmed by Hoosier in Japan.

Slightly over sized for me, I’ve replaced with a size 33 already.

Soaked twice, Unworn. Most of the shrinkage removed. 
I paid ¥36000 shipped. Which approx £190 now. 

Asking £180 + shipping. 

Dm for details etc. Thanks. 

Opens to offers: Unworn Freewheelers 1947s

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On 4/21/2024 at 3:55 PM, Duke Mantee said:

Freewheelers Lot K470 blanket lined Wabash - size 40

Sold to a great friend 🙏




Who copped this beauty?

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I hope it's going to reappear on Sufu! The wabash I mean (as well as the model... WAYWT is calling you out mate 😉)

The cardigan is another beauty... what's up... has global warming reached Scotland??

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10 hours ago, Duke Mantee said:

It’s a secret 🤫 

… but any interest in this beauty? ….  noooo not the model, the snappily named cardigan thing


Nice picture

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I heard Freewheelers are thinking of doing a line in incontinent trousers for the ageing population... calling them underalls, like overalls only different 

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17 minutes ago, MJF9 said:

I heard Freewheelers are thinking of doing a line in incontinent trousers for the ageing population... calling them underalls, like overalls only different 

Not sure about that but the other day l saw some reel introducing 'pee stained jeans' so even if you're not incontinent, you can certainly have the look of some dude who's been caught short. 

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Posted (edited)
On 5/4/2024 at 4:09 PM, indigoeagle said:

Warehouse 900XX non wash W36/32 NWT

EUR 139/US$149 + shipping

with measurements in inches


Approximate measurements (in rigid/unwashed state)
will shrink after washing!!!

Waist: 95cm- 37.4 inches
Front Rise: 28.5cm- 11.2 inches
Inseam: 85cm- 33.46 inches
Leg Opening: 20.5cm- 8.07 inches

For a one/wash pair the following approximate measurements are given:

Waist: 90cm- 35.4 inches
Front Rise: 27cm- 10.63"
Inseam: 80cm- 31.5"
Leg Opening: 20cm- 7.87"


on ebay



Edited by indigoeagle
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Bootleggers 213 from about 20 years ago - you all know it’s rare as hen’s teeth and it’s actually the only one I’ve ever seen.

Size 40

The leather patch is gone, and the fading is heavier in some areas but there’s a ton of life in it yet - the denim is in great condition, it’s not getting thin or frayed in any area 

Happy to listen to any fair offer


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Freewheelers Goldminer in Vintage 9oz Cotton (60%) / Linen (40%) Indigo Denim 

It’s been washed once and worn a few times but it’s not unfair to say it is near new condition

Size 40

As ever, any fair offer will be considered 



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Offloading a couple of Trophy Clothing 1947 citizen trousers - navy and tan. Worn twice and once respectively and have just been in the closet for a couple of years. Sized 30 but fits like 29. Sufu price available DM me if you're interested. 



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Few items for sale on Grailed (see posts for measurements).  PM me if interested

Sugar Cane Indigo Dot Discharge Shirt (Size M):


Full Count 1109 (Size 30 - NWOT):


Real McCoy's Combat Jacket (Size M):





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